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09 February 2013

I was killing Germans before your number was dry. (Part 1 - 1st Sherman Platoon Complete!)

As the title says, the first Sherman platoon is done. I've decided I'll get everything painted to basic tabletop standard before I worry about unit markings and so forth.

(Forgive the harsh lighting - it's swallowed some depth to the green for sure.)

Sneaky RT Imperial Guard Command Squad and Plague Marine in the background....
Did someone mention "Don't glue magnets to turrets whilst inebriated or else you end up with wrong hulls on the wrong tanks"? Oops.
My attempt at the wierd effect on these gun barrels.... not sure it looks right and might have to come back at a leter time to tidy it up.
Now that they are done, to change it up a bit, I've started on the 6pdrs and almost finished the guns. Just the mass of gunteam figs to go. :)



  1. Nice work, and I wouldn't worry too much about the gun barrel effect - it works! I had to do a double take, thought they were the short ones.

  2. O wow, then I guess it works fine afterall, cos that's the reason they painted them like that right? (So Fireflys couldn't be picked out so easily from a unit and sniped?)

  3. they look great the barrels work fine too i think.

  4. Dai, yep I did a section on the history of camouflage for a course at work (hence the zany dazzle camo on those Landships for WISA a while back on my blog).

    It's called countershading I believe, and was in response to a single interrogation of a German lieutenant from a StuG unit. German tanks carried between one and four specialist AP shells - possibly HEATs, although I can't remember - certainly VERY effective AT shells.

    He said they were only authorised to fire them at Fireflies - hence the application of this Countershading camo on the barrels. The logic being, that if the Germans couldn't spot any Fireflies then they wouldn't use their special AT shells!

    The theory was brilliant, although in practice the Germans tended to ignore ze High Kommand and fire them at whatever they could, whenever they had them.

  5. @Blitzspear - thanks mate! :)

    @Col. - always happy to learn new things in this theater of war. If I were a Nazi in a tank, I'd shoot Shermans with anything I've got too seeing as Fireflies in late war could one-shot a tiger with a well placed AP round. :)