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06 October 2012

On My Mark....

"Bombardier General Horatio Vanderbilt, as you can see, is a man who pays the most attention to detail. His precision orbital bombardments and long range artillery strikes have kept him in his position for the past fourteen years and he remains the longest serving Officer in the Trader Prince's Guard forces.
The Bombardier General wasn't always such an adherent to detail. Prior to his earning rank within the Bombardier branch, he was Specialist Vanderbilt in the then 2nd Company, 4th Platoon's Command squad. Toting his plasma gun, he had a reputation for recklessly laying about himself  regardless of friendly fire consequences, though, getting the job done nonetheless. That is, until the sack of the Spartanites of Planet 108.009.112, where after heating up his plasma coils one time too many, they burst and severely charred his face, chest and hands to the point where a total facial transplant was required to save his features and a severe skin graft from his hind quarters needed to replace lost skin on his hands. He also required a full ocular replacement procedure and still sports the glowing green emergency orbs implanted within him all those fourteen years ago.
The experience had taught the soldier a valuable lesson about recklessness and he quickly reformed his views on how to conduct war. Since his recovery, he has proven year after year that his attention to detail is worthwhile and required on the field of battle and his now rank of Bombardier General more than speaks volumes of the Rogue Trader's trust in the man and soldier Horatio has become."

(Okay, that was a bit longer than I had planned. :) )

Once again, my fickle "hobby sense" took over as I tried to work on some Raven Guard Space Marines and this figure grabbed me by the short and curlies. Next thing I knew, he was sat and ready for a spray of matt finish varnish. Note the white dress gloves he is known for wearing whilst out in public to hide the horrific scars from the plasma burns and expressionless face following the transplant.

All that's left of the Company Command Squad to complete is the Vox Caster and the Commander (Creed) himself. Yay!

A wee pic showing his digi-readout-wrist-thingie.

And a bit of a closeup to show his face and eyes.

O and..... Admiral Drax might be surprised to see these. A mate has had me join his gaming group. I am so weak.

Late War British Guard. I plan to make a Hell's Highway Parachute list from US and Brit units that I can use in the upcoming starter set.


  1. Very nicely done! I really dig how that turned out - good stuff!

  2. @ Mord 7th - Thanks mate. Base is a bit Meh, but I like how he turned out and he fits in with the rest of the army pretty well I think.

  3. Brilliant stuff once again Dai

    Got to say, this fella really reminds me of a terrorhawk!

  4. Nice work, mate!

    I do enjoy your little bits of background!

  5. Very nice, of course - I love the red tunic, the colours look brilliant. And you know I love the fluff :)

  6. Does anyone else look at him and think House Harkonen? Looks good!

  7. House Harkonen LOL YES!
    Good one Dai. you could always though some paint on the base if you wanted. he is pretty cool thought and I love the face.

  8. @ ieuan - Terrorhawk? Hrm.... Even with a cursory Google search, I'm still stumped on what one of them is? Thanks though. :)

    @ Tony & col. Scipio - much obliged gents. Really appreciate your comments everytime.

    @ Col's Winterbourne & Ackland - Harkonen!? Wow.. Now you mention it.... Though I think their colours were red and black I thought? Thanks as always.

  9. Really good stuff, the face in particular shows a great deal of patience and attention to detail.