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08 January 2013

A Challenge

Until recently, I was rather wary of hobby podcasts, considering them to probably be far too nerdy and beardy for the likes of me, full of "inside jokes" and other unfunny childishness. How wrong I was! Thanks for Mr Esty for starting me off, I now have four podcasts that I listen to whenever a new episode is released. Mr Esty suggested I try out The Independent Characters podcast that is run out of the Bay Area, a mere hour and a half or so away from where I live.

Carl and Geoff run a pretty well put together production with better than average sound values and a structured show that rarely goes off track, or if it does, they seem professional enough to get over their fits of giggles quickly. Each episode is dedicated to a certain 40K-esque subject and these chaps are pretty darn knowledgeable on their topics and, should the occasion arise where they don't have said knowledge, they have plenty of guests on hand to bring on board to help them out. If you don't listen to podcasts and have perhaps been curious, then these chaps are a good first option.

(I'll list the other three for any interested at the end of this post.)

Anyhoo, the reason I mention the podcast is because they also have a very friendly message board and are currently running a Challenge to paint up 1850 points of Warhammer 40K figs for a list or some such by November 30th, each month pledging to complete a character, unit or vehicle. For each pledge completed, you get an entry into a draw at the end of the challenge to win something cool. (I believe last year's Challenge prizes were KR Multicases or Black Library publications or some such.) Either way, I'm not really doing this for the prizes, more to see if I can't finally, f i n a l l y have myself a fully painted army. (Which I haven't had since I was an early teen with my old Squats.) I decided my much loved and maligned Nurgle Chaos force needed the love it always deserved and so made up a list with the new Chaos Marine Codex and the old daemons one, both including my models painted thus far and those I plan to do up each month. (the list is below the pics for those interested.)

So, seeing as I got into this Challenge a little late, my first month's pledge is a simple one - to paint a herald of Nurgle for my Daemon Allies contingent. The mini is by Darksword and was a lovely Xmas present from my mate Niko in Minnesota. I hacked off the original bannertop (Which was some sort of naff moon and stars design.) and replaced the left hand which formerly held a compass with handy parts from the new-ish plastic Plague Bearers kit. Since this photo was taken, I've since added sand to his base and given the mini a coating in Krylon primer.

If you got this far then my thanks for sticking with it!

Here's the three other podcasts I keep up with:

1. The Overlords - another 40K podcast, these chaps out of London are a game club with a microphone and make me laugh lots. They also have a good bunch of people who have different takes on the game to the US one I hear more regularly.

2. Deepstrike Radio - this 40K podcast is more fluff oriented, which I like lots. These chaps know their stuff VERY thoroughly and it appeals to my oldschool 40K hobbyist self. They are also more adult with their humour, so keep that in mind before you play them around yer young'ns.

3. WhatWouldPattonDo? - lastly, I also listen to a Flames of War podcast by the wwpd crew. They are a fun bunch and go off topic all the time, but if you like to play Flames of War, they can offer lots on the hobby and also talk about new books and releases

I forgot to add that I've also added to my Flames of War British contingent. A platoon of 6-pdr Anti-tank guns to hopefully help me fend off those dirty Nazi heavy tanks all the better. Painting might take a while though....

And here's the 3000point (Or there abouts) list I'm going by for my Challenge for those that are interested. I WILL still be painting other stuff, eg. my WW2 Brits, etc, but hopefully this challenge will see me more productive with my hobby than ever before. Roll on 2013!



Chaos Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Black Mace, Palanquin, Veteran of the Long War, Combi Plasma, Aura of Dark Glory

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: Wings, Power armour, Murder Sword, Aura of Dark Glory

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Flamers, Lightning Claw

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Melta Guns, Lightning Claw

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Plasma Guns, Lightning Claw

7 x Plague Marines: 2 x Plasma Guns, Lightning Claw

5 x Terminators: Mark of Nurgle, Heavy Flamer, Power Fist, Twin Lightning Claws, Veterans of the Long War, Land Raider Transport with Combi-bolter and Havoc launcher

Hell Brute: Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter, 2x Combi Bolters

3 x Nurgle Spawn

7 x Havocs: 4 x Missile Launchers with Flakk ammo

2 x Vindicators: Siege Shields



Herald of Nurgle

7 x Plague Bearers

7 x Plague Bearers

3 x Nurgling Bases


That’s the 3000 (ish), the 1850 (ish) that will be my list for this Challenge are:

The Chaos Lord (That I’ve yet to buy)
2 of the Plague Marine Units
2 Terminators from their squad (I already have 3 painted) and their Land Raider
3 Chaos Spawn (That I’ve yet to put together)
Ku’Gath (A mini that is pretty damned amazing, sculpted by a mate in Denmark)
The Herald of Nurgle (Proxied with a cool mini I got for Xmas)
The 2 Plague bearer units (One of the new plastic sculpts, the other old OOP models I've had for years.)
And the Nurglings (New plastic kit that I’ve yet to buy)

I think all this adds up to about 1860 all told with options included.


  1. Looking forward to seeing those 6pdrs. Apparently they are going to be the bees knees with the new ammo in the market garden compilation.

  2. Its always good to have some sort of stimuli to help you get on with sorting out armies and getting units finished. Good luck with your stinky, fetid, rotting project.

  3. Looking good - I agree with Zzzz I like to set myself challenges to spur me on with painting the more routine stuff.

  4. Sounds good indeed, looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Maybe I should enter this myself...

  5. @ Cameron - yeah, I've been informed I need to get on them too by my FoW group. :) 12 shots of Anti Tank 11 should put paid to filthy Panther shennanigans!

    @ Zzzzzz - Thankyou sir. I need some sort of "push" else I'll allow the apathy to take over...

    @ Col. Scipio - But you've obviously far more self discipline than I could ever muster mate. :) (Though I'll try to show you up.)

    @ Kieran - I think you should mate - might get more of those cool Druids painted a lot sooner!