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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

20 November 2012

Pretty Maids All in a Row (Part 2 - 1st Platoon WIP)

A small update on the progress I've gotten done on my 1st infantry platoon. Base colours are almost done, just the browns for woods and leathers, and metallics left.

Have to say, this is the first time I've painted 15mm in almost twenty years and I'd forgotten just how laborious it is! Good lord these little fellers are fiddly. Glad I have the two tank platoons (Currently sat, primed black and ready for paint.) to switch over to in between platoons to help break up this bulk painting monotony. After I've gotten the next colours done, I'll slap on a coat of Minwax English Chestnut for shade and call them done.

Then it's time for basing. I have some spackle which I've heard is good for textured bases, though I've yet to use it in such a fashion, so am a little nervous as to how it'll work out and if I will end up messing up my already painted figs as I plonk them into the pink stuff. (it turns white when dry, strangely)

Still yet to get an urge to paint any 40K miniatures, though I am sure that will return soon. The latest podcast (Episode 66) from The Independent Characters (My fav' 40K podcast) and Col. Scipio's latest post has me thinking some on some fun ideas for my Imperial Guard and the officer models I still have to paint up.

Here's a few shots of the British Infantry to wet yer whistle.

14 November 2012

Pretty Maids All in a Row (Part 1 - Initial WIP)

Last night saw a grand arrangement and sorting of infantry and so forth and the completion of assembly for my tank platoons aside from a little gap filling. Three infantry platoons and a Command HQ, all to be Welsh Guard, and two tank platoons which will be Irish Guard (We Celts have to stick together.). I also have the small mortar platoon to set up, but didn’t have time for that last night.

The infantry have since been sprayed with black primer and are now ready for their uniform base, Vallejo’s “English Brown” or whatever it’s called. I intend to paint these to a basic tabletop standard as I want them ready by the 30th. Or at least that’s my hope. (I can always go back and touch them up with better detail, etc thereafter.)

As to other hobby news, I’ve had a bout of burnout on my other projects. Really hard to feel motivated to get into them these past couple weeks, so they have sat unloved on my desk. Am hoping that painting a silly amount of 15mm figures won’t make that worse! :)

11 November 2012


This will be short and pink.

I know there's only 5 days to get an entry in, but do it if you think you can. (I know, should've posted this fecking ages ago....)

Hendybadger is running a Charity competition giveaway deal for Breast Cancer Awareness. basically paint a mini pink (Preferably superhero or some such) and email Hendybadger some pics of said mini and he'll tell you the address to mail it to. The mini's are then auctioned off on EBay or something and all the proceeds go to charity.

But that's not all - there's also many prizes to be given away for best pink mini, most pink mini, pinkest pink pink thing or.... you could just read his post.

Here's my meagre entry. I call her the Puce Panther (It's actually Lady Tiger from the Reaper Mini's Chronoscope range.).

And it's not all pink on my hobby table. I've recently invested in the new Flames of War "Open Fire" boxed set and have been adding Sherman support to my Infantry platoons and Hawker Typhoon. Pig's ear to put together, but fun nonetheless.

O and PINK is not an easy colour to paint!