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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

25 August 2016

Comrade! (Part 9!)

Two more 28mm WW2 Soviet Tank Riders done and also two more stands of 15mm Confederate infantry. Onward and upward!
Two new members of my Tank Riders squad. Junior Sergeant on the left, another SMG nutter on the right.

The lads call him "Beetroot Head" due to him both suffering from the cold due to refusing to wear a cap and also his face turning furiously red when yelling commands.

After Mike at the MadPadreWargames blog made mention that my Telogreika uniforms were too brown, I went back over some of them with a greenish khaki to make them less so. 

An angry face for sure. No idea where this head came from - perhaps Gripping Beast or Games Workshop? To make it fit better I added a clumsy Greenstuff scarf about his neck. 

This chap looks like he's loping onward ready to spray the hated invader! A little snow added to his knee for fun.

Snow on the boot. 

And two more stands of Reb' infantry for Saturday's game. Standard stuff - range of brown trews and hats and grey jackets. From the tabletop they look just fine and rather motley.

Four more stands of Confederate infantry to go and also four more Tank Riders. Thanks for taking time to stop by!

17 August 2016


On the 27th I'll be playing a multi-player game of Regimental Fire & Fury at Stewart's place, providing the Confederate forces for the day.

According to the scenario that he's devised I'm short a regiment of infantry, so, once more to the brushes my friends!

Command base and a base (Representing roughly a company ingame) of Confederate Zouaves. In this case, they are painted up in the uniform of the Louisiana Tigers. 

Only 6 bases to go! These will also double up nicely for our Longstreet campaign.
After I painted the Zouaves, I quickly decided that one base/company was enough! They took as long to paint as 3 regular Reb' infantry bases! >_<

Also started work on a couple more Soviets - more on those will be posted soon.

11 August 2016

Comrade! (Part 8)

Been a while eh? Well, real life has thrown me for a loop *more on this another day maybe* and I haven't felt inspired much to paint a damned thing these last few weeks.

Last night though I decided to slap some paint on these three Soviet fellows, a second SMG-toting Tank Rider and a Flame-Thrower team. They'll do for tabletop play - pics were pre-dulcote and in piss poor lighting, but I'll photo them properly when I can get a group shot - enjoy!

The horrors of war can certainly be shocking. Or maybe this chap has come across something horrifying during the Konflikt?

Flame-Thrower team. The 'Thrower is a cool ROKS model that the Soviets came up with to try to confuse sharpshooters so they'll think it was just a regular rifle from distance. 

I really do like Warlord's metal sculpts. Chock full of character and detail. All of the previewed snow bases have since been cleaned up a tad after I saw random grasstuft pieces, etc that needed fixing.

Bonus picture of some transport elements that arrived recently. A ZIS-6 truck and a GAZ-67  jeep-thing. Both models were resin with metal parts and went together relatively straight forward after some cleanup and trimming. The truck came with all the cab details and a driver, but to keep things simple and paint-time low I instead stuck in some plastic pieces over the windows and will just paint those instead. The one part I didn't enjoy was the GAZ-67's windscreen - it was bent to bollocks and I've no idea how I'll stick clear plastic in to make "glass". Only patience will tell.