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29 March 2021

The hero of Canton!

 This weekend saw me getting a little time to slap some paint on yet another of my Sedition Wars Kickstarter exclusive minis, this time another homage sculpt to the Firefly sci-fi series based off of a beloved character of the ship's crew, Jayne Cobb. 

The sculpt is okay, though seems to be leaning a little too far back and looks uncomfortable. But like the others, he'll do! He's wielding his beloved assault rifle, "Vera" and is also wearing an approximation of the woolen hat his mum knitted him on the show. (Though the hat on the sculpt looks more like a 1920's American Football leather helmet with a hat band than a woolly hat to me. I plan at a later date to add a greenstuff bobble to help with this.) 

The referance images I found showed him wearing t-shirts with all sorts of different graphics printed on them, but those crossed bandoleers are in the way so I just added some sort of squigly-semi-kanji to his right shoulder in green and red and left it at that. 

I had a hell of a time trying to get his eyes painted and after the 5th attempt just said "sod it" and went with this 

I managed to find some more of these homage minis from this Kickstarter so they'll be painted up too after I've given them a good priming including the last of the Firefly lot, River.

Stay well and safe out there - Dai