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21 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 4 - Herald Finished!)

Along with another game of Flames of War where my dice once again betrayed me (they have now been retired. Permanently.) I have finished my Herald for my Challenge's January commitment. He has no name as yet, though I'll think of something soon - "soandso the Counter" is sitting well thus far.

Last three pics are of his face details, backpack and shell, and my rubbish attempt at verdigris.

 photo SAM_0246_zps07230d09.jpg  photo SAM_0247_zps2cb12570.jpg  photo SAM_0248_zps4a7a31f8.jpg  photo SAM_0249_zps97ae6165.jpg  photo SAM_0250_zps3293d4ab.jpg  photo SAM_0251_zpsb7c4df40.jpg  photo SAM_0252_zpsc5ab94e8.jpg  photo SAM_0253_zpsbd8972ce.jpg
 photo SAM_0254_zpsf199711d.jpg  photo SAM_0255_zpsee9b6013.jpg  photo SAM_0257_zps3e4ea642.jpg  photo SAM_0258_zps41479d40.jpg


  1. Nicely done, man! I love how the eyes turned out, it makes him look a little cheerful - which works for the followers of Nurgle. Their limbs may be falling off, but they're all usually pretty good spirited about the whole affair!

    The texture of the shell and tail are really cool - superb work all around!

  2. You've rocked the verdigris, man. Well done!

  3. @ Mord 7th - Yeah, I wanted him to have that old school happy vibe somewhat reminiscint of the old Nurgle daemons of RT era. Thanks alot!

    @ Col. Ackland - Appreciate your kind word sir!

    @ Tony - Cool, I was worried it looked rather clumsy and rubbish. Thanks mate.

  4. Nice work! I will second the verdigris, looks the part.

    He is very RT era, which I love. Ah, those were the good old days.

  5. @ Levitas - Glad it comes across okay. Thought my lazy effort wouldn't be convincing enough, but I guess I was wrong.

    Yeah - far more "fun" to 40K back in RT. Something that's sadly missing I feel these days.