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20 February 2012

Mercs (part 2 - Completed!)

More fast and dirty paint jobs on the remaining Mercs and now they are as done as they are going to get.

First up the leader of the squad, Lieutenant Sayyid, a man who thinks himself some sort of nobility and really doesn't do much for the squad outside of posturing and jutting out his chin. The men do not take him all that seriously and for some reason, he doesn't care either.

Next up is the lazy Corporal Cointreau. Frequently seen sat on his fat arse and sipping Moonshine from his "secret" personal canteen.

Private Singh was the recipient of a nasty collection of talon slashes in a skirmish with the Kroot in the Gratner System 2 months ago. His wounds weep even to this day.

Private Singh is showing his loyalty to the unit with a tattoo of their designation on his baldy head.

Private Lopez is not in the Sergeant's good books right now and so has to lug about ammo for future engagements.

Nervous Private McGee is the unit's youngest member and thusly the gopher and ammo-boy. Just one... stray.... shot....

Specialist Killgor carries the unit's Heavy Stubber. For being such a small fellow he has a big personality and is a favourite with the ladies at Angel's Tavern, the unit's off-duty watering hole.
(This bloke had no legs so I had to green stuff my own. Not great, but better than I imagined I could do.)

Private Nas is a strange bugger with google eyes and the other troopers find his sense of humour and singing irritating all to hell. He does wear some nice dungarees though.

Lastly there's Private 1st Class Cadoogan. Always with the full face helmet this one, but one hell of a fighter and the Sergeant's favourite to clear out bunkers cos he know's Cadoogan gets the job done. Little do the unit know though, trooper Cadoogan's first name is Vera and she has great reasons for not joining the boys in the rooms of Madame Juliette's boudoire.

And a group shot. I think they look pretty cool together.


  1. great collection of misfits, and the green stuff legs look great too.

  2. Loving the sense of humour you've put into these.