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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

28 October 2019

Zomtober 2019 (Week 4 - Final Week)

Last week of Zomtober 2019! And look at me, i actually met the deadline (albeit a bit late in the day).

I give you Jennifer,  survivor of the apocalypse.  When the dead rose,  she found solace in her meth cooking hide to step up and crush zombie-brain.

I believe she's a sculpt from the Across the Dead Earth range.  Fun sculpt too.

O and i got started on a trio of mastiffs.

21 October 2019

Zomtober 2019 (Week 3)

"Wait, what happened to Zomtober 2019 Week 2 Dai?"

Well, life was rather fun, too fun, and then there was my 43rd birthday and so... yeah. Week 2 ended up being a bust.

But even so, here's week 3's offering,  a much rather tardy birthday present for my mate John who turned 40 last December.

Astute readers might recognise this mini as the infamous Lemmy Kilmister, sadly deceased front man of the metal band, Motorhead. John is a Lemmy nut so when i saw this zombie-survivor version of the musician, i knew i had to buy one and  paint it up for John.

Next week's Zomtober entry will be on time and.  Promise.

07 October 2019

Zomtober 2019 (Week 1)

The first week of Zomtober and already I'm late posting, goodness... Well, things on the personal level have been super busy so that's my excuse. Busy "good" too so no complaints at all.

But here we are, week 1's offerings are a meagre pair of Zeds, Fat Leroy Brown and Deborah. Leroy was busy getting a sponge bath in hospital after going under the knife for a spleen removal when suddenly zeds stormed his room, ate the nurse and chowed down on his brain some. Not eating all of it, he resurrected and now patrols the hospital hallways in the hopes of finding that nice nurse again. Deborah had just had a successful trip at the Outlets, even finding a perfect deal on a Kate Spade purse when a crawler  slipped into the store and took a chunk out of her calf. Next thing she new, two more showed up and finished the job so now she has to drag her poor footless self all over the place. (But at least she kept hold of her Outlets haul.)

Apologies for the size of the pictures, i wasnt able edit them on my phone as even after 3 years, its still a mystery to me.

01 October 2019

8 Year Blog Anniversary and the Start of Zomtober 2019!

A short post just to write about another blog anniversary, my 8th. Not bad. This year has been a little slow where posting and hobby in general are concerned, so my post count this year has been a bit rubbish. I'm hoping that year 9 of this little place of hobbying will offer more for you dear readers to enjoy.

During this 8th year of this blog, my personal life has changed drastically, I've moved out of the house my ex and I purchased together, seen my divorce from her go through, met someone new and now find myself engaged to marry to my lovely lady as of last month. Crazy times on  a personal level, but I've been enjoying the ride. :)

I still have lots of projects on-going and I plan to try to apply more effort in getting some of them finished by year's end. Between my multiple WW2 armies that require my attention, my Warhammer 40'000 Genestealer Cult, the Burrows and Badgers warbands and now Zomtober 2019 to try to work toward I can see myself potentially being busy these next few months. Hope my hobby mojo can keep up!

I've played no games since my last post and whilst I've done very little work at my hobby desk I do have some things in the pipeline that I plan to show off.

Many thanks as ever go out to my regular readers and commentors who without you lot, I'd have left this blog by the wayside years ago. I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time out to stop by and even comment on my meagre offerings. Please keep it up and I'll try to post more for your efforts.

Cheers and here's to year 9 of this blog!