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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

28 May 2012

Whispers from a Xenos heart

Frallitus Thorayne is of an unknown species, from a very far off part of the galaxy. It lives in the darkest recesses of society where not even the despicable Hrud feel safe. A Psyker of prodigious power, this xenos has otherworldly control over the minds of any beast or vermin within his locale, able to send them to attack any threats it feels might be in it's adopted territories.

Found time today to finish this little wonder of a fig. Illithids are my all time favourite D&D beasties and this has to be one of my favourite sculpts. I had to use it in my campaign. Now I just have to come up with a cool enough group of vermin creatures for it to control and kill off the player teams! :)

24 May 2012

Feeling the burrrn....

So after being knocked for six by whatever evil pox that had taken residence in my system for more than a week, I’ve really struggled to get any interest going in my hobby.

The big Ogryn got a little work done on him and thus far I’m kind of “meh” about his paint job, but that’s pretty typical for me. But he’s now been sat for over two weeks.

Likewise the commissions I’ve got are sat not done. Luckily they are for a work friend who has given me no timeline to get them done.

So forgive the lack of activity here, I hope that will change soon and that this current edition of Dai’s hobby burnout will soon pass on, but as it stands, “thar’s no-one here ‘cept us chikuns”.

14 May 2012

2 and 6!

Sadly no hobby update as I've been sick as a dog this weekend.

But in my rambling about in other blogs, I saw that Pulp Figures are soon to release these and thought that with a few brass etch aquilas here and there, how cool a ship's crew they'd make. (Very 5th Element too.) Perhaps some npc's to rescue in a mission or some such?

12 May 2012

Promises promises

Wrote a little while back that I'd show my small painted Guard section and to be honest, forgot just how small the amount of painted figs were. But here they are regardless. Hope you like. They are the troops of a personal army belonging to a Rogue Trader of House Draquon. As well as the stuff pictured below, I also have about 7 or 8 infantry, veteran and/or heavy squads of both Rogue Trader plastic Guard and metal and plastic Squat models. I used the idea that the Trader Prince had rescued the dwarf contingent from a Tyranid threatened base during the Squad purge. So lots not pictured below. One day I'll look into buying them a tank or two. :)

Also there is a small WIP of what I've been adding a little lick of paint too for my =][=munda project.

Commander Isiah Tholme, Pay Master Scheiner (Commissar) and Gorrt, Mutant Standard Bearer and Trusted Protector of the Lord Trader Draquon's family crest. The Commander will probably end up being a 3rd Pay Master.

Armaud Destrierre, trusted Astropath on board the Lord Draquon's trading vessel,  Sergeant Lorch, overseer of the Beastmen Penitents and Ukko, Gretchin member of the Ratling sniper squad.

This squad was my tester squad for the Burgundy and cream scheme. I like it as it seemed the kind of thing a showy Rogue Trader would have his ship bound troops wear.

Squat command group with unpainted beastmen penitents in background. Squats will be stripped and repainted as they have a 14-year-old-me paintjob right now. :)

Trying to fit these Grotz in the list. Was thinking some sort of veterans or bodyguards to the Rogue Trader.

Creed model is my Rogue Trader along with his Command group. The two "white" no arms figs will be removed I think and added to a normal infantry squad so I can fit in the above Grotz. The Fleet advisor will be stripped also in order to be painted in the correct colours.

Washed out pic of (Left to right) Ratlings snipers, 2nd Platoon command, Catachan squad who will be painted as ship's hands and the start of another infantry squad.

Why so much infantry? Well, fair question, seeing as how tanks are the thing right now with Guard. but I always LOVED seeing pics of the masses of RT guard marching across a battlefield with titans in the background and little else to help them aside from their numbers. So I always wanted a Guard force made in such a way. All praise the meat grinder!

Lastly a wee WIP of what I've been painting of late. (Commissions aside.)

06 May 2012

He Ain't Heavy

Brother Thelonius - a kindly looking, bearded man of enormous proportions for his species (He is about 6'8" and weighs nigh on 400lbs) is the keeper of the Emperor's word within the Countess' Cell. Beneath that portly jovial exterior is a soul dark and bitter for all the evils it has had to withstand and destroy. One minute a kindly blessing for the lowly servants of the Imperium, the next burning those same souls for fear of their being tainted by those unspeakable horrors who none speak of in his presence.

(I've been dealing with a lot of real life pish tosh of late, hence the lack of posts - so much easier to just read everyone else's blogs during moments like that. Anyhow - This one had a load of detail to get creative with colour-wise. A little frustrating to be honest. Tried my hand at the black and yellow striping on his chainsword, my first attempt, looks okay for that I think. I tried to show a little of the "deranged zealot" about this fellow also by painting one eye open, the other closed. Not sure I've conveyed what I'm on about though... My editing program is rubbish, so please forgive the washed out colours - looks far better in person.)

A small bonus to this post - I've bee working a little more on this Xenos chap. Has been lots of fun to paint and I am excited as he's almost done.