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06 August 2019

The Chaos Genestealer Cult Was Always a Thing (Part 2 - WIP)

A quick post to log some work in progress on my Chaos Genestealer Cult. Started cleaning up and assembling a couple Brood Brother Infantry squads and my army's commander, a fearsome Genestealer Patriarch and it's cute familiars.

Brood Brothers are supposed to represent military units that have been subverted to the Cult's cause, adding their military training to the armed might of the Cult. The Army list allows one to take basic infantry, Heavy Weapons teams and a few of the vehicle choices that the Astra Militarum Imperial Guard army book allows for regular Guard forces (Leman Russ tank, Sentinal walkers, Chimera APC's, etc.). Seeing as my Cult represents a more militaristic style organisation, I have 3 infantry squads, 3 weapons teams and 3 Chimera APC's in my initial army list.

The first Brood Brothers Infantry Squad in my army is made up of a ragtag mix of Planetary Defense Force, Guardsmen who've deserted from their respective regiments and civilian underhive dwellers. These minis range from 1980's through to early 2000's.

Just a quick pic so quality and composition is a bit rubbish. I like to paint arms separately as I can't stand trying to get behind them (And typically feck up a paint job) if they are pre-attached.

The second Brood Brothers Infantry Squad is made up from the original GW Imperial Guard plastic kit that I somehow still had in my unpainted mountain. (The 3rd will be as well.) I've added Genestealer Cult heads and accessories to add a little extra character to them. (They'll get a similar addition of Khorne markings though these will be painted on like the 1980's original Chaos Cult.) I've also used some 3rd party resin arms for these to add a little more variety and also because I'm not sure I have enough of the original kit's plastic arms!

Still some more arms to sort out on this lot. No Heavy Weapons in these squads either, just a flamer each. I plan to drive them up in the Chimera APC transports (Those will be a post for the near future.) and unload them to hose down their enemies t close range. They'll probably get chewed up pretty badly in return, but I like the idea of these lads being very disposable in any case. 

Lastly for this post is the Patriarch himself. (Herself? Itself? Who knows...?) This is the one of two original sculpts that were made for this character back in the late 80's (I think sculpted by Bob Olley?). The other was a seated version which made for a lovely vignette, but not great for gaming. This fellow is quite a bit smaller than the current plastic version, but I like him enough. To make him look a little more imposing and even a tad daemonic, I added some shoulderpads from the Purestrain Genestealer kit which I think add enough.

I think he originally came with 3 little familiars (Like psychic manifestations of it's intelligence or something) but one was lost along the decades since.  
As with the minis shown in my last post, I plan to base all of these en masse once I've assembled everything and then I'll prime those that require it so I can get to painting. After seeing how they work, I've been interested in trying out those new GW Contrast paints to see if I can get the rank and file troops done quicker. But more on that at a later date.