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31 January 2013

The Warband (Part 1 - Another Challenge!)

A forum I frequent almost daily is There is currently a small competition amongst the regulars using the original Realm Of Chaos books to roll up random Chaos warbands and see if we all can't finish assembling, painting and basing them before the forum's next birthday in May.

I couldn't help myself and so got out my poor over-used Lost and the Damned hardback and got rolling dice!

First off I decided my warband would be unaligned. I already have lots of Nurgle to be getting on with and a new paint scheme will help keep my hobby energy fresh. We were allowed to roll three time to determine the makeup of our 'band's Champion. I was "blessed" with my usual dicing luck and got fething Human each time. (Was sincerely hoping to get Skaven as I had a cool Jess Goodwin sculpt that would have been perfect for this.)

So my Level 10 Human Hero (Warrior) ended up getting a Bestial Face of a Goat and 3 Chaos Hounds as Rewards. This was cool and at least took him away from being boring stock human. For Attribute, he got Chaos Lord. This is an over powered attribute as it pretty much advances the Champ to superhero status, boosting his stats, giving +1 magic level, Chaos armour and a daemon weapon. On top of that, he gets more free followers (I got a couple Centaurs and one (?) beastman.). Either way tho, he would kick arse in a fight for sure.

I'm planning on using the Helldorado Augustus Raimond fig as the base for him.

I next rolled for followers and got a Troll with eye stalks and flatulence problem, 3 more beastmen (Two of which got a pair of extra arms apiece.) and a trio of Chaos Goblins with bows.

In all it would make for a decent force to field in a warbands versus tourney and I really look forward to putting all of it together and paint.

So far I've rooted through my bits and found three old old old Chaos hounds and a Troll. The beastmen are coming from Ebay and for the gob's I'll convert some spare Night Goblins I have hanging about. The Centaurs will be stuck together using old plastic horse bodies and either Marauder torsos or Catachan Guard plastic ones. (The Centaurs got "Hideous Appearance" too which should prove fun to model.) so I'm excited to Just the aforementioned Champ fig to buy left. :)

The Chaos warrior was my original choice for my Champion, but I couldn't bring myself to hack his head off so he's been safely replaced inside my bits box.

27 January 2013

Battle for Alabaster

On Tuesday my copy of Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster arrived. I bought into the Kickstarter campaign at the Biohazard level and also picked up a set of extra Kickstarter only dice and one each of the Kickstarter only extra miniatures. (The extras are all to arrive some time in March.)

This review will not include any in depth game play details as I've yet to play a game. I have read the rule book though and from that, I can say I am excited to try out the rules set and see how it plays in practice.

This game has been created by Mike McVey's "Studio McVey" and publicised and fabricated by Coolminiornot. Apparently it's been Mike's baby for a long time and only this year has he been ready to turn his dream creation into a reality. Kickstarter donations made it the highest earning board game project on the website until that date, beating the prior leader, Zombiecide by quite a bit. (This total has since been eclipsed by the Kingdom Death: Monster board game campaign.)

The Sedition Wars setting so far has introduced three factions - the Corporation backed "Vanguard", an elite fighting force with all the gizmo's and tech that corporate money can supply - the "Firebrand", a revolutionary organisation opposed to the current form of government and enemies of the Vanguard - and the "Strain", not necessarily a "faction" per the definition of the word, but counts as one anyway. The Strain is a nano-virus that can infect both organic material and technological devices and change them into space zombies or worse!

Battle for Alabaster includes rules and miniatures for just the Vanguard forces and the Strain; the Firebrand are reported to be included in their first expansion to this game, Arms of Sorrow along with some sort of Mercenary faction. So space troopers versus space zombie-monsters!

So first off, for pledging at the Biohazard level, you not only got a copy of the game, but also a limited edition resin figure of the Vanguard team commander, Captain Kara Black, a bad arse blond warrior woman,

A lithograph of the box art personally signed by Mike McVey himself and small patch of the vanguard emblem,
And a set of their Kickstarter custom dice. (I bought an extra set.) I really like the fonts used for the numbers on these.

