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21 February 2021

And... breathe

 First off, happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year and Valentines! O, and happy 9th birthday to this venerable blog too as of October 1st or thereabouts.

Right, now I got those important things out of the way... stuff my end has been (obviously) quiet hobby-wise since August. Lots of real life stuff being the reason, but, that’s all done now and I have managed to find both time and energy to get a little hobby done these past couple weekends.

As a small Xmas gift to myself I ordered the Warlord Games British Support boxed set as my collection needed a few pieces so that my Canadians can be used in later war games as well as for my Dieppe project.

First up a Medic, Platoon Sgt, Officer and Radio Operator. All painted to a basic tabletop standard to get them swiftly finished and off the mountain.

Got this 3”mortar team done too. Basing on all these is simple and to reflect the shale found on the very open beaches of Dieppe, France. After looking through pics of Dieppe, it’s a wonder any of those poor troops managed to make it beyond the waterline at all.

Next on the paint desk is a Vickers Medium Machinegun team. Should be done later today.

Hope all are well and healthy in this crazy annoying world.

- Dai