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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

30 September 2017

Where were your evolved sensibilities then? (Part 5 - Done!)

And she's done.
Think this is the largest model I've ever slapped paint to and I'm glad i finally gor her finished.

For once, I'm actually proud of my work. Quite possibly my best paint job to date.

This thing can be used as a GW Great Unclean One, or any sort of horrible demon type thing really. She stands around 6" tall and with the added little demon things took around 10 hours to finish. No idea when or how I'll get to use her in game but shw certainly looks great in my display case!

Enough waffling, on to the crap pics!

General spin around to show the goods.

Closeups of face, belly, back and bootie. A real catch for any immortal, right?

The Lampads, three with torches to light her way through the underworld, two behind her that are merely frolicking.

Her rusty blade. At least i hope it looks rusty to you?

Lastly a wee action shot showing a couple of badarse barbarian adventurers that obviously took a wrong turn.  (For scale)

A little blurb behind where she comes from in my gaming setting. This is Hecate wife of Hades in the Greek mythology. She is in her war form not in her beautiful Queen of the Undead typical look. The little demons about her feet are Lampads, the underworld beings that light Hecate's path as she passes through Hades' realm. 

To finish this small project i still have around 9 or 10 "Harpies" that ive put together that also need painting. We'll see how my motivation is at when it comes time to tackle those girls.

19 September 2017

A terrible loss of lead and wealth

I've blogged about games played with my mate Stewart in many posts. Well it seems this blogging business is contagious cos now hes started his own one. It can be found here - A Terrible Loss of Lead and Wealth.

Please go visit and follow if you dare, he is a keen historical gamer and a decent hobbyist to boot.

18 September 2017

Where were your evolved sensibilities then? (Part 4 - No Hope WIP?)

Real life has taken the wind out of my sails hobby-wise of late, so little has been done until this weekend. (Little = nothing at all infact.)

But this poor unloved thing was batting it's baby... whites (?) at me from her spot on my hobby shelves and so I felt pressured to slap some more layers about her gruesome person. I hadn't even touched her since the last time I included her in a post (Has it really been over 2 years since???), so this really was an overdue effort on my part.

Still along way to go, but I'm getting close to what I'd consider "finished" with her skin and yucky parts. Loads left to do on her mouth'n'tongue, sword (Not pictured.), exposed guts, base and the wee Lampads about her feet.

Lighting is harsh, so all the shading and highlights are bleached out of these photos

If you think her back looks yucky, just wait until she's done and I take some pics of what remains of her backside. 

A hefty lass. This is the largest model I've ever painted. She towers over regular 28/32mm minis!

There were some games played of late, but sadly no pics taken. I got a game of Bolt Action in versus Densmol. I think he won. It was ages ago though, so it might have been me. My mate Stew (Who'll soon have a blog of his own to view - link coming soon.) brought over some of his 1/1200 Age of Sail minis and a fun rules set to try out where my French tall ships managed to defeat the pride of his British navy. Not a genre I'll be buying into, but one I enjoy playing and look forward to trying it out again in the future.

Hope to have some more progress to show on the big lass pictured above soon!