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08 May 2017

It's not Necromunda, but close enough.

Rubbish picture

Still, I was rather excited when GW unexpectedly came out with this (not) Necromunda reboot and so I preordered the rules, my first proper GW purchase in a long time. Necromunda was my fav Games Workshop game to play as a teen and with all the up-until-now unused 40K minis in my bits boxes I won’t have to buy anything new just to play. Just need suitable terrain. Add to the fact that Sean (Seans Wargames Cornerblog) and Lasgunpacker (His blog) are planning to come over on the 1st weekend of June for a game or two and I feel I have just the inspiration I need to get working on stuff for the day. It's nice to have something concrete to work toward rather than just the notion that "my unpainted pile needs to get worked on". 

For the event, I plan to run an Inquisitor's Killteam so I can use a mix of different characters. I think along with the Genestealer cultists that they have the most interesting and varied options to muck about with during team generation. More on these in a later post.

 The above thing is a crude terrain piece in preparation for the games. Looks shite right now, but painted up it'll do just fine for an industrial storage tank scenery piece. Wish I had better options than bend straws, but I'm not about to spend out on custom terrain stuff anytime soon. I also picked up a pack of Hotwheels straight track pieces for walkways between the buildings I plan to make. These will help with the required 3D look and feel to Necromunda/SW:A.

Whilst no painting has been done since my last post, I did (This very day infact.) manage to purchase off a work mate these  boys, the original metal Orlock gang that GW made for Necromunda's initial release. Stupid thing is I used to own them already but sold them off a few years ago! Wont be making that same mistake again though... 

17 April 2017

Clever Hans (Part - 1)

Still, I managed to get a little paint slapped on a few minis last night as you’ll see below.

*please forgive the photos – I have run out of Testors  Dulcote, so the minis below are still awaiting flat varnish and some nice moisture-free daylight pics! (Go away rain)*

First is my first go at painting WW2 German uniforms for my Bolt Action Winter 1944 Eastfront project. He’s not perfect by any means, but he’ll do just fine for gaming and will match up well against my already previewed Winter Soviets.

You can see it on his left arm but this bloke is marked up as the squad leader - a sergeant or Corporal or something. He'll be leading my squad of SS-Panzergrenadiers. Whilst he's in Winter whites, others in his squad will get some Oak Leaf and Pea Dot camo garments here and there. 

I painstakingly researched all the correct colours for late war Winter German uniforms. Then promptly lost all my notes...       -__- So pretty much painted all of this in whichever colours I thought looked cool and seemed at least somewhat appropriate.

Next up are another pair of zombies for my contemporary setting. Once again, these were painted very simply – prime, base, wash and a slight highlight here and there. Have to say I really like these plastic kits – lots of well sculpted detail allowing for different racial make-ups, etc. My only complaint would be that there are not enough fat zombies – how am I supposed to represent Zombified Contemporary America with only skinny undead???

Can't see it very well in these pics, but the chap on the left seems to have been eviscerated in some fashion, whilst the lady on the right is waving what looks to be a Fibia in front of her.

Zombie bums

(Along with my Undead, I've also begun painting the Sarissa Precision mdf buildings that came with the Project-Z "Lock and Load" set. Only base coating so far, but these well designed pieces should add immeasurably to my games once done. No pics at this stage as there's still a long way to go on them.)

After I finished up the zombies, I got working on yet a different project, my Bolt Action Early War Commandos. These two will be my Lieutenant and Adjutant. Just WIP pics right now, but they are coming along very nicely and this is the first time I've attempted to paint a Denison Smock. Camo in general intimidates me, especially when it's historically based, so one should at least attempt to paint the scheme as close to records as one is able. Am hoping after some simple highlights and pictures in some far less harsh lighting that it'll stand out a bit more. 

The Commando on the left is by WargamesFoundry and a really nice sculpt - except (!!) his eyes. He looks like he is suffering from a horrible case of hayfever and has gotten all puffed up!
The Officer on the right is by Black Tree Design and is actually a Paratrooper mini. I chose him as my platoon leader because #1 I liked the mini and #2 the original Commando regiment was made up of volunteers from all branches of the Army, so I figured a former Paratroop officer would "Choose" to wear his Paratroop Denison smock to show his love for his previous regiment or some shit. It made sense at the time of purchase... At least his beret is proper Commando Green. 

