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04 December 2018

A ramble and Lemmy

Sadly little to report in the hobby realms on my end since my last post. My move went really well with lots of good mates who helped shift everything over in (surprising) only two trips. O_o
My new flat is now unpacked and I severely underestimated the amount of space I'd have available to set up my hobby station, so that's in my front room and ready to rock too.

The hobby mojo though is running on fumes right now. Too much on my mind - still getting used to living on my own for the first time in 21 years (Outside of marriage I always had room mates.) and trying to get my head around being an available single man again, which I was never really good at even before I met my ex and now seems to be almost exclusively done digitally somehow. (Ugh...)

My friend turns 40 tomorrow and for his birthday present, I managed to source this trio of lovely sculpts as he's a big Lemmy (From Motorhead) fan. I'm hoping the fig's arrival will help get my hobby mojo going again so I can get it to it's new owner in time for his actual bloody birthday (Unlikely) and I can then move on to the other many, many project that I have waiting.

One thing this move has done is impress upon me just how much bloody unpainted miniatures and terrain I have sitting around! Damn near had me in a panic.

Hope to have a proper hobby update posted before Xmas gets here - just need to drop the Playstation controller for a bit and step away from Red Dead Redemption 2. (Harder than it sounds. LOL!)