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26 February 2012

Derailment (Part 1)

Things on this blog have not stalled, merely paused as I paint a quick tabletop quality space marine for a work friend. He paid in comics that I had coveted and I'm happy with the end result. I think I'll use a similar style for my Raven Guard space marines force; a mix of flat black and black washes done in stages.

No chapter badges, etc as he wanted the scheme "just black" as he's both a fan of old school Rogue Trader DarkAngles (Before they somehow turned pinefresh green) and more recently White Consuls, and so he can add it to either army I guess.

Enjoy, I'm now off to get on with the two Fire Warriors and Stealth Suit for the Tau Killteam. Easy schemes and shold be done tonight or tomorrow.

*edit* I just noticed I had neglected to paint the holstered pistol..... Please forgive this shameful oversight on my part. It is now sorted.

20 February 2012

Sailing the 7 Galax-seas

Antolio Etcheverria de Dios Otero Antormarchi in all his finery. I really had to force myself to paint this bugger and it shows. (But I wanted the Rogue trader Crew finished.) And so, with him done, my first player team is ready to go forth and search for plunder amidst the storylines in my head. For some reason the camera couldn't take a good pic of his eyes and so they look like pants, which they actually don't in real life. What's a mediocre painter to do?

Any who might remember Hersus Vorden, the 3-armed mutant illegitimate son of this fellow, may well recall the mutie had orange scarves/bandannas? Well, they are directly related to the poor dissociated youth's attempt to show his loyalty to his father and match Antolio's sash.


And to celebrate the completion of the Rogue Trader Crew, here's a group shot of how sexy they think they are!

Mercs (part 2 - Completed!)

More fast and dirty paint jobs on the remaining Mercs and now they are as done as they are going to get.

First up the leader of the squad, Lieutenant Sayyid, a man who thinks himself some sort of nobility and really doesn't do much for the squad outside of posturing and jutting out his chin. The men do not take him all that seriously and for some reason, he doesn't care either.

Next up is the lazy Corporal Cointreau. Frequently seen sat on his fat arse and sipping Moonshine from his "secret" personal canteen.

Private Singh was the recipient of a nasty collection of talon slashes in a skirmish with the Kroot in the Gratner System 2 months ago. His wounds weep even to this day.

Private Singh is showing his loyalty to the unit with a tattoo of their designation on his baldy head.

Private Lopez is not in the Sergeant's good books right now and so has to lug about ammo for future engagements.

Nervous Private McGee is the unit's youngest member and thusly the gopher and ammo-boy. Just one... stray.... shot....

Specialist Killgor carries the unit's Heavy Stubber. For being such a small fellow he has a big personality and is a favourite with the ladies at Angel's Tavern, the unit's off-duty watering hole.
(This bloke had no legs so I had to green stuff my own. Not great, but better than I imagined I could do.)

Private Nas is a strange bugger with google eyes and the other troopers find his sense of humour and singing irritating all to hell. He does wear some nice dungarees though.

Lastly there's Private 1st Class Cadoogan. Always with the full face helmet this one, but one hell of a fighter and the Sergeant's favourite to clear out bunkers cos he know's Cadoogan gets the job done. Little do the unit know though, trooper Cadoogan's first name is Vera and she has great reasons for not joining the boys in the rooms of Madame Juliette's boudoire.

And a group shot. I think they look pretty cool together.

16 February 2012


House has been topsy-turvy of late as we had construction workers tromp about our upstairs tearing up carpet and laying down laminate. With this came the contents of every other room being stored in my hobby room, thusly leaving me no space to work on my projects.

I did get a delivery of two boxes of these...

... and I managed to cut and trim one box worth which only took about 8 hours... So many little pieces....

But stuck together, the set makes for a rather nice multi-level scenery option for future =][=munda games and once I get around to cutting and trimming the 2nd box, I think I'll have some really cool looking stuff.

The workmen are now gone and I finally got to paint last night whilst watching the 3rd disc of Justified with my wife. ALL of the merc squad members are now completed! Again, fast and dirty paint jobs, but they are tabletop worthy and ready to die in the name of the Throne Geld (Monetary unit in most 40K systems btw).

Also got to get some work on the Space Marine Commission a work mate has asked me to do and that's about 25% done.

As far as the =][=munda teams are concerned, the Tau Firewarriors and Stealth Suit remain at 10% completion and the Rogue Trader Prince at around 25%. (I think I will get on with the RT Prince next though as the rest of his Crew look lonely without their leader.)

*Pics of my recently finished figs will be in my next blog entry, hopefully in the next few days.*

05 February 2012

Mercs (Part 1)

Sergeant Carlisle and Private Jorgen "Bonce" Lund (nicknamed Bonce cos of his large head) of the Mercs NPC unit. These didn't get the usual love and were painted fast and dirty as I just wanted them done so I could spend more time on the player teams.

Gut Rot

This is the 2nd Squat from the Nurgle Coven, Claus brother of Gunter. An evil little git with a severe case of gut-rot. Claus likes getting up close and personal so he can blast away with his scattergun.

And a close up of his fat-boy's wee piggy eyes.

Dirty Gerty

Dirty Gerty - a Rogue Psyker and member of the Nurgle Coven - a sad lass who received an enormous poo shower by Fate. Horribly disfigured by debt collectors as an example to her slovenly stim addled parents as a child, Gertrude started off existence at the VERY bottom of the social ladder, even for a slum dweller. Bitter and twisted after an outcast life of derision and mockery, Gertrude somehow managed to survive with help from her psychic powers and a nudge here and there from the Great Father of Dismay, Nurgle (Who took a sick interest in the miserable wretch.). She was an obvious candidate for the Nurgle Coven and has often proved her worth, unleashing her misery upon those foolish enough to confront her.

01 February 2012

Base (coating)! How low can you go?

Before anyone gets at all excited, no pictures.

Progress on the hobby side of things has been wonderfully underwhelming, mostly due to poor health on my part and a little unhealthy time spent on SWTOR. *He types guiltily*

I have though managed to start on the group of 10 mercs. They are mostly base coated and awaiting their inevitable wash of Devlan Mud. “Where’s the love?” you might be asking? Well, I figured that these are just going to be NPC’s and non-individual-characters, so they deserve an average tabletop job at best in my opinion. Saying that, I do have plans to make each of them a named character just for fun due to each being so different a sculpt from the rest of the squad.

Base coats have also been applied to the Ogryn, Chaos Rogue Psyker, remaining Two Firewarriors, Stealth Suit fellow and Rogue Trader Prince – So not all that lazy. I also have to get a move on with a small commission for a work friend.

Lastly, I’ve been expecting one of these chaps to arrive in the post after supporting a project for Dream Forge Games. I think he’d make an excellent NPC antagonist to use against the player teams.

Next update will definitely include pictures, promise.