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26 October 2015

Zomtober - Week 4 (Rubbish)

It was my birthday this week and I elected to take the whole week off (Wednesday aside though as I had to attend some Union Negotiations which turned sour indeed...) to relax and get much painting done in the peace and quiet of my house. My son would be at school, my wife more happy to leave me alone with few to no chores to take care of.


I got next to nothing done. Some licks of paint on 3 more Sedition Wars zombies. Some licks of paint on a group of fantasy rpg Giant rats. And some small licks of paint on my 15mm ACW Confederate infantry. 

See, an empty house with oodles of Salvadoran Regia beers to consume and just the sound of the wind to accompany me - hard to get up and do any hobby work really. That and an engaging Japanese anime series (Michiko e Hatchin) to get through. 

This means final week 4 of 2015 Zomtober for me is a bust. I will get those remaining three zeds done, AND the aforementioned giant rats too, by the end of this week even, but I failed miserably on my week 4 pledge. Then again, I drank a lot of delicious beer and came back to work thoroughly relaxed and ready to deal with the dullards and criminals, so not all was lost. :) 

*O and there's only 4 point something days left to get an entry into my 200th post draw competion thing! Click here for details!*

18 October 2015

Zomtober - Week 3

This is another Sedition Wars mini, though a Kickstarter exclusive, using the blonde Cylon "6" from Battlestar Galactica as it's inspiration. The sculpt has an ingame name, but I can't remember it, so she'll be Professor Patricia Heffer, former lead scientist on the science vessel where first contact with the nano-virus occurred. She had finally found a way to combat the virus and stop it's deadly spread, but sadly too late, as the virus had already infected her lymphatic system and she succumbed before being able to test out her cure.

Played with the idea of giving her lipstick or a darker lip colour, but decided that zombie ladies wouldn't really care about that stuff.

One aspect to this sculpt that appealed was that there are relatively few tech parts to pick out aside from her hand.

There's 13 days until I make the draw for my 200th Post competition. All details can be found here!

16 October 2015

No zombies yet

Wasn't enthused all that much to get painting zombies this week so far, but that could change between now and Sunday when my Week 3 post is supposed to be up.

Instead, I've been inspired by Rich Barnes' rpg scenery pieces and so got some done for my own game.

First up, an old out-of-print Forge World (I think) "Shrine". Quick and dirty paint job with some cheeky leaves to make it look a lot better than it actually is. The sculpt is pretty cool, but in true GW fashion, the Skull-a-plenty really does make the piece a little silly. Still, it'll add some extra visual fun to my settings and can be used in tabletop skirmish games too!

Then I went and painted up a Reaper bones Altar and pair of candelabras.

My Heroquest Sorcerer holds mass for the evil folk out there.
Seeing the hollow back of this altar makes me think of the Police Academy films.... Humm.....

Also to do for scenery are a Pegasus Hobbies Gothic church looking thing and an MDF lasercut ruined building from Techtonic Studios (That I got from the first Kickstarter I supported.). 

AND - these!

Some more cheesy skulls-on-skulls GW scenery pieces from their fantasy line - Garden of Morr cemetery set and their Chapel. Originally I was planning to get rid of all of those skulls, but only had energy for the Chapel - the cemetery will be painted up as is, I have too much other stuff to be getting on with. 

And to prove I have indeed been working on my ACW confederates, here's a wee WIP picture of the progress thus far.

10 October 2015

Zomtober - Week 2

I present to you the other two regular zombie sculpts from Sedition Wars for my Week 2 Zomtober submission.

Again, mold lines left alone and quick and dirty paint jobs.

Couldn't get good pics of these when I took them, but you get the idea.

Also managed some more work on my Confederate infantry. Man are they fiddly!

Next up, some more Sedition Wars Zombies - this time, some special characters who have been turned!

My 200th Post Competition is still open for entries until Halloween!

06 October 2015

Zomtober - Week 1

As with last year's 6MMRPChallenge, this one also includes a month of October long section called Zomtober where those in the challenge (And others who just want to.) paint up and post up zombies from their collections.

My first week's post should have gone up this last weekend, but I was painting an ACW Confederate Artillery battery and starting on an Infantry regiment to support them, not even remembering I have zombie-responsibilities otherwise!

My intention was to work on some Redboxgames "lesser infernals" (Zombies) but my order has yet to arrive, so, I finally picked up a long neglected Sedition Wars fig and went to work on a sci-fi zed-head instead.

Yellow skin for a change, contrasting well I think with the red-orange torn overalls.

As you can see, mold lines untouched. This is due to these figs being made in Restic, which is a nightmare to work with and so I saved myself a big headache and just painted it up as is.

One thing Sedition Wars did was produce some super nice bases for their game. Paints up very easily and looks great with simple washes.

This bloke really looks a lot more intimidating than his ingame abilities would otherwise attest to. :)
More Zombies for Week 2 should be posted up this long holiday weekend!

Also don't forget my still running 200th Post Competition that's running until the end of the month!