I have to say it was a good deal and value for monies spent, I'm a rather happy hobbyist. There's 50 or so nicely detailed miniatures in the box, 5 double sided board tiles (50cmx50cm) a horde of push out card tokens, plastic nano, infection and shield counters and the rulebook which is admittedly rather poorly proofed, but nonetheless beautifully illustrated.

Each miniature comes with it's own full colour two-sided stat-card which are about normal playing card size and will need some sort of clear protector as health points are kept track of directly on them.

Each Miniature also comes with a setting designed custom base. The large bases only come in one design, but the small come in 6 and I like them all. Crisp sculpts and varied enough to keep the look fresh.


The bases have pegs for both the infection and shield markers and are a nice snug fit so shouldn't fall apart during the game. Red for Infected - you can be infected multiple times - and blue for shield.

On to the models though! Forgive the fact that I've got no pics of assembled examples, I haven't had time to get on to that just yet.

Here's the basic level Strain zombies and Vanguard troopers.

Nice amount of variation in sculpts and the detail is crisp and well done considering these are board game miniatures.

The Vanguard have hero models too and they are pretty cool - heavy weapons expert, captain, sniper and medic. I love the sculpts. There's also a floating Tank Drone that is pretty cool looking too.

Whereas the Strain get more advanced versions that the lower level zombies can morph into during game.

The Strain also have personalities to use, though I think they are mission specific until you decide to play outside of the pre-written campaign. These things are large and include my favourite sculpt in the box, the Grendlr.

Lastly, for pledging during the Kickstarter campaign at the level I did, I got a bunch of extra figs included in a separate box so I can run bigger games. All with bases and their own stat cards.
And that's it. I think it's going to be a good game. I've tried not to read much about the game play online so I can go into it with an objective attitude and I'll maybe post up later what I think of the game play then. I am really excited for March to come around so all the Kickstarter exclusive miniatures can arrive as there's some REALLY cool stuff to come. Cheers.

23 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 5 - Havok Squad start)

With the Herald completed, I can move on to next month's commitment. I've decided to work on my Havok Squad (They've only sat in my Chaos to do box for 3 years..... ).

Here's the squad of 7 pre-prime, they are currently drying after being sprayed black with Krylon in preparation for base coats.

Due to the drying paint, I decided to work on some more of my Brits, this time a Machine Gunner platoon. It's mostly made up of Forged in Battle miniatures (Aside from the platoon command section.) which are not as nicely detailed as the Battlefront sculpts and a little larger, but they were a gift and I'll not be a ponce and not use them just cos they are different. Once on the table they'll look fine as they shred Nazi infantry with the rest of the Tommies. ;)

(Also, my copy of Sedition Wars STILL hasn't arrived..... The FedEx tracker page says it's been in Sacramento since Friday. I'm slightly annoyed to say the least.)

21 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 4 - Herald Finished!)

Along with another game of Flames of War where my dice once again betrayed me (they have now been retired. Permanently.) I have finished my Herald for my Challenge's January commitment. He has no name as yet, though I'll think of something soon - "soandso the Counter" is sitting well thus far.

Last three pics are of his face details, backpack and shell, and my rubbish attempt at verdigris.

 photo SAM_0246_zps07230d09.jpg  photo SAM_0247_zps2cb12570.jpg  photo SAM_0248_zps4a7a31f8.jpg  photo SAM_0249_zps97ae6165.jpg  photo SAM_0250_zps3293d4ab.jpg  photo SAM_0251_zpsb7c4df40.jpg  photo SAM_0252_zpsc5ab94e8.jpg  photo SAM_0253_zpsbd8972ce.jpg
 photo SAM_0254_zpsf199711d.jpg  photo SAM_0255_zpsee9b6013.jpg  photo SAM_0257_zps3e4ea642.jpg  photo SAM_0258_zps41479d40.jpg

17 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 3 - Herald WIP)

The Herald is rolling along slowly. Last night I spent a couple hours painstakingly hitting just about every visible (to me at least) raised bump on it's skin with a lighter colour to make them stand out more..... Needless to say, my back was done in this morning. :)

The slime has had another layer done. Am trying hard to remember my previous recipe for my neon yellow/green last painted on my Dreadnought Hellbrute, but thus far and per usual I have come up short. So, I'll just make it up as I go along. Other areas also got some highlighting, though the harsh lighting in these pics washes them out some.

