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02 August 2021

All Praise the Three-Armed Goddess!!!

 Today is my second entry for a fun little challenge that Dave over at Wargamesculptors Blog has run during Summers called "Season of Scenery" - an effort to help motivate hobby bloggers to get some of their backlog of terrain pieces done during these hot and sweaty (At least it's hot and nasty where I live in the world) Summer months. 

My last post featured my first entry as vehicles are allowed and this one will be completely different from that!

Nice Statue of Saint Celestine, patron saint of white chocolate and skulls.

Earlier this year, Games Workshop released a new range of plastic miniatures for their Adeptus Sororitas range (Battle Sisters/Nuns to the older Warhammer 40K gamers reading this). Lovely sculpts that like much of what they design these days command a high msrp. A terrain model was part of the release which included this statue as part of their "Battle Sanctum" kit. I didn't want to shell out for the whole model as I have plenty of 40K buildings in my unpainted mountain waiting to be assembled and painted, but I saw that statue and thought.... "That would make for a cool terrain centerpiece for my Genestealer Cult project (That has sat long neglected *cough cough*)...." So I hopped on Ebay and found a seller selling just that part of the kit and for an affordable price. 

Now, although the stock sculpt is a very nicely designed piece, my image in my mouldy ol' head of the statue for my army was a different image. So once the kit arrived, I pulled out my Greenstuff and got to sculpting!

And.... enough waffling on! Here's the pics:

Pre-primer. I wanted her to pretty much look as if the Cult members took a treasured statue
 of the Imperium and corrupted and changed it to represent their own hero/idol. I changed the sword with some spare Genestealer claws instead of the standard winged crossguard, snipped off and replaced the Sisters of Battle Fleurs de Lis here and there with little skulls and added a spare Genestealer skull on the base of the statue where you're supposed to glue the little candles. I thought it would make for a nice little altar to a fallen family member.
The head and arm were sculpted from scratch. Now, I'm not going to say I'm ever going to be producing miniatures professionally as from this pic is all looks like turd. But I wanted them both to be a bit rough looking, rough hewn sculpting- my Cult are not known for their artistic talent! 

For the scheme I went with something similar to the Studio scheme, but wanted the "added" parts to look as though they DEFINITELY do not look like they belong there.  

This is a rather large model and I am sure I could've painted it to a higher standard, but oof.... that's a lot of alabaster/bone and I got bored quick! So tabletop standard is good enough for me.

Have to say, those wings are lovely.

Her 3rd arm was based off of a Genestealer fan art I found online. Didn't want it to be all splayed out to show the claws as I didn't feel that it looked natural. Gave me a small task to try to make a 3-finger-fist which I think I did well enough.

Close up of the face all painted and pretty.

The sword is the standard sculpt with a couple changes. I like it. 

Close up of the base. Red candles for some spot colour and the nice white skull of ol' Aunty Bess the 1st 'Stealer to land on the planet and start the Cult "all those years ago"...

I have another piece to post up on probably later this week and maybe some more. Has been a nice excuse to get some long unloved terrain off the unpainted pile.

Forgive also if I haven't commented on your blogs of late. For some reason my Reading List isn't populating with ANYTHING and I don't know why. Waiting to see if it fixes itself, but if not in the next few days, then I'll reach out to Blogger to see what can be done.

Stay safe out there through Covid Delta folks!

- Dai


  1. This will be a great centrepiece for your Cult army Dai, I think all the changes you've made look perfect for your cult, and really tells a story, a cult symbol would be only thing I could think of adding, but I don't know where it would look right, so I say it's perfect as is mate.

    1. Thankyou Dave!
      Agree completely on the GSC symbol I also couldn’t find the right spot for one.

  2. Perfect focal piece for an altar. Looks terrific!
    Nasty hot where I live too and the whole Northwest seems to be on fire.

  3. Cheers Jon, if I ever get around to painting the actual army I will be sure to photo the full army with this statue for the blog!

    Smokey not far from here too. Ugh I hate this time of year

  4. That is brilliant mate! Looks really good!

  5. I find that disturbing.


    Nice job. Way to sculpt!

    1. You should lol

      Thanks Stew, appreciate it

  6. That'as a really clever idea, a great conversion and it looks excellent.

  7. Great conversion. I always like these sort of cult takeover of treasured icons... since that is supposed to be how the take over works... slowly until the last minute.

    Approximately how tall is the statue? Too big to fit in with the old inquisitor models? (~54mm)

    1. My thoughts exactly! Glad you liked it mate.

      Yeah, too tall. She’s a in a tub now so I can’t measure her but from toes to crown she’s at least 5-6 inches tall I’d guess

  8. Wow! That looks amazing Dai! (and a bit terrifying at the same time, it's probably the third arm 😀)

    1. Happy you like it so much Ivor! Thanks mate :)

  9. Nasty looking conversions, excellent result!
    Best Iain