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16 February 2012


House has been topsy-turvy of late as we had construction workers tromp about our upstairs tearing up carpet and laying down laminate. With this came the contents of every other room being stored in my hobby room, thusly leaving me no space to work on my projects.

I did get a delivery of two boxes of these...

... and I managed to cut and trim one box worth which only took about 8 hours... So many little pieces....

But stuck together, the set makes for a rather nice multi-level scenery option for future =][=munda games and once I get around to cutting and trimming the 2nd box, I think I'll have some really cool looking stuff.

The workmen are now gone and I finally got to paint last night whilst watching the 3rd disc of Justified with my wife. ALL of the merc squad members are now completed! Again, fast and dirty paint jobs, but they are tabletop worthy and ready to die in the name of the Throne Geld (Monetary unit in most 40K systems btw).

Also got to get some work on the Space Marine Commission a work mate has asked me to do and that's about 25% done.

As far as the =][=munda teams are concerned, the Tau Firewarriors and Stealth Suit remain at 10% completion and the Rogue Trader Prince at around 25%. (I think I will get on with the RT Prince next though as the rest of his Crew look lonely without their leader.)

*Pics of my recently finished figs will be in my next blog entry, hopefully in the next few days.*

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