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I paint small metal and plastic figures and rarely get to play with them. But that is fine with me.

09 November 2018

A break in service

This is not my cat, but my cat would be doing similarly if she wasn't so damned lazy.

As it would so happen, I find myself moving out of my current abode and into a tiny 1-bed apartment this weekend. So no hobby progress to report as all my stuff is packed away. (Well, most of it.)

Not sure how much space I'll have to work in my new place, but it'll get sorted eventually. One thing I've realised though is that I REALLY need to sell some minis, both painted and unpainted - that shit has gotten out of hand and I won't have the space to store so much.

Forgive me if I am silent commenting on your blogs, I'll try to catch up once things are settled my end.


(a rather trepidatious) Dai

31 October 2018

Commissions (Densmol - Part 1)

My good mate Densmol gave me these to paint 4-5 months ago and I've really been procrastinating on getting them off my painting desk up until this week. but I decided I needed to remedy that so have gotten half way through already.

These are 28mm WW2 German Kriegsmarine. Naval servicemen put into use as ground troops once Hitler's half-arsed navy was no longer viable. In war, they tended to be rather untrained, but extremely stubborn to budge in the field and fought bravely against a superior opponent.

The minis are by Warlord Games and are a very characterful lot with a good mix of uniforms and water-proof jackets and trousers, helmets and caps. So far, it's been fun painting such a motley crew!

The squad Leader with the pipe and beard was already shown in a past post I believe and once the full squad of 10 are done, I'll do a post with better pictures, but these are the first 5.

28 October 2018

Zomtober 2018! (Week 4 - the finale!)

I made the deadline! Well, PST... 

Last week of Zomtober and all involved have put out some stirling work. 

Seeing as my week 3 post was only done yesterday or something, I've had precious little time to get my week4 hobby progress finished up for posting. Well, it's done now.

This is Harper. He was a finances bloke who spent too much time on his phone telling his brokers to "Buy buy buy!" or "Sell you idiot!" and whilst on a particularly heated call whilst walking to his favourite overpriced coffee vendor, he inadvertently stormed right into the largest zombie herd in town. So he lost his face. And his stomach lining. How he kept his eyes... is anyone's guess. 

Thanks to all for the encouragement throughout this month!

Next up, some long  unloved commissions that I'm sick to death of being around.

27 October 2018

Zomtober 2018! (A rather late Week 3)

Between my birthday last weekend and a real social life (for once) painting and blogging opportunities were few and far between. So, 6 days late here is my Zomtober week 3 offering!

I call them Marcia and Mercedes.  Both are by Wargames Factory for Project Z.

One day and a bit to get my final week 4 offering painted up and posted! (Which might just happen seeing as its taking a flippin age to download the bloody great data lump for Red Dead Redemption 2 on my ps4.... *grumble*)

14 October 2018

Zomtober 2018! (Week 2)

Week 2 is almost passed and i am actually on schedule for once.

This is a big zombie bloke from Project: Z by Warlord Games. He's the 2nd one I've painted up and is rather cool wielding that stop sign (british btw version, no idea how he got it mind).

Once again, bit fast and dirty paintjob but he'll do.