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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

17 April 2017

Clever Hans (Part - 2)

Still, I managed to get a little paint slapped on a few minis last night as you’ll see below.

*please forgive the photos – I have run out of Testors  Dulcote, so the minis below are still awaiting flat varnish and some nice moisture-free daylight pics! (Go away rain)*

First is my first go at painting WW2 German uniforms for my Bolt Action Winter 1944 Eastfront project. He’s not perfect by any means, but he’ll do just fine for gaming and will match up well against my already previewed Winter Soviets.

You can see it on his left arm but this bloke is marked up as the squad leader - a sergeant or Corporal or something. He'll be leading my squad of SS-Panzergrenadiers. Whilst he's in Winter whites, others in his squad will get some Oak Leaf and Pea Dot camo garments here and there. 

I painstakingly researched all the correct colours for late war Winter German uniforms. Then promptly lost all my notes...       -__- So pretty much painted all of this in whichever colours I thought looked cool and seemed at least somewhat appropriate.

Next up are another pair of zombies for my contemporary setting. Once again, these were painted very simply – prime, base, wash and a slight highlight here and there. Have to say I really like these plastic kits – lots of well sculpted detail allowing for different racial make-ups, etc. My only complaint would be that there are not enough fat zombies – how am I supposed to represent Zombified Contemporary America with only skinny undead???

Can't see it very well in these pics, but the chap on the left seems to have been eviscerated in some fashion, whilst the lady on the right is waving what looks to be a Fibia in front of her.

Zombie bums

(Along with my Undead, I've also begun painting the Sarissa Precision mdf buildings that came with the Project-Z "Lock and Load" set. Only base coating so far, but these well designed pieces should add immeasurably to my games once done. No pics at this stage as there's still a long way to go on them.)

After I finished up the zombies, I got working on yet a different project, my Bolt Action Early War Commandos. These two will be my Lieutenant and Adjutant. Just WIP pics right now, but they are coming along very nicely and this is the first time I've attempted to paint a Denison Smock. Camo in general intimidates me, especially when it's historically based, so one should at least attempt to paint the scheme as close to records as one is able. Am hoping after some simple highlights and pictures in some far less harsh lighting that it'll stand out a bit more. 

The Commando on the left is by WargamesFoundry and a really nice sculpt - except (!!) his eyes. He looks like he is suffering from a horrible case of hayfever and has gotten all puffed up!
The Officer on the right is by Black Tree Design and is actually a Paratrooper mini. I chose him as my platoon leader because #1 I liked the mini and #2 the original Commando regiment was made up of volunteers from all branches of the Army, so I figured a former Paratroop officer would "Choose" to wear his Paratroop Denison smock to show his love for his previous regiment or some shit. It made sense at the time of purchase... At least his beret is proper Commando Green. 

05 April 2017

Clever Hans (Part 1 - Odds, sods and a Hetzer)

Firstly, I finished up my Bolt Action German Hetzer tank hunter. Probably could have done more, but just wanted it off my paint queue and it at least doesn’t look rubbish. Bit of weathering, bit of mud and snow and it’ll do schwein, it’ll do. (Thus my WW2 German project is officially kicked-off.)

Next up are some of the farm animals I recently picked up from Warbases in the UK. Very affordable and some nice characterful sculpts to add some flavour to my tabletops. I’ll mainly be using these in my Dark Ages and fantasy games. Simple paint jobs and also got a gloss varnishing as well as a flat coat for durability.


Moo too.

These geese are having a barney. Clever chap on the right is getting the heck out of the way as he's more about love than hate.

Chap at the back right is officiating this fight - seconds out, round one!

Also got a pair of zombies I call the “Tuppences”. Whilst Mr Tuppence was off out jogging in the neighbourhood, Mrs Tuppence was dutifully playing house and baking cookies. Unfortunately for Mr Tuppence, he was set upon by zombies as he rounded the corner to Foxtrot Avenue, then proceeded to stumble home, turn and bite his wife, causing her to join him in Unlife as well. A love story for sure.

Mr Tuppence has a bit of a derp affliction whilst the good missus seems to be remembering she had baked cookies and yet somehow forgot to place the cookie tray in her outstretched hand prior to "outing and stretching".

Lastly, some crates scatter terrain pieces. Nothing special about these, but they’ll add some interest on the table during games. I also got a sand-bag emplacement finished up, but ran out of Dullcote so will have to wait until next post to show that.

Yeah, these are boring, not even know why I included them here to be honest...