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11 September 2012

A Room with a 40" View

The floors in my hobby room are redone and all is right with that part of the world. (Next up, terribly more frustrating hallway flooring, but that's a tale for another time.)

I mentioned to Col. Scipio that I'd post up what it all looks like now that I've managed to get it back in order.... mostly.

 Here's the view from the portal. Lighting isn't as good as I'd like seeing as the sun rises and peaks on the opposite side of the house. Thank the gawds for Daylight bulbs! (The stack of books on the futon on the right are all to be sold soon on Amazon. No point keeping rulebooks for games that will never be played.)

The all important desk with wee shallow shelves for me paints and current projects. (Ignore the wires, they came along after the shelves were put up. had I planned better, there'd be a gap between the shelves to allow the wiring to go through. O well.) The desk is an affordable Ikea effort with some very handy wide drawers under slung for other hobby stuff like tweezers, baggies, cork, etc.

Currently working on stripping Metal Squats and painting up three Plague Marines. The USPS box actually has all of my basing supplies. Going to need to get a better container now I look at this pic. Also a better lamp is in the workings - that tiny thing means painting sessions usually end up with some nasty back pain.

The futon - Not only a place to pass out and snore in private (As opposed to getting kicked out of bed for said snoring.), but also where my wife sits and enjoys the wonders of that massage machine thingie and....

.... enjoy a film or some such on the flat panel mounted on the wall. This is also a place to retire and turn on the footie and get some peace and quiet.

Storage is most important, both for supplies and also books and silly toys that I, as a nerd still collect. Please note, none of the none-hobby stuff shown in the next two pics is worth anything. Except to me.

Super Nerf gun to keep 7-year-old Nurgling in line. You can sit in here, just don't touch ANYTHING!

As well as having shelving for boardgames, extra hobby stuff is also in the closet - including collected free foam board from work. (Hence "Trash")

And finally, what man-cave is complete without some convenient way to chill his brews? Best Xmas present ever from the wife. :)

There was interest shown in my display cabinet so here's a pic of the whole thing. It's really nice and I have no idea which company made it. As you can see in the pics, there's plenty to get done and I'll eventually need a 2nd display option once I'm "fully painted". At my pace of painting output, should have be fully painted with 40K stuff alone by 2020!


  1. Haha - man cave, perfect description! Ms. Scipio and I aren't quite on to dividing up rooms just yet, but if I can get an effort half as good as that 'll be happy. Display cabinet looks great - I'm only not getting one myself because I divide my time between three homes at the moment because of work. What do you watch while painting then, good ol' football?

  2. Quite a bit jealous of your man-cave. I'm stuck in our spare (guest) bedroom.

    I tested the waters with the missus about moving out of that and into the other room we have spare and putting in a couch and beer fridge, tv etc - I even showed her yours - no dice.

  3. Great looking hobby room - Love the setup!

  4. @ Tony, Mord7th & Col Ackland - thanks chaps, when I get the chance, it is a pleasure to paint in.

    @ Rogue Pom - I do feel rather lucky being married to my Sil. Told her that the Man-Cave was an important item on my want-list and she didn't even blink. just said "Okay".

    Hope sometime in the future your wife see's the light and lets you get one of your own too.

    @ Col Scipio - Some footie, rugby, old movies I don't have to concentrate on. The PC is in the hall outside the room and I play Audio books to listen to through there too.

  5. Lucky man! my wife wouldnt let me have such a fine man cave. Awesome stuff. Want!

  6. @ Levitas - I guess reading all these similar comments, I should be appreciating it all the more so!

  7. Looks very organized :) This is how I always start off. Then it turns to chaos and I need to clean it up again ;)

  8. @Zaphod - O, believe me, we are the same there. :) I only recently did a wee clean up and also vacuuming down of my work surface - having two cats means lots of cat hair sticking to my models!