05 April 2017

Odds, sods and a Hetzer

Firstly, I finished up my Bolt Action German Hetzer tank hunter. Probably could have done more, but just wanted it off my paint queue and it at least doesn’t look rubbish. Bit of weathering, bit of mud and snow and it’ll do schwein, it’ll do. (Thus my WW2 German project is officially kicked-off.)

Next up are some of the farm animals I recently picked up from Warbases in the UK. Very affordable and some nice characterful sculpts to add some flavour to my tabletops. I’ll mainly be using these in my Dark Ages and fantasy games. Simple paint jobs and also got a gloss varnishing as well as a flat coat for durability.


Moo too.

These geese are having a barney. Clever chap on the right is getting the heck out of the way as he's more about love than hate.

Chap at the back right is officiating this fight - seconds out, round one!

Also got a pair of zombies I call the “Tuppences”. Whilst Mr Tuppence was off out jogging in the neighbourhood, Mrs Tuppence was dutifully playing house and baking cookies. Unfortunately for Mr Tuppence, he was set upon by zombies as he rounded the corner to Foxtrot Avenue, then proceeded to stumble home, turn and bite his wife, causing her to join him in Unlife as well. A love story for sure.

Mr Tuppence has a bit of a derp affliction whilst the good missus seems to be remembering she had baked cookies and yet somehow forgot to place the cookie tray in her outstretched hand prior to "outing and stretching".

Lastly, some crates scatter terrain pieces. Nothing special about these, but they’ll add some interest on the table during games. I also got a sand-bag emplacement finished up, but ran out of Dullcote so will have to wait until next post to show that.

Yeah, these are boring, not even know why I included them here to be honest...

30 March 2017

Betty and Lug

Alright - Alright! Last time posting on these two, I promise.

Simon wanted a team pic, so here they are together. After a swift paint session last night to fix Betty's face I'm finally happy with her eyes. Not perfect, but far more "anime" than they were previously. Also added a spot of light blue in her goggles lenses and a bit of pink to accentuate her lip more. I think they make a really cool looking team.

The California morning sun is bleaching out some of Betty's colours in this pic, but it was the best I could do.

As well as adding a brown to create an iris, I aslo added some skin colour under the eye to lessen the gothy-looking mascara mess that was there before. Paint came out a little thicker than expected, but on the tabletop she'll do just fine.
Started work on a Relic Knights "Pacer" robot thing too - though I'll post more on that when it is further along. Going again with the studio scheme as I've never been that comfortable painting "pink", so we'll see how that goes!

Also got another pair of zombies swiftly painted. They just need slight blood effects and eyes dotted in. (Only 34 to go...) I'll get them finished and photographed this weekend and maybe they'll have some mates join them too.

28 March 2017

Top Secret

Friday night saw Densmol and I make a rare trip down to our LGS to play some Bolt Action. We got there a little later than planned, so there wasn’t much in the way of “good” shop terrain pieces, but we made it work and the game was fun regardless.

The mission rolled up was “Top Secret”, where an aeroplane has crashed with a briefcase containing important intel on board and our forces were sent to retrieve the case and get it off our respective table-edge in order to win the scenario. In this case, we used a severed Buddha Statue head as our “crashed aircraft”, which caused much juvenile merriment.

The 1000 point lists that we brought were the ones we’d planned (And subsequently weren’t able to) bring to the last tournament and Densmol was dead set on bringing his newly painted Tiger tank to plague my poor Soviets with it’s “Tiger Fear” rule and nasty Super-heavy Anti-tank gun! Of course we subsequently forgot to apply the “Tiger Fear” rule until turn 4… The Tiger performed rather awfully and my T34/85 tank didn’t do much better (But at least wasn’t destroyed in the first couple of turns like in it’s last two outings!).

We didn’t take many pics of the game as it took a long time and we were repeatedly interrupted by curious passers-by asking about the rules set, etc – which we were only too happy to explain and hopefully thereby recruit some new players! So here’s a handful of random pics with a small description of what was going on at the time. I ended up winning in the 7th turn, which was a last gasp deal and much fun was had by both of us!

