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22 July 2014

Interlude Part 8

It's been a while eh?

I've been a bit off on blogging of late, so forgive the lapse in time since my last entry.

Life has been a bit busy keeping up with the World Cup and our trip to Panama took up quite a bit of my time. I did manage to get some hobby work done though nothing impressive.

The wee kitten in this image seemed to have made it's home amongst these concrete objects right next to the shoreline next to downtown Panama City.
The trip to Panama was amazing. Quite simply the best holiday I can ever remember going on. My wife's family were very welcoming and Panama itself was so beautiful and full of life (Being that it's Jungle almost throughout.). I've never seen colours so vibrant, nor experienced nights so full of the noises of local fauna. I would wholeheartedly recommend any to go there and see it all in person.

World Cup was... disapointing for Italy, but nice to see both Miroslav Klose beat the record for most goals scored in World Cup history and young James Rodriguez of Columbia getting the golden boot. Italy were taken down (In this humble football supporter's opinion.) by the terrible play calling by severely inept refereeing seen throughout the competition. Okay, sour milk set aside and bad sportsmanship hat removed. Once again, the wait for the next World Cup (This time in Russia) will be a long ordeal, but hopefully with a better outcome for my team!

On to hobby news:

On Saturday 26th July, the NorCal Flames of War Circuit will host a tournament at Gamescape North in San Rafael. It'll be a 1250 MidWar "Urban" effort, with small 4'x3' tables and some old city-fighting-type rules being used throughout three rounds - "Across the Volga" (Allows Artillery to be off-table support [as it should be imo.] choice.) and "Sewers" (For sneaky, tho unpredictable infiltrating fun). Playing space should hopefully be packed with houses, so I expect A LOT of infantry lists.

For my own list, I've gone with the 8th Army Infantry (Italy) out of the North Africa book. I'll post up more on what my list contained and who I played in my next post, including a report of my resounding victory [not]! So for this tournament, I only had one platoon to paint up to field a fully painted force - a requirement according to my Pride and Ego - ugly buggers at the best of times. I wanted some elite infantry in my list so bought some Mid War Commandos. These boys are flipping cool models with even cooler rules. a 2+ in assaults has seen them carve through german grenadiers in practice games and I can't wait to try them out on Saturday.

Here's a phone camera picture, I'll take better ones after the tournament:

Comin' at you!
I've also been slowly, slowly picking up all the pieces for my planned German "Kampfgruppe Arnheim" list so I'll have that "bad guys" force to play against my son in teaching games. Pak40's, Jagdpanzers, "SS" this and that - just to have really bad, guys. Not sure when I'll get around to painting them though. :P

Lastly, My Kickstarter stuff from the Relic Knights Kickstarter finally arrived and I've been gluing together all my scantily-clad anime racer girls from the Cersi Speed Circuit faction. I've only fumbled through one game so far with my mate who also went in on the Kickstarter and thus far I like what I have played. The game is a refreshing change from regular rules sets and I really like the setting too. I'll be reporting more on this on a separate blog altogether along with links to a podcast I'll be co-hosting with a forum mate dedicated to the game Relic Knights itself. Links will be forthcoming as and when I have them ready.


10 June 2014

Hiatus and the World Cup

Though not extended by any means. (I know my posts have gotten further and further apart in frequency.)

We are soon to take a family trip to Panama to commemorate mine and my wife's 10th year anniversary.

I'll try to remember to take and post pictures, but I'll make no promises.

Stay safe, stay well and let's all celebrate as Italy lift the World Cup trophy for a 5th time! ^_^

The lat time Italy won, 2006. I hung out of my car (As my wife drove) in the streets of Sacramento with my Italy flag on a broomstick, honking the horn. I was the only one, because I live in the USA. :)


"Why does Dai, "the Brit" support the Italian football team????"

Because I was originally born in Monza, Italy many moons ago. I've always supported Italy in international football competitions and Wales (Where I mostly grew up and went to school, etc) in rugby matches. I could go on to mention my Greek heritage via my Grandmother who is from Athens and my American from my other Grandmother, but that's a story for... ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I'm basically a Heinz57 mutt, through and through. Hence why I'm so pretty and have an amazing immune system.)

05 June 2014

White Speaker (Part 2 - Done!)

This girl is done.

Not to many changes from the last update - sorted some shading, painted and glued on the cloak and a few other highlights here and there. I'm pretty happy with the result.

Tried shooting her with a black background for a change. I like it better than the white, only thing is that it feels like her lighter colours are drawing in all the light and so lots brighter than they actually are. I think a grey background would work better for next time. I need to see if I can't find an old grey t-shirt to cut up for the job.

And here's some pictures of the Grave Wardens again, this time taken in better lighting and so forth as promised. As you can see, they have basic tabletop paint jobs, but that'll be fine for roleplay purposes.

Lastly, this chap is going to be the Necromancer-wizard-type who'll be the cause of the Grave Warden's summoning!

