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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

14 February 2017

A bit more

A squad of Tommies cautiously head down the bocage to see if there's a tea shop in the village of La Chat Noir up ahead.

Painting has slowed a bit at Casa Dai for no particular reason – I’d wanted to get a 2nd officer mini for my Soviets painted up in a gamey fashion as he is armed with an SMG as opposed to my original which only has a pistol. The idea was that my Bolt Action army would be ready to kick rear end in the tournament this last weekend. But no, my neck and head were experiencing insufferable waves of pain and I had to cancel. So poo on that.

Still here he is, ready for the next event that might pop up in the future:

To "Winter" him up a bit, I green-stuffed a nifty scarf. Not great, but it does the job I think. (His SMG is slung across his back.)

I also got to work some on some Eastern Front buildings for my Winter Table project. The basic colours are laid down and now I need to work out how to make and apply a cost effective snow effect.

These are mdf efforts by the very splendid Charlie Foxtrot Models, a British company whose creations I've yet to find fault in. They go together better than 4Ground and are far cheaper. 

There were also 40th birthday shenanigans for my friend Stewart which featured many fun board games, a smashing X-wing battle (Where the Reb's, down to their last ship somehow managed to destroy the Imperial Shuttle...) and my new found love for “Ticket to Ride” (Which is now on my phone as a handy and fun app.).

Saw Lego Batman. You should too, it was very clever and funny too. 

The only sad thing of late is that my rpg group that typically meets once a week, has been on hold over this Winter due to illness, family visits, holidays, etc. It’s the longest break that we’ve had in our illustrious 14-year span of playing and it’s a bit poo really. Hope things get back to normal in March.

02 February 2017

Not One Step Back!

Mojo returned. (Funny how that happens.)

Whilst watching the beginning of 5th season of Star Trek Voyager last night I worked on my Soviet Commissar for my Bolt Action army.

Move onward you dogs! (Whilst I hide behind this bush.)

The sculpt is by Warlord Games and came with a choice of heads, which I liked. There were few mold lines to have to clear up and the rest of the details were incredibly crisp and a joy to paint up.

Corellian Bloodsrtripes?!

I’d hoped originally to greenstuff a scarf onto him seeing as my force is Winter theme’d but didn’t want to hide any of his nice details so left him be. Instead, his hands were painted to look like he was wearing some leather gloves. That’s Wintery enough, right?

Pics were taken prior to a coating of Testors Dulcote due to the weather once again taking a turn for the sodden.

With him done, my tournament force is fully painted!

Next up, some terrain pieces – anyone know how to make icicles in 28mm?

01 February 2017

Riding in style

Since last post there's been precious little going on in the hobby room. The mojo has sputtered and I left it alone to regain it's strength. Which it has, a little.

There is a Bolt Action tournament on the 12th at my LGS that I intend to attend hoping that my recently previewed Soviet force can win their first game and *gasp* perhaps more. (?)

A revision of my army list after my previous two games lead to the conclusion that I needed more infantry in my force. This lead to me dropping my Medium mortar (I still have the ZIS-3 gun to drop artillery bombardments.) and that my Recce option of the BA-64 Armoured Car is pants. The points freed allowed me to include my freshly painted Scout Veterans squad and add in a cheeky Commissar to help keep my Inexperienced squad motivated!

Cool image - I'd have liked to have gotten a 2nd pack of the Tank Rider sculpts to really pack them on to the back.

This means I'll need to paint up my Commissar mini (Easy to achieve in 11 days), but also I wanted to pimp out the army for display purposes some and slapped paint on the Tank Riders "mounted" marker I'd stuck together. They are all warlord metal sculpts aside from the greatcoat pointy fellow who is plastic. The sculpts were very characterful with nice poses (Though fine detail was often messed up with miscasts, etc I think due to old molds. They were also quite a bit smaller than their plastic counterparts, which was a little annoying.) and after a bit of fiddling about and a load of super glue (I really need to be more patient and just pin stuff!) they easily can be plonked on or removed from my T-34/85.

Forgive the crappy hobby-room lighting. 

Once I get the Commissar painted (To be previewed in the near future.) I will consider if I have time to make a quick display board or not. Time will be a big decider on this.

Pretty imposing I think!

That engines cover must be the only warm place in Poland for these blokes.

I've arranged the minis to look like they are hunkering down behind the turret for cover. Pointy chap is an idiot though and deserves to be sniped for poking his head up like that.