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05 February 2012

Dirty Gerty

Dirty Gerty - a Rogue Psyker and member of the Nurgle Coven - a sad lass who received an enormous poo shower by Fate. Horribly disfigured by debt collectors as an example to her slovenly stim addled parents as a child, Gertrude started off existence at the VERY bottom of the social ladder, even for a slum dweller. Bitter and twisted after an outcast life of derision and mockery, Gertrude somehow managed to survive with help from her psychic powers and a nudge here and there from the Great Father of Dismay, Nurgle (Who took a sick interest in the miserable wretch.). She was an obvious candidate for the Nurgle Coven and has often proved her worth, unleashing her misery upon those foolish enough to confront her.

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