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20 November 2023

It's All Greek to Me! (Part 3 - Bren Carriers done!)


As described in my previous post, I was indeed fortunate enough to get time to myself free from family responsibility this weekend and so I managed to get on with some more hobby.


The result? A pair of Bren Carriers for my Greek force painted up and ready for a little weathering, that will be done once all the vehicles in the force are done.


With their big/little brother, the FT-17. 

Prior to the Italian invasion of Greece in 1940, the Greek government seeing the crumbling political situation in the Balkans with Italy on their doorstep after taking over Albania petitioned many countries for arms and armour to prepare for a possible invasion. The UK promised to send over a large amount of tanks and munitions, but only came through (For many reasons, lack of time being one of the main ones along with having to supply their conflict in North Africa.) with a limited supply of extremely light pieces, including the excellent Bren Carrier. (I intend to add a Vickers mkVI light tank to this collection at a later date.)


That’s a brief history on these things. I found these 3D-printed models for a very reasonable price on Etsy. They came crew-less and “Bren-gun-less” though so I cut up some spare Soviet infantry as driver and gunner (Soviet helmets are close enough in style to Greek ones imo) and added the pintle mounted Bren-guns using a paperclip and metal casted gun by The Assault Group. (Looking at the models now, I realise I could have added a little stowage too – maybe something I’ll attempt at a later date.)


Like the FT-17, I went with a straight forward “green” scheme as that is likely the one they received them in upon delivery. I found this reference image online (The ONLY one I found) for markings, etc – simple stuff. Used the designation number in the pic on one and then a made up one on the second. Free hand is wobbly as usual, I think that’s more due to the expected degeneration of my eyesight (Darn you old age). LOL

You might notice that these two carrier models don't match! Thats because I didn't realise that the "great deal" I found was for a mk1 carrier and a mk2, not two mk1's as would have been delivered to Greece. No matter. They basically do the same thing. 

I'm pretty happy with how they came out and with these two done, I'm able to get on with the final vehicle in my planned Greek army - a captured Italian CV33 tankette. Although the following pic doesn't show it (As I took it prior to getting some paint on) there actually has been some paint applied, along with a wash. No idea when I'll get more time for hobby what with holidays impending though. 

Such a tiny tank, but so cool for it!

And with the Carriers done my Draxian Painting Chart gets a little more green! Encouraging stuff. 

No idea when the next update will be, or if that will be before the end of year. Regardless, I hope all reading this are well out there!

- Dai