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10 June 2021

Spoken like a true Furyan

 Another quick palette cleanser paint job after all those ww2 uniforms, here is the last homage mini from my Sedition Wars Kickstarter minis collection. 

This is Riddick the main character from the very cool sci-fi trilogy Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick respectively. (Main character played by Vin Diesel)

Being all dressed in menacing black, only liberties I took with the scheme was to give him a very pale skin tone to better contrast with his dark outfit and to also give his goggles purple lenses (In the films it’s his eyes that are purple as he can see in the dark.). Blacks are thanks to a base of GW Black Templar Contrast paint, which I am very fond of as painting black is a pain in the rump at the best of times. (The pics don’t show the depth in the shade but… eh)

His base was painted up in the same scheme as the other Sedition Wars minis I painted earlier this year.

Next up, I have another surprise sculpt and the aforementioned (in my last post) ww2 Canadians. We will see what appeals most.

Stay well out there!

- Dai