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09 January 2017

A big lad

The need to paint something wholly different from WW2 continued in my head, so I plucked an old fig from a neglected project and got to work. It's a metal Reaper Miniatures "Plague Harbinger", a really nice sculpt from 2004 by Werner Klocke that I'd bought originally upon release and had left on the shelf of unloved minis with the intention to paint up as the last member of my Inquisimunda/INQ28 Nurgle Coven! (I need to have a serious word with the "Hoarder" in me.)

Hadn't realised, but I had not worked on this project since 2012, the previous entry being a bits-mash-up deamonhost! O_o This feller is representing a "Big Mutie" in the rules, as well as being unnaturally large, he also has a "Claw" (Originally represented by an old metal Great Unclean One hand, but since replaced with a more manageable and better looking plastic hand from the GW giant kit.) and some sort of rotten flesh-type "toughness" mutation. Overall in-game he'll be awful when shooting with his ancient pistol, but nasty in hand-to-hand combat.

Dark pits for eyes made him seem more creepy in my mind. Check out the dirt under those fingernails - ew...

This brute claims to have taken those Templar pauldron shields from Space Marines he had slain in one-on-one combat. Whilst the rest of the team doesn't believe this story, they aren't about to risk a good  kicking saying so. 

Bone-handled knife is a cool bit that adds I think to the scummy wastelander feel of this mini.

Rust on most all of the exposed metal areas. (Looks good enough for me.)
Between his feet are a pile of bloodied bones - a previous meal/victim/captive/pet?

No idea on a name for this mutant as yet, though I’ll happily take suggestions.

With him finished, that sees my Chaos Coven complete. Still lots to do on other teams though for the future and after really enjoying painting this mini, I’m rather hankering to finish up some of the members of the (also) neglected Inquisitorial investigation squads. We’ll see what takes my fancy.

(I’ll get a group pic up in a future post when it’s not so rainy and nasty outside.)

03 January 2017

A hobby review of 2016

And there it went in all it's rubbishness. Good riddance 2016, you shall not be missed in the slightest.

The final moments of last year were spent coughing and spluttering and feeling like Nurgle's chosen vessel for all things snot-filled - o well. I hope that everyone else saw the new year in far more enjoyable circumstances!

One thing for 2016 that I can say is that I was far more productive on the painting table than ever before! As well as 47 posts for the year, I managed to get two full armies painted (My 15mm Confederates and 28mm WW2 Soviets) and a fair few sundry pieces to bring my yearly totals to:

146x 15mm minis
72x 28mm minis
2x large scale minis (A dragon and a Hill Giant - see below)
6x Vehicles and Artillery guns
3x Terrain pieces

Not bad at all in my books and a far improvement over last year's tally. I've enjoyed the projects I've worked on and have very much appreciated all the comments and words of support that have been left throughout the year.

My final painting effort of the year keys in with my final game of the year, which was with Sean of the blog Sean's Wargames Corner. He was in the area for the holidays and we were able to throw dice, drink tasty wine and do our best to run through a game of Dragon Rampant. The swift battle report can be found HERE.

In the above Batrep a Hill Giant features, but was not fully painted just yet. I managed to finish him up prior to the end of the year:

This is a Reaper Bones Hill Giant. Not the best paintjob, but it'll do for gaming and rpg's.

In his batrep, Sean had given all the characters in our game names. This giant is Skeggi - I like this name, so it stays.
This Xmas I was lucky enough to be gifted a few hobby-centric things, a couple small Charliefoxtrot Models Eastern Front buildings to add to my collection, some Wargamesfoundry early war British Commandos (WW2) and a nifty book from my son on late 80's/early 90's jet fighters. Knowing that Xmas was going to be a bit lean, I indulged myself and spent out in early November on the pre-order for the recently regular release of Warlord Games "Project Z: Lock and Load" set. I know, more new projects and in an entirely new setting, but it came with 40-odd zombies, some SpecOps soldiers, a pack of dogs and a lovely mdf compound terrain set with a tonne of scatter terrain pieces too. At the pre-order price, I couldn't pass it up really.

This brings me to my initial hobby goals for 2017.

#1. Paint up those British Commandos - for a 500 point Bolt Action army, there's only 25 or so figs to paint and no vehicles. Really shouldn't be a problem.

#2. Project Z - with so many zombies and special forces figs and terrain to boot, there'll be plenty here to get on with. The sculpts  are all very crisp and relatively easy to put together. The game though seems a bit simple for my tastes, but we'll see how I feel after a few playthroughs.

#3. I've mentioned them before, the opponents for my recently completed Winter Soviets, a 1000 point Bolt Action Winter Germans force. All sorts in it and I'll post more on this project at a later date.

#4. Get my Winter theme'd gaming table sorted. Lots of snow drifts to be cut out of polystyrene insulation, tree's to base and add snow to and buildings to paint and also add snow. It won't be an amazing effort as I can't spend out on this, but it'll look good enough for some snowy WW2 battles!

#5. I read that Flames of War 4th Edition is being released in a couple months. Guess I should really finish those left over projects so I'll have fully painted armies to play with when me and Densmol test out those new rules.

#6. That game of Dragon Rampant made me realise that I need to paint up loads more of my fantasy minis so I can play some more of this fun game with some more fantastical options.

To close out, here are some photos of where I'm at with both terrain and minis right now (Not pictured {cos I'm a tit and forgot to photo them} are 42 Project Z zombies and a dozen Spec Ops troopers awaiting paint:

This is a mix of Black Tree Design and Wargames Foundry earlier war Brit Commandos. The two producers sculpts mix in well enough and should be a fun little project. They've since been primered and are ready for paint!

In this pic to the rear I've got the left-over Soviet pieces, a squad of Scouts, a 2nd Lieutenant, Medic, Commissar and a pair of Anti-Rifle teams. In the foreground are a trio of Project Z dogs (Mastiffs or Rottweilers I think) a Zombie brute and some sort of scientist character mini who looks suspiciously like Doc Brown from Back to the Future. These are also primered  and are ready for paint.
Terrain pieces are all put together and also ready for paint and weathering.

Project Z compound buildings. All by Sarissa Precision terrain and very easy builds that look smashing once done. Not pictured are seven other wall pieces, large enough to completely surround the building with room to spare.

A small Hunter's cabin type thing for my Eastern Front project by Charlie Foxtrot Models. There's also a second similarly sized building that didn't get pictured. Both are also ready for paint and snow effects! The mini shown for scale purposes is some sort of ancients freebie sent in the Wargames Foundry parcel. A Persian maybe?

Gaming wise, I already have a game of Bolt Action with my Soviets scheduled for a couple weeks against a fellow member of the Bolt Action gaming group here in Sac, which is a good start. There's been mention of a tournament as well next month at a local LGS that I may well attend. Stuff to look forward to!

Thanks again to all who stop by to read and leave comments here. Your kind words, encouragement and your own wonderful blogs help keep me motivated to continue to whittle away at my unpainted mountain of plastic and metal. :) Let's hope 2017 is a good one, eh?!

21 December 2016

Comrade! - (Army pics)

1000 point Bolt Action force of Late War Soviets.

1. GAZ-67 Jeep transport for the Mortar team
2. Medium Mortar team and spotter
3. T-34/85 tank
4. ZIS-6 Truck transport for the Guards squad
5. Sniper team
6. BA-64 Armoured Car
7. ZIS-3 Divisional Gun team
8. Maxim Medium Machine Gun team
9. Veteran Tank Riders squad
10. Guards Infantry squad
11. (Free, points-wise) Inexperienced Infantry squad
12. 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant

The whole lot

Stuff on the right

Front rank out of focus

Now in focus

Better look at those cold-whipped faces

Motor Pool

What's next? (I hear you ask.)

