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26 February 2012

Derailment (Part 1)

Things on this blog have not stalled, merely paused as I paint a quick tabletop quality space marine for a work friend. He paid in comics that I had coveted and I'm happy with the end result. I think I'll use a similar style for my Raven Guard space marines force; a mix of flat black and black washes done in stages.

No chapter badges, etc as he wanted the scheme "just black" as he's both a fan of old school Rogue Trader DarkAngles (Before they somehow turned pinefresh green) and more recently White Consuls, and so he can add it to either army I guess.

Enjoy, I'm now off to get on with the two Fire Warriors and Stealth Suit for the Tau Killteam. Easy schemes and shold be done tonight or tomorrow.

*edit* I just noticed I had neglected to paint the holstered pistol..... Please forgive this shameful oversight on my part. It is now sorted.

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  1. Nice. That's beyond table-top standard by a fair margin!