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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

25 March 2012

Stinky (Part 2 - Complete)

Have to say, this is one of my all time fav figs GW ever produced. I just have one complaint, where on earth they thought that the RT plastic Guard arms looked good on this I have no idea. They are shite, plain and simple. I wanted to keep with the original feel of the fig so decided to stick with the arms, but damn.... O well. I'm done with this one now. (I know, the GS wrap on his gun is too think, but I really need to move onto the next figs else I'll not be finished until 2014......

Tried to do one of them smiley-face acid house badges, best I could do though - things tiny!

Xenos Filth (Part 3 - Team Complete!)

Final member of the Tau Kill Team is done! Love the model, hate the way they made so you can put on it's arms. What a pain!

Either way. Here he is, Kroot bad-arse.

Close up of his scalped trophies!

20 March 2012

Cheeky Sod

I've not been very good at sticking to my plan of updating at least once a week.

A hobby funk had descended upon me and my will to paint whithered like a frog's leg in hot oil. So basically, no painting, no work, no updates.


There's light at the end of this rotten tunnel. Last night saw in a recharge in the ol' hobby cells (Due to a demo game being run tonight.) and I found myself up late desperately painting the badges on Renzer's coat and other details, glueing the arms upon the Kroot and setting my targets upon the next poor plastic sap in line to suffer my brush lead attentions.

So keep the faith whoever's out there, there will be more coming soon with a small report as to how the game (Nurgle Coven vs Rogue Trader Cerw) went. Can't promise pics of the game though as I've little scenery to show right now, but that will change in time.

05 March 2012

Stinky (WIP)

Renzer Straker, vicious cannibal, unwashed heathen and for some reason a VERY slippery character. Even before he took to the path of Nurgle worship, Renzer had always been a repulsive fellow. Aside from his obvious lack of personal hygiene and teeth filed to vicious points, he always seemed to be in some sort of wobbly state. Almost like he was lacking bones - which, if one were to be completely honest, is exactly the case; you see, Renzer Straker has no bones. Instead, much like the sharks found in the great seas and oceans on a number of systems, his whole skeletal syestem is formed purely of cartlidge.

Here are some WIP shots of where I'm going with this awesome awesome awesome fig that I've kept since it was first released, in the hopes that one day I'd be able to actually play Confrontation, but sadly, I never did. *sniffle*

Xenos Filth (Part 2)


Stealth suit, 2 Fire Warriors and a Shield Drone 99.8% done! (99.8% only due due to me just now realising I have forgotten to add a sword-in-scabbard to the backpack of the kneeling firewarrior.) As you can see they all have the white hand emblem  which is their squad marking. I think I have painted the 3-fingered Tau hand alright - freehand is my weakness I will admit.

Again, no backgroud to offer on these guys, so I guess you can just enjoy the pics. Only have the Kroot left to finish and this team will be complete! 3/6!

1st, the Stealth Suit :

Next, standing Fire Warrior:

And now, my personal fav', kneeling Fire Warrior:

Lastly the Tau Commander's Shield Drone. Simple, but fun to paint:

And..... a wee bonus couple of shots of the 2/3 finished Kroot WIP just so you know I'm not lying: