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16 January 2013

Sgt. Pilkins, scout on ahead!

In a blur of brushes and a slip-slapping of paint, I managed to bash out my Universal carrier Recce Squad and the Lloyd Carrier from my 6pdr AT Platoon for my Flames of War Brits these past two nights. Couldn't find anything on the Flames of War website regarding the kind of markings these things would have though so I fear they look a little bear, though that could just be me.

You'll notice one of them has a passenger laying on top of his carrier with some sort of weapon in his grasp - that's my PIAT carrier. I didn't want to have to shell out for an official model for a PIAT (Brit version of a bazooka, only crappier) so I copied my mate Eric's idea and used a spare PIAT trooper from an infantry platoon, bent his legs and hey presto, home made PIAT carrier. (IS rather silly to have your recce team out there without any Anti Tank option, even the piddly PIAT.)

The pics below are of the team cresting a ridge and looking down upon some sort of Catholic Church in Italy of South of France or some such.

Here's the PIAT Carrier. Looks like the machine gunner is not very happy with how close that PIAT launcher is to his noggin!

And lastly, on their lonesome is the Lloyd Carrier from the Anti-Tank Gun platoon. Only one, because I got the Sgt. Tom Stanley boxed set, but I'll not be using that character and so this carrier will probably be used for something else, most likely as the transport for an 1IC or 2IC in an infantry company.


  1. Nicely painted, and very VERY nicely photographed as well sir! Top notch stuff. I can see the machine gunner not being happy about that PIAT, but he'd be more upset if it was a bazooka probably ...

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  3. Excellent work mate! Love those photos, may have to steal that idea...

  4. @ Scipio - yeah, only a crazy american would try a trick like that. ;P

    @ Levitas - The idea came to me all of a sudden. I have this book of "The most beautiful destiations on Earth" and though it'd be fun to use the only hill type terrain I own and plonk the minis infront of some sort of pretty scene to make it look like they are indeed on recce duty in some med' type climate. Thanks!

  5. Dai - these are great, and I absolutely LOVE the background - genius idea!