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17 September 2012

Why So Serious?

"Captain Gulliver Bevingham-Nixon is the Trader Prince's ship's captain and advisor on most things star-faring based. Don't mistake his small profile for thinking the man is an easy target, he's more of a Jack Russel in temperament and his men tiptoe lightly about him about the ship for fear of igniting his temper. One of his favourite punishments (For just about any infraction, imagined or otherwise.) is to send the unlucky git down the Ship's massive Bilges with a half full Flamer and combat knife to clear out any unlucky Hrud that might be nesting about. "

This mini has sat half-painted for about a year in my painting queue. I finished him up last night. Before I knew it, he was done. I showed my wife and she laughed at my scheme, asking "Why So Serious?" in reference to the Joker from Batman: the Dark Knight. It hadn't even occurred to me that I had chosen colours to match the Joker until then. I had just thought it was a cool idea to give the mini green hair with some background describing nobles of his planet dye their hair for fashion, or some such.... *facepalm* O well, he stays as is and I tried to describe his personality as being somewhat volatile in a similar vein to the Joker.

I've also finished painting up the Trader Prince's "Chosen Men", Snipers for my Company Command Team. I frikken love these Cadian snipers sculpts- just the right amount of detail and great poses without being too much of a pain to paint up. (My first go at painting up camouflage too in a LONG time on those cloaks.) The gold trim (If you can see it.) on their cuff's denotes their elite status.

And a quick snap of the boys together looking all mean and snipey-like.

And a couple pics of the Company Command Squad completed pieces to date.

Below is a WIP pic of the Trader Prince himself  (LOVE that Creed model! Not bothered by his rules though, so he's just a Commander in effect.) and the Vox Trooper from his Command Squad - yet another old old old Confrontation Tech Ganger I had lying about from my earliest gaming days.

And the poor Master of Ordinance who is still stood about with nothing more than a base coat. (For now.)

 Also some cheeky WIP pics of three remaining Plague Marines for my 2nd squad with arms held on by the amazing spell-like powers of Blu-Tac. They've also been sat all base-coated and no-where to go, so I started a little on them. Still lots to do though before they are done.

Lastly, I worked some more on the Brother Captain Stern commission which is at around 30% done.(Don't know why getting through this one has been such a chore?). Though no picture for him, yet.

Bloody hell this post turned into a super silly long beast. I blame Col. Ackland's Rough Rider WIP post m'self. :P Apologies for the pics' lighting - have too much to get on with today and so the lightbox was not an option. So instead, natural lighting from the stairwell window had to suffice.


  1. Nice! I really like how the naval captain turned out! The camo on the sniper's cloaks is top notch as well. Keep up the great work!

  2. They Look Great! I can't seen to find the right blue for my Officer of the Fleet model, and as a result it's remained unpainted for at least a year. It has the record as the most simple-greened model I own.

  3. @ Arriana - Thanks lots! Blue eh? Hrm. This fellow is purple.... Looks like new pics are required! (Arriana is my niece's name.)

    @ Mord 7th - Many thanks mate. I have a backup captain to try out a 2nd scheme with if the green hair starts to annoy me too much. :)

  4. Nice work as ever. I love the 'brows, and the thought of painting his hair green. That's one thing that never seems to change in 40K, is fashions. The gold trim on the sniper is also expertly done; very subtle. Have to say I'm not a fan of the Creed model, I don't like the way his head is sunken into the cape (I know that's why others love it), but you've done a very good job on it!

  5. The skin on the captain is brilliant Dai, well everything is really! And I agree about the Cadian snipers, I really should have made conversions with them for my space marine scouts.

    I love how characterful these models are, I'm always a little scared to do that kind of thing myself. But these guys are so cool!

  6. @ Col Scipio - Thankyou sir. Eh, each to his own. I'm indeed in the camp of loving how the large coat dwarfs the figure. Am hoping my scheme will perhaps change your mind on him! ;)

    @ ieuan - Never be afraid in this hobby! Well, free-hand aside. (Free-hand is the devil's work) How will you improve your skills if you don't try to push boundries?

  7. LOL, big posts are fun.
    First of, I love the purple jacket and green hair- its awesome. Nice face as well!
    Man that's one distinctive command squad.
    Im on the fence with Creed. Its one model I never got hold off so that must say something. Maybe a groovy paint job will change my mind! ;)

  8. @ Col. Ackland - I'll do my best to get to to appreciate Creed more. Us baldy men need more love anyhow! LOL