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23 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 5 - Havok Squad start)

With the Herald completed, I can move on to next month's commitment. I've decided to work on my Havok Squad (They've only sat in my Chaos to do box for 3 years..... ).

Here's the squad of 7 pre-prime, they are currently drying after being sprayed black with Krylon in preparation for base coats.

Due to the drying paint, I decided to work on some more of my Brits, this time a Machine Gunner platoon. It's mostly made up of Forged in Battle miniatures (Aside from the platoon command section.) which are not as nicely detailed as the Battlefront sculpts and a little larger, but they were a gift and I'll not be a ponce and not use them just cos they are different. Once on the table they'll look fine as they shred Nazi infantry with the rest of the Tommies. ;)

(Also, my copy of Sedition Wars STILL hasn't arrived..... The FedEx tracker page says it's been in Sacramento since Friday. I'm slightly annoyed to say the least.)

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