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21 March 2020

Hickory the pug thug - Rogues and Royalists

This is the second in command of my Rogues gang for Burrows and Badgers, Hickory the pug.
He is an out and out coward and a bully, just waiting for his chance to usurp Ma’ Tuppence’s position as leader of the gang.

The striped shirt is a trophy taken from the corpse of a Royalist guard.

All of the members of the Red Toothe

19 March 2020

Jacques Le Rouge, Friar Fullmouth & Clarissa Quick - Rogues and Royalists (+ Bonus Statue update)

Seems in my effort to keep this current boost of hobby energy on a high, I've been painting up some more stuff, flitting between projects in an effort to keep me enthused. Hope this carries on for a goodly while!

With the delivery of the recent and excellent Burrows and Badgers Kickstarter, my collection of Anthropomorphic Critters has grown exponentially. So I decided I needed to get a lick of paint on the ones I'd already owned, based and primed! Here we have three characters for my Rogues and Royalists project, two more members for my Rogues warband, The Red Toothe - Jacques le Rouge and Clarissa Quick, and the first painted member of their Royalist opponents in my setting, Friar Fullmouth.

Jacques le Rouge, a black fox with a funny accent, both aspects rather uncommon to Northymbria. Easily pushed around by Ma' Tuppence, this untrustworthy fox always seems to have double meanings to everything he says.
Whilst searching the internet for interesting pictures of British foxes, I found images of black coloured foxes! Perfect for a swarthy backstabber like Jacques!

Clarissa Quick was an orphaned Dormouse whose family suffered under the cruel reign of the local lord. A suspicious act of arson claimed the lives of Clarissa's parents and siblings as her meagre home was turned to ashy rubble, the land thereafter somehow claimed by the local Lord as his own - a "fine" location for his new prized Stag Beetle farm.

Ma' Tuppence claimed the orphaned dormouse from the gutter and shared dreams of vengeance against the Lord, for which Clarissa was all too swift to hope would come true.
Friar Fullmouth has been sent to help maintain the religious spirits of the Royalist warband. His healing magic also a boon as they seek to hunt down and arrest the Red Toothe.
I need to give the Royalists warband a proper name.... They have a background, but I'll get into that when I begin painting the rest of their members.

 With these three done, I have only one member of the Red Toothe rogues warband left to paint, Hickory the Pug thug. Still working out a suitable colour scheme for him, but he should feature in my next post. Once he's done, I'll get a nice group pic of these nasty baddies for ya.

Also I got the energy to finish off this feller featured in my last post. Even in the grim dark war torn future, birds still manage to crap uncaringly upon statues.

Might add a bit more of a wash to the stone base as looking at this pic, it looks far more blah than I'd realised, but otherwise this is ready for the battlefield.

Must be anti-Imperium birds to crap so on a such hero.
The Court (Where I work) is still keeping us at work during this virus outbreak, so who knows what's going to happen. Fingers crossed that changes though as I deal with the public daily and I'd rather not experience or bring home this nasty virus. Hope you all and your families are safe and sound in these uncertain times.

16 March 2020

For Joshua - Part 2 (Command units and some bonus stuff!)

The second part of my effort for the For Joshua project are these two groups of Command minis. Again, minis are by Pendraken Miniatures in 10mm and have some fun details for being so small.

The first group are some Undead command characters. Jamie's undead units have read and black colourings so I went with the same on any clothing. Kind of gives them a classic British army feel to them I think. Yet to paint up a banner for the bearer, but that'll be in the package prior to posting to the UK.

The fat fellow on the far right is my fav, some sort of Nosferatu-style vampyre. How the club-waver in the middle is riding a scotty dog is no-one's business.

Second lot are a group of Necromancers, two still human, the other two more Liche-like with skeletal faces. The human sacrifice on the stone altar thing is a nice touch too. They'll add some nice magic options I hope to the baddies army.

Pic is a bit crap, could've sworn it looked better on the phone. You get the idea though.
I'll have these in the post this week, so they can get based by Jamie in his own scheme to match what he has already - Kind of looking forward to see all the figs I've painted ready for their game (Once this poxie stupid Corona Virus stupidity is done with) with the rest of the stuff Jamie already has.

These were pretty quick to get done, so I went back to a very neglected project and grabbed the Officer and Adjutant for my WW2 Dieppe Landing Brit Commandos and Canadians Regulars army  for Bolt Action and got them game ready.

The officer on the left is a BlackTreeDesigns British Paratrooper officer. His Adjutant is a Wargames Foundry Commando, great sculpt aside from his eyes - so squinty he looks like he's suffering terribly from allergies.

I felt that in those early days of the commandos that a former para would be a good choice to lead a force, to that end I painted up his denison smock to kind of look like Fieldmarshall Montgomery's in the below picture.

Not sure what'll grab my attention next, though I did slap a the beginnings of colour onto this Warhammer 40'000 statue terrain piece, though not sure when I'll get back to it. 

My first time trying out Games Workshop's Verdigris effect paint. Still lots of work yet to be done.

And that's it for now. With everything being cancelled left right and center of us all, it looks like I'll have lots of extra time on my hands, so expect more posts upcoming!

10 March 2020

For Joshua - Part 1 (Units)

One of my oldest blogging pals, James at Mad Tin Hatter! blog has a very special project going on for his son. I urge any of you to go look into it and if you have time and spare funds to paint up some units to donate to the charity effort. 

All of this is for a 10mm gaming project with a "Good guys" and "Bad guys" side made up of pretty much any fantasy type you can want to include, from Knights and Faeries to Skeletons and Goblins. I like that Jamie has already gotten some undead painted for his "Bad Guys", so I decided to pick up some to add to the effort.

The first units I got painted up for this are what I feel some more elite types, Werewolves and Direwolves. Being 10mm, my eyesight was strained to heck trying to get at least a little detail on them, but I think they came out okay. I mean, what's more evil than bad guys with red eyes!? 

12 Direwolves that should prove to be some good light cavalry assuming the rules allow. The ones with their tongues hanging out are especially fun.

All the figs are by Pendrakon Miniatures and are very nice sculpts for being so small. I really like the mix of full-on Lupines and the semi-were types in the Werewolf unit. Clothing might seem a bit bright, but I wanted them to pop a little on the table. 

Next up for this project will be some minis for a couple Command bases, regular Undead and some Necromancers. Hope to have them painted and posted before the end of the week. "Classic last words". Hope to have them all in the post on their way to James in the UK before the end of the month.