Shots exchanged across the table from hilltop to hilltop. I was able to put out enough suppressive fire to keep his Heer squads pinned through most of the game. In his center, right above the Buddha head is a very nasty 6-man SS  squad decked out with  assault weapons and Panzerfausts. In our last game they tore through my poor regulars, so this time I made sure to concentrate fire on them with my ZIS-3 Divisional Gun. It whittled them down to a single soldier, but he wouldn't run away.
Our most hilarious moment all evening. That big blob of troops in the middle of this picture are my Inexperienced Squad with their Commissar next to them. Their Lieutenant (To their left) had activated them with his "Snap to  Action" rule and they then rolled to see if they'd actually obey. Of course they failed their roll. In steps the Commissar with his trusty pistol to shoot one of the poor disobedient sods in the back of the head. (This is his special rule that allows them to re-roll a failed orders test.) I picked up the dice, blew on them for luck and rolled. The pic shows what the result was - double-sixes, the worst roll and considered a FUBAR! I rolled on the FUBAR Table to see just how horrible the result of this Orders test would be. Of course I roll a one, that gives control of the squad to one's enemy so that they can Friendly Fire at any unit in line of sight. One minute I had a Lieutenant and his Adjutant, the next, both were shot through by the massed fire of 11 rifle shots... 
Top right in this picture is Densmol's Tiger. It caused a lot of worry so I tried to use my own T-34 to take it out. Both tanks were equally useless though and spent the game mostly just rolling ones and twos at eachother. In the Center, my Guards Squad has shucked off it's pins from the earlier small arms duel and managed to pick up the intel from the crashed Buddha Head!
And here is the end game - The Guards Squad get picked up by it's truck transport and the truck starts to reverse back toward my lines of deployment. Densmol's Tiger rolls up and will take a shot at them, knowing that the following Turn 7 (Had the game ended on Turn 6, it would have been called a draw) would be enough time for them to escape with the intelligence case. The Tiger rumbles forward and fires it's fearsome 88 gun! A hit, the truck is destroyed and it's occupants have to make saves to survive the fiery wreck - which enough do and make the subsequent morale test, meaning that in the next turn they were able to stumble back to their own lines having earned themselves a rest and some hooch.

Sad to say that no painting was done this weekend! I did though glue together my newly purchased Warlord Games plastic M3 Stuart tank that I’ll be adding to my Soviets in Winter Whitewash. The Lend Lease Act meant that lots of older American and British tanks were sent to the USSR to help in their war effort after Hitler kicked off Operation Barbarosa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. The Stuart was used up until the end of the war by the Soviet army and it performed pretty well, though as with most of the Lend Lease kit, Soviet tankers far preferred their Soviet made tanks (T-34, etc). The addition of this light tank will free up points in my lists (My T34/85 takes up a large chunk of every list I’ve made thus far!) and provide a cool little armoured asset for future games.

24 March 2017

Blackeyed Betty

I will say this now - I really dislike trying to paint Anime style eyes. 💀💀💀

And, as you'll see below it shows. So apologies right up front for the shitty effort at painting them, I do very much intend to return to fix them at a later date when I am not nearing the urge to just feed her to an effin' blender.

Here's Betty, partner to previously shown Lug. She's a mechanic and Pit Boss to a racing team in the Relic Knights setting.That big yellow and grey gun thing she's toting is also some sort of future-tech wrench I believe. I tried to stick with the studio scheme to match Lug's paintjob and the illustration above. Painting chequers is a pain in the arse by the way when your brushpoints are all shot to bollocks.

*edit* I just realised that I forgot to paint the lenses of her goggles! 

Also picked up very affordably a Reaper Bones "Pillar of Evil", which was a stupid quick paintjob. Wanted it to look a bit like alabaster or some such. It has three sides, but all are identical. Wanted to test out Reaper's claim that their Bones plastic "needs no primer prior to painting", guess they were correct, at least on this piece. Very cool. Will make a nice rpg item of interest or something I can stick in photos of minis as background decor.

Also, after Simon posted up his lovely Dark Ages sheep at his blog from, I just had to get a set. And I got a set of geese. and a wee pack of wolves. And a pair of Highland coos and their coo calf. Blame Simon and visit his blog - he churns out a lot of cool stuff and it's a varied so there'll be something for everyone's gaming blog tastes!

13 March 2017

Lug versus the Undead

Done, in all his wasp-y finery. Lug is the 1st Relic Knights mini I’ve painted in a rather long time. I tried to stick to the colour scheme of his artwork from his stat cards and also in the rule book as I liked how it stood out and because I hadn’t painted that much yellow at one time in a long time.

The mini was produced in horrible restic plastic, but thankfully no detail was lost or was softened (As happens a lot when minis are produced in this medium in my experience) due to Lug being a larger sculpt. The mini was primed grey like 90% of my figs and then base coated in a mustard yellow (Proper paint name escapes me.) and Codex Grey and then washed with Gryphonne Sepia Wash and Nuln Oil respectively. I built up the grey’s with successive layers of Codex grey lightened with white, and the yellows likewise with the mustard colour lightened. The black areas got a little highlight with P3 Cryx somethingorrather and then Nuln Oil wash applied on top. All green areas were painted with a Vallejo bright green/German-camo colour, lightened with white and a wash of an older Citadel green. The base is pretty simple Army Painter Gunmetal washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted with the Gunmental again, with an old Citadel Bronze here and there as spot colours.

I’ve started work on Lug’s pal, Betty as well, though progress is slow. Again, I’ve tried to stick with the scheme shown in the artwork, but goodness trying to paint those chequers is a pain in the arse! Hope to have her posted up sometime this week.

I also got time to finish the first 5 of my zombies I’d planned to paint this year. Just simple efforts, base-coats with Agrax wash and some simple Tamiya Clear Red+a drop of brown ink for blood effects. They are going to die in droves and I am not about to put that much effort into minis that aren’t going to stay on the table very long! They look good enough for gaming in my eye and made a nice distraction whilst watching Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny on Netflix yesterday. :)

09 March 2017

Lug (WIP)

In my last post I mentioned I had started work on a couple of Relic Knights minis, Betty and Lug. These two are a mechanic (Betty) and her Chee (The sentient robots of the setting) bodyguard (Lug). In-game, they are a team you can choose to play from the Cersi Speed Racer faction (Mostly girl faction of very fast, but low armoured troop choices. Lots of bums and boobs though.) and can pack a punch in hand-to-hand combat.

This scheme is based off the studio scheme and rulebook artwork. I've found painting yellow isn't all that tricky and rather rewarding to be honest.

Just a couple WIP pictures of Lug thus far. I’ve still loads to get done on his grey parts, black stripes, green glowy bits and facial details. O and the base, though that’s going to be very simple metallic. I hope to get more painting done tonight and might even get him complete if I have enough time after working out.
Kind of wished I'd glued him further back on his base - the mini is a little front heavy. Might add some counter-weight to the underside of the base's rear area to compensate.

(Betty has also gotten a little paint on her, but the orange I had tried using left a horrible finish, so I may well have to strip her *ooo err missus* and start again.)

*O and to allay any fears to the contrary, I have NOT given up alcohol. The title to my last post was in response to the “World Book Day/week/month/whatever” posts I’d seen of late. “Five give up the Booze” is a book I’d recently finished reading based off of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series – some sort of parody novel.


07 March 2017

Five Give Up the Booze - a silly business

Since my return my hands have not been exactly idle at my hobby desk. Whilst nothing’s been finshed, I’ve been gluing and slapping paint about different things.

1. In April I’ll be co-demoing some Regimental Fire & Fury ACW with my mate Stewart and so have started painting up the remainder of my outstanding 15mm Confederate infantry for the day. It’ll be a large game, set to take some 5 or 6 hours (I hope my neck can stand up to that sort of punishment…) with 6 players and we two as GM’s. Stewart has a modified scenario to run through and know’s all the details, I think I’ll just be there to supply Reb’s and my pretty self. No pics yet cos who wants to see boring primed minis with blue trousers? More on these later.

2.  Last year I was lucky enough to win a raffle on Facebook that involved the Bolt Action community. The proceeds went to a lovely chap, Damon Andersen so that he could afford a pricey surgery for his young daughter in the US. The prize ended up being a lovely box from Warlord games that included their new “Band of Brothers” starter set, black set of order dice, the Tank Wars supplement and some cool looking german officer with an SMG. Thus far I’ve put together and primed the German Half-track that came with the Starter Set, but also got to start work on the Hetzer tank hunter that I’d purchased almost a year ago. Project Winter Germans is on it’s way!

Half Track is a re-purposed Pioneer 251/D as shown by the storage bins along the sides. I just liked the look with them, than without. Considering adding a canvas cover over a frame for the passenger area seeing as it'll be a Winter theme'd vehicle. The cork is sporting a German Tank commander, he's just primed ready for when I actually have a tank able to stick him in. I'm thinking a Panzer iii or an 8-Rad might be in my future?

The Panzer 38T-Hetzer tank Hunter is my fav German tank. Ugly little bastard that packed a wollop though suffered terribly from unreliable mechanics and thin armour that barely stopped machinegun fire. Add to that Late War fuel shortages and how awfully cramped these things were inside and it was not a very liked machine. But much like ugly dogs, it really appeals to me. Bit shiny in the pic as it's currently drying from a coat of gloss varnish, prior to decals being added and then weathering. The red barrel is to represent that this tank is not that far from the factory floor - they didn't have time to paint it!

3. Spurred on by this jump-start to my painting mojo, I also started looking at other things, #1 were my old 3rd Edition Blood Bowl Orcs which got scrubbed clean of that old paint job, mold lines removed and glued to new bases. Also after being tempted to jump in on the new Relic Knights Kickstarter project (And consequently reminded by self that I’d not played the original version in almost 2 years, much less painted more than 98% of the Relic Knights minis I already own…) I pulled out Betty and Lug (To be previewed at a later date) and started base colours on those. Sadly, this led me to discover that my much prized old pot of Blazing Orange had completely dried up! And so very sad, I threw that old horse (Brought all the way from the UK no less) into the bin.

That just leaves my Dark Angels Green remaining from my "old" Citadel paint collection. :(

Some more work was done on the Wintery Eastern Front buildings too, but of course, I forgot to take pics. Again, at a later date. 

Forgive me if I haven't commented on your blogs in a while. I'm trying to make my way through all of the posts backlog, but it's taking a while and those bloody things do pile up QUICK! 

In conclusion, I hope to get a new post up by the weekend so if you're so inclined, watch this space!

14 February 2017

A bit more

A squad of Tommies cautiously head down the bocage to see if there's a tea shop in the village of La Chat Noir up ahead.

Painting has slowed a bit at Casa Dai for no particular reason – I’d wanted to get a 2nd officer mini for my Soviets painted up in a gamey fashion as he is armed with an SMG as opposed to my original which only has a pistol. The idea was that my Bolt Action army would be ready to kick rear end in the tournament this last weekend. But no, my neck and head were experiencing insufferable waves of pain and I had to cancel. So poo on that.

Still here he is, ready for the next event that might pop up in the future:

To "Winter" him up a bit, I green-stuffed a nifty scarf. Not great, but it does the job I think. (His SMG is slung across his back.)

I also got to work some on some Eastern Front buildings for my Winter Table project. The basic colours are laid down and now I need to work out how to make and apply a cost effective snow effect.

These are mdf efforts by the very splendid Charlie Foxtrot Models, a British company whose creations I've yet to find fault in. They go together better than 4Ground and are far cheaper. 

There were also 40th birthday shenanigans for my friend Stewart which featured many fun board games, a smashing X-wing battle (Where the Reb's, down to their last ship somehow managed to destroy the Imperial Shuttle...) and my new found love for “Ticket to Ride” (Which is now on my phone as a handy and fun app.).

Saw Lego Batman. You should too, it was very clever and funny too. 

The only sad thing of late is that my rpg group that typically meets once a week, has been on hold over this Winter due to illness, family visits, holidays, etc. It’s the longest break that we’ve had in our illustrious 14-year span of playing and it’s a bit poo really. Hope things get back to normal in March.