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17 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 (Week 3 FAIL)

Rubbish migraines and neck pain ruined all my plans to get any painting done last week, so I'll have to try to make it up at a later date. So no new zombies or even painting in general to show. Apologies.

I did get to play a couple of game of Saga with my friend Stewart in honour of the 950th anniversary of The Battle of Hastings, which illustrated just how much Saxon face can be smashed in by Norman cavalry... Yes, I, the Saxon player lost both games. O well, keeping it historical, right? :)

My battle plans were great, it was the dice gov', honest.
This Thursday will be my 40th birthday and so I'll try to get something done for my next post amongst all the planned celebrations.

11 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 (Week 2 - WIP WeekWIP) And an Anniversary or two.

But what work that was done was poignant and so some photos of my WIP Soviets and of course, Zombies:

WIP WW2 German zombies for Konflikt 47. Very early stage on these. They were constructed out of the Warlord Games German Grenadiers plastic set and with some very simple hand switching, etc they seem to be just what I needed. Only 3 so far, but hoping to have another 12 (At least) for when I finally get around to playing a game of K'47.

I actually painted 7 more Soviets, but the sergeant was done late last night on impulse after this picture was taken. These will all be members of a "free" 12-man Inexperienced infantry that we Soviet players get in Bolt Action. With one already painted yonks ago, I've only 4 more to get through and then it's on to the bases. Not bad for me speed-wise.

And that's it. Or is it?

Not quite. The 1st of the month passed by and I didn't even realise that  the 5th anniversay or birthday of this blog starting was quite forgotten. So there you  go - as ever, thanks to all those who take the time to stop by, read my drivel, view the pictures of my work and pause long enough to leave a comment on my hobbying. It all keeps me motivated to get shit done!

Anniversary the 2nd - today marks the 15th anniversary of my emigrating to the United States. Holy poop-shoots that's gone by far more swiftly than I'd realised. On the cusp of turning 40 it suddenly struck me I've lived outside of Britain almost as long as I'd grown up within. Interesting.

03 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 (Week 1)

October is here and that means Zomtober in the hobby blogosphere. The rules are simple, paint at least one Zombie theme'd mini per week for the month of October and post it on your blog, Sundays being the submission date. Hard for me to do cos my home PC is a bag of shite and I hate the blogger app, so have to wait to post until Monday morning (Like now), but I'm sure that works too.

My plan this Zomtober was to work opn some WW2 German zombies that I'd kit-bashed out of the Warlord Games plastic German Grenadiers boxed set, but I couldn't get them based and primed in time for week #1. Instead I present this hastily painted Kickstarter exclusive Sedition Wars sci-fi zombie fig of not-Ripley & Newt from the Aliens film. As you can see, they've kind of merge-melted together and grown a tummy-mouth. Only thing really that is left to do is add Tamiya Clear Red for some blood effects, but my pot was unexpectedly dried up due to my son leaving it open! >_<

The WW2 German zombies are now primed and ready to paint up, so expect this very weekend a post showing how poorly I can paint up German uniforms! :)

29 September 2016

Comrade! (Part 13)

Here's the spotter mini I painted up for my Soviets, primarily for my Medium Mortar team but also can alternately be used should I include Off-Table artillery in my army list.

As with my previously previewed sniper team, I've tried to illustrate the length of time he's been sat in one spot observing and calculating coordinates to his Mortar team by adding some snow fall here and there. He also has an entrenchment tool that I imagined he used briefly to help create the tiny snow mound that he's hidden behind.

He is infact holding a pair of binoculars in his right hand, but it's hard to see them as the "Snow mound" flumped a little during drying stage. 

Spent far too long on this one's eyes under that helmet and eventually said "fuck it" - not like anyone's going to be able to see his face on the tabletop anyhow!

That SMG may not fire when he needs it most, good chance the workings will be all frozen left there in the snow!

I'm going to assume he is definitely NOT warm laying down in that snow. 

Last night I worked a little more on the Inexperienced rifle squad - trying to paint these a little less "rag-tag" in their uniform colours as I imagine them to be fresh from the quartermaster and outfitted with new togs.

Hrm.... Think there's one man missing here?

And lastly added a bit more green to these two on spots I'd missed previously. Bit silly really seeing as I'm just going to add whitewash over the top, oh well. :)

27 September 2016

Comrade! (Part 12 - Tank Riders Squad)

As promised:

Here’s the Tank Riders squad from my Bolt Action Soviets, as mentioned in my last post the squad has been bumped up to 10-men to include a Light Machine-Gun and required loader person, all the other squad members are veterans with SMG's (Small Machine Guns). 

Here they are in all of their warm and woolen finery. Pretty happy with how they turned out.

Rumbling up on the back of a tank, these guys will hopefully jump into the grill of their enemy to provide a great assaulting option ingame.

Army list entry from Easyarmy Bolt Action army builder.

Them on the right and the Squad Lance Sergeant bare-headed leading the way.

Better look at the back row. 

Them on the left. 2nd from left is actually the metal sculpt from the Flamethrower team previously previewed.

Intended to get started painting on the 3rd and final infantry squad of my army last night, got out the green to start on the helmets, which of course was unbeknownst to me clogged and consequently spooged all over the place. So as not to waste the precious paint I proceeded to paint the helmets as planned, then base coat the Gaz-67 (Russian Jeep), Maxim Machine Gun, ZIS-6 truck and ZIS-3 Anti-tank gun. Amazing how far some spilled paint will go! 

Forgot to bring out my freshly painted Mortar team spotter when taking the pics above, so will give him his own post in a couple days.