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01 October 2012

One Year

Today is this blog's anniversary I believe. I also passed the 9000 views mark.

Not bad for my lazy arsed self.

Just a quick post to say thanks for coming by, offering advice and being a general all round encouraging bunch. Being the antisocial jerk that I am, it's nice to know my hobby offerings can be presented before you lot and get some fair responses.

So applaud yourself, cos I wouldn't have kept up with this otherwise. Thank you.

I managed to keep my New Years Resolution as well, having 65 total posts and so averaging more than one post a week. I call that progress folks. (You can call is modesty.)

Hopefully in the near future I'll have something exciting to post up included but not restricted to:

1. I've stuck all the RT Guard troopers on their bases aside from Heavy Weapons Squads (I have no 60mm bases - anyone know of a super cheap resource for these?). Heads will be next, then it's time to prime.

2. Creed, his Vox 'porter, the three Plague Marines are all getting wee spots of paint, though still far from done.

3. The big Mutie from the Nurgle Chaos Coven for my Inquisimunda campaign is near complete. Somehow found some enthusiasm for the model, which is nice considering it's been a hard slog to want to paint this up until now.

4. After jumping on the Dreamforge Kickstarter, I find myself now with the impending delivery of a further bunch of miniatures (Couldn't resist, they looked so darn good.) and who knows, I may well dive into the game too once the rules are released.

5. A pal of mine has been asking me to get on board with his Flames of War group. I plan to make my first attendance (For any game in a few years since Warmachine 1.0) on the 12th to see if I like it. If it grabs my attention, then I guess for my birthday (the 20th of this month.) I think I may well put some funds into that new starter set to get a British force going. We'll see though.

That's it. Go drink, paint and be merry and I'll do the same.


  1. Congratulations, and happy birthday! And thanks for a splendid blog, always look forward to the latest post! Here's to another year.

  2. Well done! Top work and thanks for giving me interesting things to look at and read :D

  3. happy blogday! Thanks for posting, commenting and being an all round nice guy. We the people salute you sir!

    Ps. Mr Kiplings cakes would be brilliant about now. :)

  4. Happy blogday, dude! Congrats!