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04 December 2021

Scarponi, Keith and Molly (Burrows and Badgers)

 More additions to my Burrows and Badgers collection painted up in te last couple of days, a Cat duelist, Mole Blacksmith and Shrew baker. All minis are produced by the game’s creators Oathsworn Miniatures and are white metal with no or extremely few mild lines. As always, I’m very happy with the quality and design of this lot.  I think all three are from the last Kickstarter I backed.

Photos in this post are a little dark, which is rubbish. I’ll make sure to post up the full team in better lighting once completed.

Along with Kirt and McRadish from my previous post, these characters will comprise a new warband for my Burrows and Badgers setting representing the “Village Militia” for the settlement in question. (I thought that would be a fun concept?)

Up first is Giacomo Scarponi, duelist from a foreign land and former Church agent. Originally tasked by the cardinals to hunt down and assassinate a high profile enemy of the Pope, Scarponi soon realized he was to be the fall-guy in that situation and so disappeared into the setting’s village and fast becoming the local Inn Keeper’s closest friend. 

Tried to give the idea of whiskers on his  muzzle by painting stripes. Am hoping the colours chosen make him look a little seasoned!

Feathers in his hat we’re going to be white, but I felt a more tropical look would fit better to add to his look of veterancy?

Next up is Keith. No one really knows much about Keith other than the fact that he’s a damned fine blacksmith and a mole who doesn’t idly waste words and keeps very much to himself. The fact that he stepped up to join the village militia with large hammer in hand was a surprise to all. 

Really this image of a dark and broody character fits Keith perfectly, so with this mini at least I’m not worried about the lighting in the pic too much! Lol

Gratuitous mole bootie shot. Seems he needs to do more mole-squats to fill out those lime-green mole-trousers

Molly is a fiery shrewess and the village baker. It’s common knowledge that she’s a little on the… shall we say, nutty side?  With a reputation for a personality that exists in extremes, Molly is both the most fearsome friend of any who call her such and an absolute headcase when facing those who don’t match her ideas of “decent folk”.

Molly is a bit shouty. I imagine all Shrews in my setting have aggressive Northern Ireland accents and furry personalities! 

To show better her unpredictable outbursts, I felt tiny pupils in all white eyes was best.

That dress has some sort of floral pattern. So small, really only will offend folks if they look too closely, but on the tabletop it’ll work fine.

Last to add in for this warband is the “Captain”. I’ll hopefully have this mini painted up and posted in the next couple days.

Hope all are well and safe,

- Dai 


  1. Lovely minis and fantastic painting!
    Great project sir

  2. Great work on all 3 Dai, especially like the floral dress you've done on the Shrew

    1. I agree! The floral impressions on the dress ‘pop’ in the photo.

    2. Appreciate the kind words gents! Felt a patterned dress would add a little more to her look, glad it paid off.

  3. Wonderful painting on all these little critters, Dai! Really looking forward to seeing more of these.

    1. Cheers Matt! Plenty more in the pipeline


  4. Nice characters and painting! I’m glad that the dueling cat doesn’t look TOO much like the puss in boots from Shreck but at the same time it kinda does. 😀

    1. Thanks Stew mate! Yeah I was very tempted to pair him up in the same colors from the film. :)

  5. Love the cat,he's ace!
    Best Iain

  6. Alright, now I want to the see the village and some interaction between the characters.

    1. That’s in the pipeline, sadly lacking in appropriate “village” though, so am planning a terrain purchase soon!