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02 January 2018

A Hobby Review of 2017

Good bye 2017, you really pushed me to my limits. 

This year has been one of mostly lows in my personal life. That in turn has affected how much hobbying and gaming I had gotten done and has impacted my end of year hobby motivation as well. Currently, my mother-in-law has lost her 4th battle with Cancer and has been in home hospice care for the past month. Thankfully she has managed to hold on past my son’s 13th birthday, Xmas and on into the New Year. But still, the sadness in my house is sucking the energy from me to do anything productive.

Regardless, this year has seen some hobby work done. I had big plans in Autumn to get my WW2 German army started on, but that’s stalled (For now). I also got some of my random Fantasy Collection and Sci-fi/WH40K minis painted. I didn’t buy as many minis this year (On purpose), though there were enough additions to the unpainted mountain to make any painting gains seem paltry in the grand scheme of things! ^_^ 

I haven't been all that active here in the last quarter and I hope you'll forgive my not commenting all that often on your blogs. That will change, I'm sure as we get further into this new year. Over the year I managed to put up 40 blog posts, which is a record for this humble blog for sure. 

I tallied the fully-painted progress for the year as follows:

15mm Infantry:                 40 (These were my WW2 Brits that I use for Chain of Command, a full platoon plus support elements.)

15mm Vehicles:                1 (Think this was a jeep or Universal Carrier or something. Not impressive considering how much still needs tackling.)

28mm Infantry:                 58 (Mostly WW2 Soviet Winter troops, though there was a fair smattering of other stuff described above)

28mm Large:                      3 (A Fantasy Griffon and Giant and a huge Rotten demon. Big buggers.)

28mm Vehicles:                5 (WW2 Soviet Winter Truck, half track, tank, WW2 Winter German tank and something else that escapes me.)

Terrain:                                13 (Mixture of stuff from Winterized buildings and craters to other fun scatter stuff to add interest on my tables.)

And…. That’s it. Not horrible now I look at the numbers, but certainly not great.

This New Years weekend did see a little painting though as I was determined to get those last two Soviet Winter Veterans done so that's the squad and my army can be claimed as that near mythical title: FULLY PAINTED!!! Encouraging stuff! Now there's almost no excuse to not paint their German opponents. Well, that is, IF my Canadian/Commando Dieppe project doesn't get in the way. Or my Chaos warband, or my Scifi rpg minis project, or or or..... So many projects. -__-

Not a great pic, but you get the idea

I'll take some better pictures of the whole army at a later date and do a showcase post.

Lastly, Sean from Sean's Wargame Corner blog was in town last weekend from his home in Arizona and we managed to head to my LGS to play a game of modified Shadow War Armageddon that involved Ambull husbandry and both of mine and Densmol's teams of Ambull cloaca inspectors were decimated during the game with no victor at game's end. Super fun though with lots of laughs. Keep an eye on Sean's blog for a post detailing what happened during that game with lots of nifty pics taken.

Thanks to all who pop over to read my posts and are kind enough to leave comments. Without your encouragement, I don't think I'd be as productive as I am. Here's to a happy hobby 2018 to us all!

11 December 2017

Comrade! (Part 24 - Some More Soviet Veterans and a few other things)

These guys were staring at me with accusatory glares for being unfinished so I grabbed these three and got them off the painting queue. Pic is a bit naff, but I'll take better ones once the whole squad is finished. Two more and then I'll move on to those often talked about Winter Germans. Finally.

Also got this small pile of crates scatter terrain thing done. Wanted it to be useful for more than on game, hence it didn't get the Winter treatment. Found it in the bargain case at my LGS for a very reasonable price about a year ago.

Soviets are in this pic to give you an idea of scale.
Last, I based up and prepped this lot of random stuff. They are going to get sprayed with primer this evening - a random assortment of Games Workshop stuff including both old and new sculpts, a trio of barrels to at to my scatter terrain collection, a WW2 Winter German MG team, a herd of Dark Ages sheep, some books (On pins) for those bookshelves I showed off recently and a robo-thing on the far left that I took from one of my son's old action figure collection.

Cheers for looking. :)

04 December 2017

Winter Wonderland (Part 1 - Craters Redux and a Frosty Cabin)

This model is by Charlie Foxtrot models from their Eastern front range. I didn't want to go over the top on the Winter weathering as it's just gonna get messed up during games over time.

The craters also got a bit of a sprucing up and I think look far better than previous.

I still have 2 more small huts to build also by Charlie Foxtrot models , Some snowdrifts to carve out of Polystyrene and some Trees that need to be winterized & based along with a felt road that I'm going to add some snow effects to. All together, they should provide enough stuff to make for an interesting tables worth of stuff to play through.

27 November 2017

A Small Mind is Easily Filled with Faith

This is an Imperial Preacher for my long unloved Inquisimunda project. I'd previewed a WIP a while ago and hadn't touched him since until this weekend. Nice to get him off my paint desk.

He's a really cool characterful sculpt and will make a nice addition to my Inquisitor killteams for if/when I play Shadow War: Armageddon again.

Seeing this closeup, I realised I missed painting in the scars on his right cheek... Grr.

I also got my craters done (From Soviet Artillery) for my Snow Board that my WW2 Soviets and Germans will fight over. Just old CD's with tin foil glued on and spackle spread over that. Not amazing, but they'll do - though I think I'll add some more snow effect to create more of a contrast as looking at this pic, they look kind of bland right now. :/

Also started on some 3D printed rpg terrain I purchased ages ago. These shelves will have tiny books on them eventually.

Next up, who knows? :) Maybe some Winter Soviets, or another Carcharodon.

21 November 2017

Something Fishy (Part 5 - Carcharodon Primaris Reiver - Done!)

No WIP pics for this one. Managed to get him done in two extensive late-night sessions (And paying for that with extreme neck pain.).
Same recipe as the previous two. Tried to paint him up some Maori-style facial tattoo's and echo the design (Somewhat) on his chest and pauldron.
Fun fig to work on and after swearing up a storm whilst trying to paint (And re-paint) the tat', the rest of him went along smoothly.

As usual, these pics were taken pre-matt varnish, so he'll probably look lots better after it has dried. (He's currently languishing in the garage drying area)

Left to do on this project is one more Primaris and a solo Scout.