02 June 2014

White Speaker (Part 1 - WIP)

I'm a big fan of the Kingdom Death line. I love their visions of horror and am eagerly anticipating the release of their boardgame "Monster". They are also known for their pinup figures line(Good or bad - an argument for another blog) and was kindly gifted one of them by my very good friend Dave after he managed to pick a couple up at GenCon last Summer. That mini has sat on my shelf for almost a year.... I've been completely intimidated by the fragile tiny details and that their is SO MUCH bare skin to paint. I was (Still am truth be told) also intimidated by the thought of attempting to paint a beautiful female face on so small a scale. So yeah, lovely resin mini, not given any love.

Well, with the release of Kingdom Death's "Satan" minis, Dave took it upon himself to grab a set and declared I would paint them up for him (The cheeky get!)! Again, they are wonderful provocative sculpts with exquisite detail and I couldn't say no. Then I remembered why I hadn't painted up my OWN Kingdom Death mini and forced myself to just get stuck in and see what happens. This is where I'm at so far. The close up pictures really don't make her look as good as she does in real life. (And I know there are a few mold lines I'd forgotten to remove, but damn, the resin she's made from is so fragile!!! Two of her fingers and thumb on the outstretched had were already broken before I took her out from her packaging - clumsy gs replacements hastily stuck on.)

The sculpt comes with a choice of this head or one with a cloth over it's eyes. I figured as I wanted to practice this mini, the opportunity to work on her face would be the better option. She also sports a spear/staff, but it just wouldn't straighten in hot water so I left it out altogether. There's still a fur-cloak to add too.

Would love to hear some feedback chaps!

For whatever reason, this picture got a blue tint that I just couldn't get rid of when I downsized it!!??

This one has not been messed with in the editing program.

28 May 2014

We go bump in the night

Out of the blue, I got the urge to paint (Been a bit of painting burnout of late.). So I did these lovely sculpts, again, quick and dirty tabletop jobs. The models are by Red Box Games who are fast becoming one of my favourite minis producers; just beautiful, natural looking sculpts in general. These are from their Infernals line, though I think the sculpts are now retired. I’m planning to use them for an rpg campaign that I’ve been putting together in my head.  In game terms, they’ll be probably be my own version of Pathfinder’s Grave Wardens, though with a couple extra class levels added to their stats, a special fear inducing banshee-type scream and custom weapon and armour. I intend for them to be summoned by a Necromancer who’s model is ready for his own licks of paint.

Yeah, I really need to take better pictures.... ~_~

So I could differentiate them easily, I chose to paint each one’s skirts a different colour. Their weapons continually drip with blood-coloured acids and boy are these weapons nasty stats-wise. (No negative levels on damage though – I despise level negating effects that D&D/Pathfinder seem to delight in torturing poor adventurers with.) Almost all painting was done with washes – very simple, very quick. Bashing these 6 figs out in two paint sessions was pretty impressive for this ol’ slow-poke painter, if I do say so my self. Pic is a bit rubbish though as it was done right before I left for work this morning so I’ll have to take and post better ones when I have time.

I’ve also been working further on my Tears of Hades, Oracle-Crone and Hecate’s basing and her Lampad torch bearers. The background for these models is still in the works, though as I continue to work on the models, I find I am becoming more confident that this idea might work out to be rather cool to people other than just me afterall! Maybe.

These little guys are Lampads.
Lampads light Hecate's path through the Underworld. And yes, these pics are horrendous, but they are all I have man...

I also was lucky enough to get in a couple games of Flames of War:

  1. Three small all-armour battles with my good friend Densmol whereby we quickly realized that Brit armour versus German armour is just plain shite and yes, I lost all three painfully.
  2. A game with a new player in my area called Joe who has joined the Norcal Flames of War tournament circuit. Joe wanted a practice Mid War game prior to last weekend’s Kublacon tournament in Burlingame in the Bay Area. His Panzer Grenadiers faced off against my British Guard infantry. Sadly his dice failed him at the most inopportune moments and so he lost heavily. It was good to find another player in the local area though and he apparently has two other mates he plays with, so I hope to get some more regular play in for the near future!

Lastly, I put together the remainder of my PlasticSoldierCompany Churchill tanks. These models were a breeze to stick together and look amazing. Their detail blows Battlefront’s own Churchills out of the park and at a fraction of the price. Here’s some pics and comparisons with the Battlefront equivalents. (5 come in a box and I modeled 3 up for my Desert Brit force and the other two as AVRE tanks for an eventual Breaching Group that I hope to run.)

These are going to be Churchill tanks from the 2nd Battle of El Alamein from Kingforce. I've started making their dust skirts that they utilised to stop the sand, etc from blasting the drivers in their faces.

I've since added lots more stowage to these.

The two AVRE's. Love these tanks and their "Dustbin Launcher" guns.

Forgot to mention I also got two Churchill Crocodiles. Nasty nasty flame throwing fun.

On the left is also the start of a Churchill IV 75mm. Not sure when I'll get to play this bugger.... On the Right is the second unbuilt Croc.

On to the Comparison pics

No real size differences.

Detail is definitely sharper on the plastic tank.

Post Script - Ever since realising that there's something in Gluten products that has been messing my stomach up, beer has sadly been off the menu. *sniffs* So I have been searching far and wide for a Cider to take it's place. This one was super good. Not sweet and not dry and made with flowers of all things.... strange.