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28 August 2021

1942 Ww2 Canadian Regulars (Dieppe Landing project compete!)

 Today’s post brings my Dieppe Landing project officially to a close. I’m very pleased to see these boys finished as it’s been a bit since I’ve actually completed a project! 

*Please note the terms “finished and completed” are loosely used here are already I have additions to this army on the plastic & lead mountain…. It never ends, right? 

This ten man Section represent Canada’s finest army regulars, very well trained and poorly prepared for the landings August 19th 1942. 

The sculpts are older Commonwealth infantry plastic kits by Warlord Games. I think the uniforms and helmets are a little more suitable for later war actions but for their price point I felt they’d make do. Not the biggest fan of this kit as they were dead fiddly to put together but they look decent enough painted up and I have a second section primed along with a PIAT team for paint to be done at a later date.

Next up is my last entry for Dave Stone’s Summer of Scenery challenge, a resin Humvee from Warlord Games (no longer supported) Project Z zombie survival game. It’s an okay sculpt but is seriously small for a 28mm game - more like 1:60 really. Regardless, it’ll be fine for the tabletop and hopefully offer a fun gaming option. Left the painting to a passable tabletop effort, the colour scheme was taken from a National Guard Humvees that we’re parked outside my workplace summer 2020 when the riots were going on all over the country. 

As alway, stay safe and healthy out there!

- Dai