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17 January 2013

A Challenge (Part 3 - Herald WIP)

The Herald is rolling along slowly. Last night I spent a couple hours painstakingly hitting just about every visible (to me at least) raised bump on it's skin with a lighter colour to make them stand out more..... Needless to say, my back was done in this morning. :)

The slime has had another layer done. Am trying hard to remember my previous recipe for my neon yellow/green last painted on my Dreadnought Hellbrute, but thus far and per usual I have come up short. So, I'll just make it up as I go along. Other areas also got some highlighting, though the harsh lighting in these pics washes them out some.

Still lots to go though, so watch this space.
In other news, my Flames of War Brits just had reinforcements arrive in the form of two extra Sherman Fireflys and a couple M10 Achilles. More Panther piercing guns. 

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  1. wow i don't know where that came from or what the challenge entails but colour me intrigued. better check out the other 2 posts lol.