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22 January 2012

In his name, I deliver thee... (WIP)

The final mini I needed to complete the teams (In this case the Radical Ordo Malleus Cell) arrived and is ready for an undercoat and then paint. The lovely McVey sculpt Vokker Dargu seriously has all the character I imagined a Radical Ordo Interrogator to have. Am really looking forward to getting stuck in on this fig.

Have added just two wee things to make him tie in a little more with the 40K Universe. I was  going to change out the pistol, but after some reflection (And much needed advice from my wife) decided it'd make an appropriate plasma pistol that could be of vintage design within the setting.

Xenos Filth (Part 1)

Two updates in one day? Say it isn't true!

Tau Kill Team Commander - the player wanted a Charcoal and Black scheme - black being a horrid colour to paint, of course - with red highlights. So here you go. Also has a sword, a sheathed katana from some company or other that I had been directed to by a forum pal, which I guess is about as close to what a Tau would have i think.

The hand print (Count, 4 fingers) was also a request and I think it looks okay too. No idea about this fellow's background or personality, tho I will post it up once I get it from the player.

And the Commander with his Vespid Trooper.

Also here's a WIP of a Xenos Psyker from some Cult or other that's being painted up for a mission I'm designing.

Creeply Crawly (Completed)

Right, i got sick of this model, so this is as good as it's going to get. An experiment in washes, of which there were many layers in many shades. Played with the brown armour areas and ended up sticking with it as it is and a little cream colour on the Tau emblem.

18 January 2012

Creepy Crawly (WIP)

Quick update on a WIP. Tis the Vespid from the Tau team. Never seen an orange one, so thought I'd give the colour scheme a go. Think it looks okay so far. Not sure if I like the Tin Bitz coloured space corset though yet....

17 January 2012

Progress Update

No pics today, just a marker really to keep track of where I'm at with this project.

1. Rogue Trader Crew - All team members completed except for the Trader himself who is getting his base colours applied.

2. Puritan Ordo Malleus Cell - I have yet to start any figs for this team.

3. Radical Ordo Malleus Cell - Leader miniature has been purchased and am waiting on it's arrival from Coolminiornot Shop. He was the only outstanding fig for this project. Otherwise, Hired Gun is mostly painted, other figs are not.

4. Nurgle Chaos Coven - Leader and one Squat are completed, 2nd Squat (was stripped of old paint job) is getting base coat applied.

5. Tau Kill Team - Team Commander completed *pics coming soon*, two FireWarriors have had basecoats applied.

6. Terrain - Still need to get two sets of Pegasus Hobbies Platformer Construction Set - 4904. Have a good stock of foamboard ready for building creation tho have yet to find Cork Tiles to base the buildings upon. Also require 5 feet of 1/2" pvc piping, 6 elbow joints and 2 T-joints for industrial-type sewerage/water pipe terrain and pink foam for the building of hills.

7. Other projects - I need to stop working on so many different projects and conentrate on finishing (this) one. As well as this project I have:

a. Nurgle Chaos Marine project (A long time work of love.)
b. Raven Guard Space Marine army (A whim that has gotten blown out of proportion.)
c. Skaven army (A fantasy yearning that will, I think, be the death of me)
d. Imperial Guard army (A small mostly RT force based around the idea of being a Rogue Trader's household guard)
e. Multiple Malifaux teams (Need to be painted up for a friend so we can actually play with painted figs)

8. O, and I need to put down StarWars: The Old Republic. MMO's are the death of any hobby energy.

"Control, control, you must learn control!" - Yoda

07 January 2012

Rotten Sod (Completed)

The Nurgle Magos is completed and I like him very much. Using a lot of layers of washes and highlights, I think I have come up with a very fun looking fellow to lead the Nurgle Coven. The horns ended up not being so difficult to finish and I'm quite happy with how they stand out against the rest of the model.
The only thing I'm a little leery of about this piece is the placement of the nurgling. Somrthing about him and where he's at isn't sitting right with me, though that might just me being my usual overly critical self.

This chap did have a name, but I wasn't fond of it, so I've tasked the controlling player of the Nurgle Coven to come up with one of his own. I do like the name I came up with the Nurgling however, Dumplestiltskin, which appeals to my base sense of humour.

He has diseases which cause strange glowing boils to erupt from his skin from time to time and.... that isn't a tail (in game rules he has a tentacle) - it's a parasite that has grown in his gut and erupted from out of his anus. Think tapeworm, but far more powerful and under the control of the mind of a half-crazed psychic beastman, blessed by Father Nurgle.

03 January 2012

Rotten Sod (WIP)

A quick update with some painting progress.

Apologies for the sorry lighting.

This is the Magos of my Nurgle Chaos Coven. Started as the Skaven Warlord Spinetail, headswap, weaponswap (Or really a Weapon made from about 3 other weapons and a little plasticard.) and..... that's about all for conversion. I liked the model so much I really didn't want to do much else.

I still have many more things to do (As I hope you'll see.) but I figured I needed to update this blog with more work in progress pics as much for me as anyone else to keep me encouraged and not stall.

I wanted to go for a non-traditional colour scheme and seeing as I've rarely seen any Nurgle pieces in red, I figured I'd give it a go. I've also rarely painted red due to an almost childish dislike of Blood Angels and so forth and well.... I'm blathering.
The horns I've yet to settle on colour-wise - they need to be dark to contrast with the lighter skin colour, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Some washes toward the base of the skull, but I really don't want them looking stone-like. I could go a little black-er or darker instead, aiming toward an Oryx type horn colouring, but without the ridges on the model, I'm not sure it'll look right.

I'll take another stab tomorrow night. Time for bed.