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20 February 2012

Sailing the 7 Galax-seas

Antolio Etcheverria de Dios Otero Antormarchi in all his finery. I really had to force myself to paint this bugger and it shows. (But I wanted the Rogue trader Crew finished.) And so, with him done, my first player team is ready to go forth and search for plunder amidst the storylines in my head. For some reason the camera couldn't take a good pic of his eyes and so they look like pants, which they actually don't in real life. What's a mediocre painter to do?

Any who might remember Hersus Vorden, the 3-armed mutant illegitimate son of this fellow, may well recall the mutie had orange scarves/bandannas? Well, they are directly related to the poor dissociated youth's attempt to show his loyalty to his father and match Antolio's sash.


And to celebrate the completion of the Rogue Trader Crew, here's a group shot of how sexy they think they are!


  1. Hehe. They look great together.

  2. Wow these guys look great! I love the Rogue Trader all the conversions are really well done. Your painting is very good as well. I have gotten somewhat lazy with my painting because washes are so easy. Do you have a gaming group where you can play with these guys? And what ruleset are you using for these guys?

  3. Really appreciate the kind comments. Don’t feel bad mind, I too use a lot of washes, though usually at least 3-5 shades to bring out better depth after highlights, or sometimes before. 

    I do indeed have a gaming group here in Sac – a group of close friends (there’s 7 of us) who have been playing for some years now since I moved to the States. We play most Friday nights.

    The rules that I’ll be using all these figs for (Cos I can’t get playing until they are all painted.) is a variation on the old and awesome Necromunda ruleset aptly named Inquisimunda. I fell in love with them as soon as I read one could play much more than just gangs and after reading the Eisenhorn Omnibus I was all over the option of using an Inquisition team in a game.

    You can find the ruleset here: