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14 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 2 - Herald WIP)

Quick WIP of the Herald for January's hobby pledge.

Base colours and initial washes of Browns and blacks respectively. The model has kind of snail ooze modelled into it coming out from under it's "foot" - other Ooze-like effects in my CSM's thus far have been done in a fluorescent-type yellow-green, so I thought, the Herald being a daemon, his own yucky secretions would likewise be the same colour.

(Hard to tell in the pics, but those disembodied heads are a drab green.)

In other news, after reading a few reviews of the latest Flames of War book, "Operation Market Garden", I went and got a couple extra Sherman Fireflys off of Ebay for my Brits. With 17 pdrs now a whopping AT15, I think loading up with as many options to field such powerful guns as possible is the order of the day. Next on my list of FoW purchases will be some M10 Achilles for even more anti tank action. Can't wait to get a copy of this book to see all the new lists - it's said that it has brought the Brits as a faction back as a force to be reckoned with. One question - Archers, or no Archers? ~_^

(Also, my copy of the Sedition Wars board game should be arriving any day soon this week apparently! So Stoked!)


  1. I love that herald - snail-y goodness! Fantastic work, mate!

    I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sedition Wars as well, gonna be a good month for getting stuff in the mail!

  2. I Just wanted to stop by and say Great Miniature!
    Be sure to show off Sedition Wars when it arrives.

  3. Really nice, very original and well put together. How fast does this thing go through difficult terrain?

  4. Haha! This is ace! Great fun!!

    Couldn't tell from the photo, but are the eyes the same colour as the slime? They look to be different...

    Either way, the eyes might need dulling down a shade as they pop a bit too strongly.

  5. @ Mordian7th - Thankyou sir. Sedition Warsm, whilst highly anticipated I fear will only add to my painting queue....

    @ Col. Ackland - Appreciated Col! There will be a full review once it gets here - can't wait.

    @ Col. Scipio - His normal speed is 4". His Diff Terrain speed is 4". Very versatile - slow and steady wins the race!

    @ Tony - Nah, the eyes are just their base colour right now, which is the same as the slime, but will end up being dulled down with an orange wash to match the eyes of my Plague Marines. Promise, they'll look better in the end. :)

  6. Lookin good! I have to say its one fascinatingly creepy model. Look forward to seeing him finished.

  7. @ Levitas - creepy? Ha! Thankyou! You should see it's original incarnation per the company that sculpted him -