Well for these Communist boys, I have a squad of Scouts in overalls, a Light Mortar team, Commissar, 2nd Officer, Medic and a couple of Anti-Tank rifle teams to paint up for some more options. I also plan to pick up another squad of regular infantry plus a 2nd truck and an earlier war tank to expand my playing options.

I've mentioned before I also have a German force to face the above Soviets, also a Winter (Of course) themed force in greatcoats and scarves, etc. I have almost all the pieces for this 1000 point army with just a ½-track and Panzerschreck team left to pick up. 2017 will be a little more bad-guy-ish I guess.

Due to being so ill, not much painting has been undertaken since my last post, though I did manage to work a little on a Reaper Bones Hill Giant I’d picked up ages ago. I wanted to work on something NOT-World War 2 for a bit! Am hoping to have the big bugger  finished and posted here before the Year’s end.

Tonight will also see the 1st outing of my above Soviets on the game table – a game of Bolt Action versus my regular opponent Densmol’s Germans (Reportedly bringing an evil SS list.). I’ll try to get some pics and post up an AAR on the affair for you to read.

Should I get no further posts out prior to the weekend, then I hope you all have a very happy Xmas with your loved ones, safe and warm and full of as many hobby/gaming-themed gifts as is possible!

09 December 2016

Comrade! (Part 18 - Done)

The final piece of my 1000 point Bolt Action Soviet army is painted and weathered.

This is a T34/85, a tank with a gun that was developed specifically to be able to pop later mark German Panzer iv tanks. It could also pierce the thick armour on Tigers and Panthers on occasion . It became the main battle tank of the Soviet Union until the end of the war.

As with the rest of my Soviet collection, I slapped a whitewash on the tank. The red stars are sloppy free-hand, as is the basic Cyrillic on the turret. It’s been pointed out to me that the snow effects are a little unrealistic as most of it would fall off as it trundles across the battlefield, but too late now. It’s on and it’ll have to do.

*And yes, a post with full army pics is forthcoming, it’s just soggy as heck outside right now, so I’ll have to wait until the wet weather moves on.

07 December 2016

Comrade! (Part 17)

This is a Warlord Games Soviet ZIS-3 Divisional Gun. Crap pictures though - apologies, it seems it's too dark in the mornings (My typical opportunity for doing so) for photo-time.

In-game it can fire as both an Anti-tank gun AND a light howitzer. (Most guns of this size typically are classed as either-or.) This all metal kit was crisply sculpted and only had one glaring issue - game rules have it as being crewed by four men, yet the gun is sold with only three!? (Not very good planning on Warlord's part.) Lucky I had a spare infantry-man from my plastic Winter troops set to fill in!

The painting was easy - both gun and crew were a breeze to get done and fit in well enough (The metal crew are all Summer uniform, not Winter like the rest of my army but o well.) with the rest of my army. I based the whole thing on a CD, used my usual basing medium, made sure to leave indents for the crew bases so I can remove them as casualties are taken and added snow effects and some foliage. The logs are some very nice finds by my son whilst out with his Mum walking the dog. These too were painted and look okay as a makeshift log-barrier thing.

Fellow with the shell at the back is the plastic addition to thew crew. Some hand manipulation and a crappy looking artillery shell made from a toothpick and he'll do. 
Tried to add red & white stripes the to the ranging poles. Pretty shoddy effort though. 

Unlike most of the rest of my force, this base is not entirely covered in snow, to account for the crew running back and forth with ammo, etc.

Was very tempted to add some sort of white-wash camo to the gun too, but felt it would just melt in with the base-colours so stuck with basic Soviet green.
I promise better pictures will be forthcoming once I have an opportunity to get out when the lighting is better. But rain and storms are on their way to Northern California so that might be a while yet.

Finishing up this gun means I only have my tank to go and then be able to call this army the mythical "Fully Painted". Which rocks muchly. The tank is currently about 75% completed and I hope to have it done and posted here by next week, in time for my Mum's visit from Blighty when painting time will be near non-existent.

Hope everyone's staying warm out there!