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31 January 2013

The Warband (Part 1 - Another Challenge!)

A forum I frequent almost daily is There is currently a small competition amongst the regulars using the original Realm Of Chaos books to roll up random Chaos warbands and see if we all can't finish assembling, painting and basing them before the forum's next birthday in May.

I couldn't help myself and so got out my poor over-used Lost and the Damned hardback and got rolling dice!

First off I decided my warband would be unaligned. I already have lots of Nurgle to be getting on with and a new paint scheme will help keep my hobby energy fresh. We were allowed to roll three time to determine the makeup of our 'band's Champion. I was "blessed" with my usual dicing luck and got fething Human each time. (Was sincerely hoping to get Skaven as I had a cool Jess Goodwin sculpt that would have been perfect for this.)

So my Level 10 Human Hero (Warrior) ended up getting a Bestial Face of a Goat and 3 Chaos Hounds as Rewards. This was cool and at least took him away from being boring stock human. For Attribute, he got Chaos Lord. This is an over powered attribute as it pretty much advances the Champ to superhero status, boosting his stats, giving +1 magic level, Chaos armour and a daemon weapon. On top of that, he gets more free followers (I got a couple Centaurs and one (?) beastman.). Either way tho, he would kick arse in a fight for sure.

I'm planning on using the Helldorado Augustus Raimond fig as the base for him.

I next rolled for followers and got a Troll with eye stalks and flatulence problem, 3 more beastmen (Two of which got a pair of extra arms apiece.) and a trio of Chaos Goblins with bows.

In all it would make for a decent force to field in a warbands versus tourney and I really look forward to putting all of it together and paint.

So far I've rooted through my bits and found three old old old Chaos hounds and a Troll. The beastmen are coming from Ebay and for the gob's I'll convert some spare Night Goblins I have hanging about. The Centaurs will be stuck together using old plastic horse bodies and either Marauder torsos or Catachan Guard plastic ones. (The Centaurs got "Hideous Appearance" too which should prove fun to model.) so I'm excited to Just the aforementioned Champ fig to buy left. :)

The Chaos warrior was my original choice for my Champion, but I couldn't bring myself to hack his head off so he's been safely replaced inside my bits box.


  1. Loving it Dai, I'm going to have to swing by papa nurgle and see what's going on. Might try and get in on it myself, give me a cool unit to paint up

  2. Awesome that you are doing this! Some guys at my old game store from 10 years ago did something like this. We all rolled up chaos warbands and had a campaign. I think I played about 5 games, but it was a blast.

    I will have to check out the forums to keep up with this.

  3. Great choice of some classic figs there! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Mainly because I've got more Chaos to paint and being a staunch Imperialist painter I have no ideas... Looking forward to it

  4. @ Ieuan - do it mate. The more the merrier and am sure you'd only add some awesome ideas and cool units to the affair.

    @ Warsmith - It reminds me of my earliest Warhammer memories as a young teen. I just wish I could get a chance to play with them too.

    @ Col Scipio - Mate, if you need ideas, then I can send you a link to some very cool material. Very traditional.