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06 February 2013

Interlude 6

Quick update on what’s been going on of late.

Progress on the Warband challenge is going okay – so far have sculpted the troll a new foot, which isn’t too bad considering sculpting at this scale isn’t my strong suit. I found an old 3rd Edition Warhammer skeleton that I plan to take apart and decorate his base with as a prior lunch or some such. For the chaos goblins I pulled out some spare Night Goblins and completely balked at the crapness that is their sculpts - Looney Toons-esque and terrible. Frantically I looked about for an alternative option and came upon some old Gnoblar bits I had gotten for no particular reason and decided they’d be perfect. So now they are cleaned and based and read for primer. The Centaurs - well, centaur right now as I’m still waiting for the other horse to arrive from the UK - are going to be a bit more extensive work. I’m trying to keep the costs to a minimum for this project so aiming to use as much stuff from my bits collection as I can. Their torsos will be made from left over Beastman Gor torsos from my prior Beastman Penitents Guard unit and I have plenty of right arms to use on them…. Just the left arms I’m out of so maybe a tentacle or two?

I have been invited to attend a Late War Flames of War tournament in San Rafael on the 23rd. This will be my first tournament for any game in five or six years and I am somewhat nervous. My knowledge of the rules is scant at best and I’ve not had good experiences in tournament settings up until now as the typical hyper competitive attitudes I’ve experienced up until now soured me completely on the whole tournament idea. But we will see – number one concern I really should have in all this is that I have SO MANY models to paint before the event!
It’s to be an escalation deal with three rounds of play, first at 1240 points, then a middle value for the 2nd game that I can’t remember and final round game at 1780 points. You can use different lists though they have to be made from one Company list. I am thinking I’ll go with a Brit list from the new Market Garden book, Irish Guard or Canadian. Cheesy yes (Cos they are the current “it” lists.), but my lack of experience needs a boost, especially with my horrible dice rolls! :)
So thus far I have painted my infantry Company Command and a full 3 section Infantry Platoon and also a 3 carrier Universal Carriers platoon. What’s left to be done before the 23rd are 4 Sherman V tanks, 4 Sherman Fireflys, 2 M10 Achilles with 17pdrs (I plan to borrow two for the event to have a full tank destroyer platoon.), platoon of Heavy Machinegun infantry, platoon of 3” Mortars, a Hawker Typhoon, platoon of 6pdr Anti-Tank Guns and eventually (When they arrive from Ebay.) a 4.2” Heavy Mortar platoon. I also have two extra Shermans I can run as my IC’s if I want to run a tank company, but I’m not sure if I wan to play that or an Infantry company.

So not much to get on with, eh? So far, I have 2 Shermans and 2 Fireflys near to complete and have started on the MG platoon uniforms and 6pdr guns. I’ve no decals so I think I’ll attempt freehanding some rough unit markings on them. (Wish me luck!) 

Needless to say, progress on anything Chaos Marines related has been paused until after the tourney.

Here’s a rubbish phone-cam pic of the WIP tanks. 

Lastly, I got an email from Dreamforge Games that my Eisenkern troopers from their most recent successful Kickstarter campaign have been put in the post! Needless to say, I am rather excited!


  1. Nice work! You've been very productive, much more than me. Good luck with the freehand painting, I found it tough on my WW2 tanks but very rewarding

  2. Appreciate the comment. Trying to keep this productivity at full speed - it's hard to fight the burnout.