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27 September 2012

No more silver armour....

Seeing as I failed miserably at posting pics of my previous commission (Grey Knight Draigo feller), I am trying to make up for it with my 3rd one today. As you can see, I experimented with background colours and some feedback would be appreciated if you would?
This fig was not fun to paint, much like Draigo - something about the whole Steel'n'gold scheme and uber detail on the sculpt I think. Glad it's off my desk.
The customer wanted just a good tabletop level based off of the studio scheme, so no freehand.


  1. He looks good mate, fine job indeed. Not a huge GK fan myself but you did the model fine justice. The reds are really nice in particular.

    As for background i'd watch out for strong colors that distract from the model. The red in particular doesn't work for this chap, and the blue while better is very strong too.

    Muted colors would work better, with warm colored minis having cooler colored background and vice versa. You can get free ones online that have a smoky texture. I have a few, just aint printed them out yet.

  2. Kudos on finishing a model you don't like - my desk is a graveyard of figs I've fallen out of love with and not finished. I like the backgrounds, I have to say I don't think the vibrant colours detracted from the effect that much as Levitas mentioned, but I agree the more neutral blue is a win. I like those sheets that artist use that look like grey and white splotches (don't know the name ... they look a bit like this

  3. @Levitas & Scipio - Thanks gents, just the type of feedback I was looking for. Think I'll stick to the regular white background I've used up until now. That is, until I can get my hands on a fabric version of your link Scipio. (Or get my arse in gear and paint up some of my (planned-to-be) grey buildings, which I think would amount to the same effect for photos.

  4. The detail work is amazing, though I can see how it would be a pain in the arse. Would love to see that fig in person to admire the handiwork that so tested your patience and endurance for annoying figs hehe...also the detail on the cloak is tops. Dunno how you did it, but it looks perfectly 'weathered'.