Still lots to go though, so watch this space.
In other news, my Flames of War Brits just had reinforcements arrive in the form of two extra Sherman Fireflys and a couple M10 Achilles. More Panther piercing guns. 

16 January 2013

Sgt. Pilkins, scout on ahead!

In a blur of brushes and a slip-slapping of paint, I managed to bash out my Universal carrier Recce Squad and the Lloyd Carrier from my 6pdr AT Platoon for my Flames of War Brits these past two nights. Couldn't find anything on the Flames of War website regarding the kind of markings these things would have though so I fear they look a little bear, though that could just be me.

You'll notice one of them has a passenger laying on top of his carrier with some sort of weapon in his grasp - that's my PIAT carrier. I didn't want to have to shell out for an official model for a PIAT (Brit version of a bazooka, only crappier) so I copied my mate Eric's idea and used a spare PIAT trooper from an infantry platoon, bent his legs and hey presto, home made PIAT carrier. (IS rather silly to have your recce team out there without any Anti Tank option, even the piddly PIAT.)

The pics below are of the team cresting a ridge and looking down upon some sort of Catholic Church in Italy of South of France or some such.

Here's the PIAT Carrier. Looks like the machine gunner is not very happy with how close that PIAT launcher is to his noggin!

And lastly, on their lonesome is the Lloyd Carrier from the Anti-Tank Gun platoon. Only one, because I got the Sgt. Tom Stanley boxed set, but I'll not be using that character and so this carrier will probably be used for something else, most likely as the transport for an 1IC or 2IC in an infantry company.

14 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 2 - Herald WIP)

Quick WIP of the Herald for January's hobby pledge.

Base colours and initial washes of Browns and blacks respectively. The model has kind of snail ooze modelled into it coming out from under it's "foot" - other Ooze-like effects in my CSM's thus far have been done in a fluorescent-type yellow-green, so I thought, the Herald being a daemon, his own yucky secretions would likewise be the same colour.

(Hard to tell in the pics, but those disembodied heads are a drab green.)

In other news, after reading a few reviews of the latest Flames of War book, "Operation Market Garden", I went and got a couple extra Sherman Fireflys off of Ebay for my Brits. With 17 pdrs now a whopping AT15, I think loading up with as many options to field such powerful guns as possible is the order of the day. Next on my list of FoW purchases will be some M10 Achilles for even more anti tank action. Can't wait to get a copy of this book to see all the new lists - it's said that it has brought the Brits as a faction back as a force to be reckoned with. One question - Archers, or no Archers? ~_^

(Also, my copy of the Sedition Wars board game should be arriving any day soon this week apparently! So Stoked!)

08 January 2013

A Challenge

Until recently, I was rather wary of hobby podcasts, considering them to probably be far too nerdy and beardy for the likes of me, full of "inside jokes" and other unfunny childishness. How wrong I was! Thanks for Mr Esty for starting me off, I now have four podcasts that I listen to whenever a new episode is released. Mr Esty suggested I try out The Independent Characters podcast that is run out of the Bay Area, a mere hour and a half or so away from where I live.

Carl and Geoff run a pretty well put together production with better than average sound values and a structured show that rarely goes off track, or if it does, they seem professional enough to get over their fits of giggles quickly. Each episode is dedicated to a certain 40K-esque subject and these chaps are pretty darn knowledgeable on their topics and, should the occasion arise where they don't have said knowledge, they have plenty of guests on hand to bring on board to help them out. If you don't listen to podcasts and have perhaps been curious, then these chaps are a good first option.

(I'll list the other three for any interested at the end of this post.)

