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08 May 2017

It's not Necromunda, but close enough.

Rubbish picture

Still, I was rather excited when GW unexpectedly came out with this (not) Necromunda reboot and so I preordered the rules, my first proper GW purchase in a long time. Necromunda was my fav Games Workshop game to play as a teen and with all the up-until-now unused 40K minis in my bits boxes I won’t have to buy anything new just to play. Just need suitable terrain. Add to the fact that Sean (Seans Wargames Cornerblog) and Lasgunpacker (His blog) are planning to come over on the 1st weekend of June for a game or two and I feel I have just the inspiration I need to get working on stuff for the day. It's nice to have something concrete to work toward rather than just the notion that "my unpainted pile needs to get worked on". 

For the event, I plan to run an Inquisitor's Killteam so I can use a mix of different characters. I think along with the Genestealer cultists that they have the most interesting and varied options to muck about with during team generation. More on these in a later post.

 The above thing is a crude terrain piece in preparation for the games. Looks shite right now, but painted up it'll do just fine for an industrial storage tank scenery piece. Wish I had better options than bend straws, but I'm not about to spend out on custom terrain stuff anytime soon. I also picked up a pack of Hotwheels straight track pieces for walkways between the buildings I plan to make. These will help with the required 3D look and feel to Necromunda/SW:A.

Whilst no painting has been done since my last post, I did (This very day infact.) manage to purchase off a work mate these  boys, the original metal Orlock gang that GW made for Necromunda's initial release. Stupid thing is I used to own them already but sold them off a few years ago! Wont be making that same mistake again though...