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11 February 2013

The Warband (Part 2 - Dirty Muties WIP)

(I know, bad! I should be working on my Brits, but damn..... 15mm uniforms get boring to paint.... Quick!)

Beastmen are funny old buggers. One minute they are eating acorns from low hanging branches of a venerable Oak, the next, they come at you, all four arms swinging a menagerie of brutal hand weapons in an effort to turn you to pulp.

Regular chaps:

These arrived from the Ebay auction preglued, but don't seem that bad pose-wise to me so they stay as is.
Four Arms - felt big shoulder mass was best way to go with non-normal placement of arms due to nasty mutation aspect of the deal:
And the start of a Centaur.... when you are a mutie half horse, your wierd abs go on for miles........ :

Family picture!

Will try to get the Goblins and the troll to a point where they are ready to be shown too soon.
*yawns* now, back to those Brits.... ~_~


  1. Brutal looking! I like four arms, reminds me of Goro from Mortal Kombat.

  2. Cheers mate. Never thought of that similarity.

  3. That Centaur is mad! I can't believe I missed that pic back in the beginning of the month.

  4. I've been a bit remicse in my duties and he's stayed in that state since the pic was taken....

    Watch this space though.