Anyhoo, the reason I mention the podcast is because they also have a very friendly message board and are currently running a Challenge to paint up 1850 points of Warhammer 40K figs for a list or some such by November 30th, each month pledging to complete a character, unit or vehicle. For each pledge completed, you get an entry into a draw at the end of the challenge to win something cool. (I believe last year's Challenge prizes were KR Multicases or Black Library publications or some such.) Either way, I'm not really doing this for the prizes, more to see if I can't finally, f i n a l l y have myself a fully painted army. (Which I haven't had since I was an early teen with my old Squats.) I decided my much loved and maligned Nurgle Chaos force needed the love it always deserved and so made up a list with the new Chaos Marine Codex and the old daemons one, both including my models painted thus far and those I plan to do up each month. (the list is below the pics for those interested.)

So, seeing as I got into this Challenge a little late, my first month's pledge is a simple one - to paint a herald of Nurgle for my Daemon Allies contingent. The mini is by Darksword and was a lovely Xmas present from my mate Niko in Minnesota. I hacked off the original bannertop (Which was some sort of naff moon and stars design.) and replaced the left hand which formerly held a compass with handy parts from the new-ish plastic Plague Bearers kit. Since this photo was taken, I've since added sand to his base and given the mini a coating in Krylon primer.

If you got this far then my thanks for sticking with it!

Here's the three other podcasts I keep up with:

1. The Overlords - another 40K podcast, these chaps out of London are a game club with a microphone and make me laugh lots. They also have a good bunch of people who have different takes on the game to the US one I hear more regularly.

2. Deepstrike Radio - this 40K podcast is more fluff oriented, which I like lots. These chaps know their stuff VERY thoroughly and it appeals to my oldschool 40K hobbyist self. They are also more adult with their humour, so keep that in mind before you play them around yer young'ns.

3. WhatWouldPattonDo? - lastly, I also listen to a Flames of War podcast by the wwpd crew. They are a fun bunch and go off topic all the time, but if you like to play Flames of War, they can offer lots on the hobby and also talk about new books and releases

I forgot to add that I've also added to my Flames of War British contingent. A platoon of 6-pdr Anti-tank guns to hopefully help me fend off those dirty Nazi heavy tanks all the better. Painting might take a while though....

And here's the 3000point (Or there abouts) list I'm going by for my Challenge for those that are interested. I WILL still be painting other stuff, eg. my WW2 Brits, etc, but hopefully this challenge will see me more productive with my hobby than ever before. Roll on 2013!



Chaos Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Black Mace, Palanquin, Veteran of the Long War, Combi Plasma, Aura of Dark Glory

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Wings, Power armour, Murder Sword, Aura of Dark Glory

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Flamers, Lightning Claw

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Melta Guns, Lightning Claw

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Plasma Guns, Lightning Claw

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Plasma Guns, Lightning Claw

5 x Terminators: Mark of Nurgle, Heavy Flamer, Power Fist, Twin Lightning Claws, Veterans of the Long War, Land Raider Transport with Combi-bolter and Havoc launcher

Hell Brute: Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, 2x Combi Bolters

3 x Nurgle Spawn

7 x Havocs: 4 x Missile Launchers with Flakk ammo

2 x Vindicators: Siege Shields



Herald of Nurgle

7 x Plague Bearers

7 x Plague Bearers

3 x Nurgling Bases


That’s the 3000 (ish), the 1850 (ish) that will be my list for this Challenge are:

The Chaos Lord (That I’ve yet to buy)
2 of the Plague Marine Units
2 Terminators from their squad (I already have 3 painted) and their Land Raider
3 Chaos Spawn (That I’ve yet to put together)
Ku’Gath (A mini that is pretty damned amazing, sculpted by a mate in Denmark)
The Herald of Nurgle (Proxied with a cool mini I got for Xmas)
The 2 Plague bearer units (One of the new plastic sculpts, the other old OOP models I've had for years.)
And the Nurglings (New plastic kit that I’ve yet to buy)

I think all this adds up to about 1860 all told with options included.