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12 February 2013

The Warband (Part 3 - Chaos Goblins)

Best to not stem an urge to create right? :) The Chaos Goblins for my warband are put together and ready for priming. Like I've mentioned previously, I really like the Gnoblar sculpts - very reminiscent of Paul Bonner type images of Gobs in my mind. (My all time fav GW artist.) Two have had things added or changed, the third I left alone as I really felt it has plenty of fun character by itself that didn't need to be altered.

This one had a sack over his shoulder that I shaved down and stuck the bow and quiver piece over and a lizardman turtle-shell shoulderpad to help cover my mangling. I think he looks fun as heck.

Think this one should be called "Flenser" with all those nasty looking hooked knifes on his belt. (I have no idea right now what to call the other two.)

The aforementioned untouched sculpt. Love the pie on his back with fingers poking out!

And the obligotary family shot.


  1. These are really fun. I love the additions that each of them have. And you're right the third on dose have plenty of fun character!

  2. Thanks Col! :)

    Will hopefully be able to get back to these soon.