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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

14 October 2018

Zomtober 2018! (Week 2)

Week 2 is almost passed and i am actually on schedule for once.

This is a big zombie bloke from Project: Z by Warlord Games. He's the 2nd one I've painted up and is rather cool wielding that stop sign (british btw version, no idea how he got it mind).

Once again, bit fast and dirty paintjob but he'll do.

09 October 2018

Zomtober 2018! (Week 1)

It's here again! The month in which (some) hobbyists dedicate their month-o'-October work to some "tober" or another. (Ork/Dread/Ink/mastur/etc)

I aim to fulfill the Zombie side of things cos, ya know, it's October and Halloween and that just makes far more sense than working on greenskins, walking robot sarcophagi, drawing or other stuff.

And the rules are really simple. Just post some painted zombie figs or zombie theme'd (Survivors, etc) figs that one has worked on (And completed!) each Sunday of October. There's a nice group of blogs that have jumped on the Zomtober bandwagon this year and Simon Quinton's blog has a roll listing if anyone is interested in checking out some more Zomtober theme'd posts.

I started painting these a bit late due to some unexpected health issues with my boy mid-week so not more to post than a couple of walkers for Week 1, but they'll do!

These two are Mr Roadkill and Missus Half-Baked. Really like zombies that are a flipping mess and they certainly fit that bill. Might want to wear ankle/shin protection!

05 October 2018

Ma Tuppence - Rogues and Royalists

This is Ma Tuppence, the cruel leader of my Burrows and Badgers band of Rogues, The Red Toothe.

Statswise, she’ll count as a Black Rat, but I wanted to go with a more Albino look as I wanted her to really stand out from any future rat additions to my Burrows and Badgers Collection.

Her paintjob is a bit fast and dirty as I want to get this warband fully painted and therefore playable (Play with unpainted minis!? Gasp and recoil!).

As with the previously posted Bat sorceress, she has a wee bit of descriptive text that I’ll post up once all of her gang’s members are painted and do a group shot.

(Forgive the pics, these were taken last thing before bed and in a hurry.)

Next up, first work for Zomtober 2018!

02 October 2018

7th Year Blogging Anniversary!

Another year rolled around and my wee hobby blog turned 7!

Rather surprised I've kept this going so long, but am glad to have it to log my hobby progress (And failures).

This is just a small post to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you who read my posts and even more thanks to those who leave a comment. Your encouragement really helps keep me at my paint station and your own blogs reward me with wonderful inspiration.


I'll get back to posting regular hobby stuff!

- Dai

24 September 2018

Millicent Duskward - Rogues and Royalists

Just a little painting done of late.

This is the first of my charming collection of minis from the recently released (Recent as in "This year".) anthropomorphic skirmish rules set, Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn Miniatures. I have 16 more to paint and show off in the coming months.

Due to the game's more campaign/role-play-esque nature, it's encouraged to name your warbands and each team member, which I love. So I present to you, the first member of my Rogue's warband, The Red Toothe - Millicent Duskward, a Bat Sorceress. This mini is infact the main reason I started buying into the game as I liked her so much. She's tiny as well, maybe 22mm tall, which works for a bat from the British Isles as none I believe are much bigger than a mouse in real life.

*Full blame for getting my attention onto this game can be attributed to Simon Quinton and Blaxkleric for showing off their own lovely B&B collections!

Lighting's a bit cach, I really need to get a better light-box.

Bit tricky to get in all her details as she's wrapping her wings about her person.

The sculpted details are just crisp and lovely. All the Oathsworn sculpts seem to be very well designed single-piece metal miniatures, yet have enough detail and dynamism to stay away from the early 90's flat-style sculpts, impressive!

Tried to paint her up as a Common British Noctule and gave her a cream-coloured shift to contrast against the browns. Think it worked well. 

Next on the paint bench for this project will be the leader of The Red Toothe rogues herself, Ma Tuppence!