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25 September 2012

Interlude 4

*Disaster Strikes!!!*

My camera died. So no pics and not through my own laziness for once. Would offer Phone Camera pics, but that is more embarrassing than no pics.

But work has been ongoing! The Brother Captain Stern commission is about 75% done. 3rd and 4th rounds of highlights need to be applied and then I'll seal the thing. The end.

Plague Marines are likewise 75% done so soon I'll have two full squads of 7. next up for the Nurgle army I think will be the long neglected Blight Drone.

Ebay auctions revenue surprised the shite out of me, coming up with 200% of expected returns on all the old stuff I put up. This is good for me and bad for my paint queue which will no doubt be suffering from new items needing paint jobs thereafter.

I managed to score one of the 1000 limited edition Chaos Space Marines Codex's. A bout of insomnia had me looking up stuff on the GW website and I saw it on sale and not sold out yet, so I snapped one up with the unapologetic intention of selling on again at a profit to further increase my hobby funds, or perhaps to add to the WiiU fund I am contemplating starting.....

Lastly, whilst nosing about the net, searching for UK Golden Daemon 2012 pics, I came across this relatively new and rather well put together blog. (Their own pics from Games Day were rather well done indeed.) also offer painting tips and other advice for those who want to up their hobbying game and purport to cover most of the upcoming major European hobby events in the future. I look forward to seeing what they will post up. Right now, they have a competition give-away thing for the lovely super-duper Forge World Angron mini just showcased in the latest White Dwarf. If you like it and don't want to have to fork out the 50 quid+ for one, you can win one here -

(I think a post of blogs I follow more than others might be upcoming. Well, sometime in the future at least.)


  1. Masterminis blog is superb! great link mate!

    Sorry to hear about the camera, but look forward to some cool pics soon! I think its better to post pics you are proud of, rather than rush low quality cell phone pics.

    Ha ha, an englishman to a welshman and I said 'cellphone'. Need to return to the motherland!

  2. You and me both mate. Only yesterday after watching the final "Sherlock" episode, my wife was complaining about how my Brit accent is fast dissapearing! O_o

  3. Thanks for the update - and glad to see your eBay stuff raised a bit of hobby fundage! I'm hanging on to most of my stuff but I never read any of my old WDs, except a few gems, so I might sell those since they count as 'classics' now. You could re-train your accent by watching the old Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes - my missus claims that my voice sounds "posher, like the detective man's does" after I watch an episode.

  4. My cameras a bit poorly but it's only intermittent lense jamming so fingers crossed it holds out till, well the economy and the house building sector improves lol.

  5. @ Col. Scipio - Heh, the wife says much the same about my own after we watch just about anything from back home. (Especially anything with Welsh accents....) though it never lasts long. :)

    @ Blitzspear - Know the feeling mate. Need a new dishwasher and other stuff. Good thing I have a son to teach how to wash dishes instead! :P

  6. Accents are weird. But I also have a hybrid vocabulary, mixing and matching English and "take the trash out before we leave for our holiday"

    Ah, the joys of ex-pats! Just don't say fanny pack...