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04 October 2022

I'm not dead yet


Infact, I feel happy.

Always good to start off a post with a Monty Python quote.

April was such a long time ago and the last time I posted here. It's the deadest this blog has ever been. Not the plan at all for my hobby in all honesty, but sadly one that was necessary as Real Life responsibilities have made further demands on my free time. Some might optimistically  query as to whether this might mean I've since fallen into a tonne of disposable cash and am now far too busy to pick up a brush because of all the jet-setting and lady-killing and, in some dark (un-married, of course) recess of my gross imagination, they'd be correct. Sadly, imagination is about as close to that lifestyle as things get this end, but it's a nice thought, at least for a while until I remind myself that all those women would get on my nerves in a very short amount of time and that the money... well, who doesn't want more money in their life? 

So yes, I've been very busy and nothing at all has seen the light of day in my hobby area these past months. Add to that, I no longer have space at home to set up a paint station which is also frustrating. I did receive some new minis in the post from a Kickstarter I backed earlier in the year which was nice, only to regretfully stick them up in a cupboard. 

Will this state of affairs last in perpetuity? No. I'm hoping that by February or thereabouts for things to be lots easier and for there to be a lot more opportunity to get back on the hobby "horse" sotospeak. But until then, I will continue to read blog posts, leave comments when time allows and live vicariously through you all. (If anyone reads this meagre dead blog any longer, that is)

Am hoping 2023 will offer lots more incentive and opportunity to get my teeth stuck into my unloved projects, thanks to one and all and the Russian bots for taking the time to read this post.

- Dai