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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

16 April 2020

Skitterings and survivors

More random stuff off the paint desk. Tried to get some progress made on some WW2 Commandos, but after my puppy decided that a Bren Gunner looked like a tasty chew treat I quickly lost interest. (Lesson learnt there - he'll still work, but will just be a little lumpier than normal)

First up is a simple large Phase Spider. This sculpt is produced by Wizkids Unpainted in their pre-primed range of Dungeons and Dragons semi-hard/soft plastic range. Cool details on these and the price point is VERY affordable. Mold lines are a bit tricky to remove and the "pre-priming" only liked certain painted in my collection but otherwise this was a swift and simple job that will look good on the tabletop!

Next up is a nice Zombie Survivor published by Dead Earth Games for their Post Apocalyptic skirmish game. I named her Moira.

The next two are produced by Spectre Miniatures from their Modern Skirmish game. Seriously well detailed and realistic too. I felt that these two would make for some good prepper-types.

First up Dustin. As you can see, he has an affinity for a certain world leader. The "MAGA" is crudely applied, but after the 4th try I just said eff-it and left as is. That hat is a suprisingly small area!

This is Gordon. He felt like he was ready for the end of the world, that is until he forgot to bring his backpack. Fear not, pilfering a child's pack to make up for it is perfectly kosher during the Zombie Apocalypse! (Not like the Zombies will laugh at his style or anything, right?)

Last for this post is a small piece of terrain by Sarissa Precision terrain. Some sort of water container thing that was included in a nice little compound terrain kit I got this Zombie project. Simple construction and paintjob. Felt messy works really well when it's the end of the world.

And that's it for now. What's next? Who knows, the way my attention span has mimicked that of a rabid butterfly on speed anything in my extensive unpainted backlog might take my fancy.

Hope all are staying well and safe in this virus-y time.

09 April 2020

Ribbit in stereo

Quick post for a pair of Reaper Miniatures Bones Black Giant Frogs that I swiftly slapped some paint on. They’ll be great for rpg sessions and maybe in the odd skirmish game.
The Bones Black series makes some crisply details and very affordable sculpts but they tend to have some unfortunate mold lines that don’t clean up very easily. Still for the price I won’t complain.

03 April 2020

The Searchers - Rogues and Royalists (Royalists done and way, way more. For me.)

The Searchers are a team sent out by the local garrison to track down and contain Ma' Tuppence's gang of Rogues, The Red Toothe. Led by Ellista Shorttail, the team hopes to eradicate the bandits with the utmost prejudice. 

Fat Willum is the team's dedicated long ranged specialist. He doesn't care at all about being called fat as e'always claims he's the warmest when it's cold.

The red Fleur de Lis on a black background is the symbol of royalist troops. This symbol carries through on all the team's members. 

Ellista Shorttail, a fearsome mouse warrioress and leader of The Searchers.

Gorman Shorttail is both second to Ellista and her younger brother.  He has quested across the lands for the mythical lost  Grail of Saint Melchior the Squaloured.

This is Manfred Grimm, a massive hound and the muscle of the Searchers. Not very intelligent, but he's a very handy fellow to have in a fight.

The Searchers all together with Friar Fullmouth. 
I also got another Burrows and Badgers mini painted, originally sculpted to be a Starling, I instead felt it'd look better as my favorite bird, a Jackdaw. Originally he was slated to be a member of The Searchers, but I switched out some of the members and now he'll have to fit in elsewhere.

This CORVID-19 business has had us stuck at home so I've had loads of time to keep painting my backlog. I got the second part of the Honoured Imperium terrain set painted, the Fallen Aquila. Simple piantjob, but it'll work fine on the tabletop.

 These three Warlord Games Mastiffs were previewed a while back in PIP form and now are done. They'll work well for a number of settings I think.

My Face-to-Face role-play group are understandably unable to meet for our regular games, so we've started a game on a message board. I decided it would be fun to find and paint minis in my large fantasy figs backlog for each of our characters. Only two finished thus far though.

Gotfried, Paladin of Ragethiel, my character.

Freehanding Ragathiel's emblem on the shield  was a pig and I'm not happy with the result, but it will do .

This is Saucy Jack, a Swashbuckler.  

I also  got a Light Mortar team painted for my WW2 Dieppe Commandos army. I have a Bren Gun team on the desk for this project next.

These two are some RedBoxGames minis that I ordered a long time ago but never painted. These naked musclebound brutes I think were titled as Giantkin. Forgive the nudity.

This chap got a weapon transplant after finding his original axe was missing. This huge club was a bit in my bits box that I think originally belonged to a Marauder Miniatures Beastman.

And lastly an older Forget World Cyber Mastiff. Simple paint job and his master will be posted up next once painted. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there!