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14 June 2020

Not Dieppe, but still WW2 Canadians (Part 1 - transports)

As the title would suggest, pictured below are some additions to my WW2 Canadian collection. But I might add these are not for my Dieppe Landing project as of course no trucks/lorries landed that day! Instead these are for games where I use the same troops for games or events set later during the war and those Poor Bloody Infantry need a taxi to get them where they need to be.

The models below are a nice find by fellow blogger Admiral Drax - a pair of Lledo Days Gone diecast Mack Trucks (I believe they are at least). A little smaller than a 1/56 or 28mm scaled truck but  for the price they’ll most certainly do!

As they are “just transports” and really once they drop off their precious cargoes, just easy victory points for my opponent, I gave them a very fast and dirty paint job and didn’t even make an effort to try to paint the interior of their truck beds.

Nice to have some transports for my games and getting these done has relit the fire under my ample backside to crack on with more commandos! (So watch this space)

An Officer directs a Bren Gun team to get the hell away from the trucks before. A panzer puts  a round into them!

Decals are a mix of Rubicon, Warlord and Dom’s Decals. Warlord were the worst to work with by far. 

Markings are for some no name Lorried Infantry Company in the Canadian 2nd. 

As you can see, the freehand markings are rough as heck but for transports, they’ll do!

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and stay away from me if you have a nasty cough and a fever!