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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

24 September 2018

Millicent Duskward - Rogues and Royalists

Just a little painting done of late.

This is the first of my charming collection of minis from the recently released (Recent as in "This year".) anthropomorphic skirmish rules set, Burrows and Badgers by Oathsworn Miniatures. I have 16 more to paint and show off in the coming months.

Due to the game's more campaign/role-play-esque nature, it's encouraged to name your warbands and each team member, which I love. So I present to you, the first member of my Rogue's warband, The Red Toothe - Millicent Duskward, a Bat Sorceress. This mini is infact the main reason I started buying into the game as I liked her so much. She's tiny as well, maybe 22mm tall, which works for a bat from the British Isles as none I believe are much bigger than a mouse in real life.

*Full blame for getting my attention onto this game can be attributed to Simon Quinton and Blaxkleric for showing off their own lovely B&B collections!

Lighting's a bit cach, I really need to get a better light-box.

Bit tricky to get in all her details as she's wrapping her wings about her person.

The sculpted details are just crisp and lovely. All the Oathsworn sculpts seem to be very well designed single-piece metal miniatures, yet have enough detail and dynamism to stay away from the early 90's flat-style sculpts, impressive!

Tried to paint her up as a Common British Noctule and gave her a cream-coloured shift to contrast against the browns. Think it worked well. 

Next on the paint bench for this project will be the leader of The Red Toothe rogues herself, Ma Tuppence!

06 September 2018

This puppy just loves everyone!

Wowzers! Over a month since my last post!

Well, hobby mojo was next to dead so didn't feel like painting at all after my trip back home to the UK. Until this week, that is.

So here i present you some of the stuff that I can show off from the paint station:

Actually just finished this current model by Games Workshop of a Beast of Nurgle. It was a pain to put together as a kit, but the finished model looks pretty good (if one picks the least cartoony options.).

Painting took a few lengthy sessions and i had lots of time to get stuck in yesterday and today seeing as I've been home looking after a feverish 13-year-old.

What i painted originally to get me back in the mood are as follows. Just simple contemporary zombies and some 3D printed scatter terrain pieces. Nothing fancy, but a nice reintroduction to painting.

I like to call 2nd from left "Pegs"

Next up? Well, I've got some Badgers and Burrows minis on the desk and maybe just maybe I'll work some more on those poor unloved Winter Germans, or, heaven forbid I remember to get back to the commissions i should have finished an age ago!?