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10 October 2012

The Science of Shouting

"I suppose describing a one-hundred and forty-seven year old man as being in the prime of his life would sound strange to most people. But they don't know Plutarco Etcheverria de Dios Otero Antormarchi. The man is a force of nature unto himself, driven with an energy pubescent boys can only dream of. What he dreams of, he plans out. What has been planned out (meticulously) he puts into action. What is already underway, he most certainly finishes and with an impressive efficiency.
Being the Lord Commander of the 104th Expeditionary Fleet on the outer reaches of the edges of Imperium Space, he has lead his fleet and ground forces to conquer and subjugate many lost planets and brought them into the Imperium's fold. He's Recovered mysterious Archiotec and discovered ancient Mechanicum devices long thought lost by the Adeptus mechanicus. All the while stamping his family crest upon new frontiers and profiting immensely from the proceeds - all in the name of the Imperium of Mankind."

Not great background as it was written rather swiftly at the end of my lunch break. i may go back and revise it some. This is my penultimate fig for a finished command squad and has me well excited. It's rare to finish a project, even though it's a small one.

I love the Creed sculpt. I think it's full of character and shows an Imperial Guard mob-boss looking leader. All he needs is a fedora and tommygun and he'd be ace! :)

Much like his younger brother (From my Inquisimunda Rogue Trader Crew - Antolio), he wears a sash, though coloured lime green as befits his own position as 4th son within their Trading house family.

Tried hard to get his cigar to look like it's actually lit with ash-line, etc.


  1. Fantastic job on him Dia, i've done a cigar before on a convertion and the ash line is a pig to get right i know.

  2. Excellent work Dia, I'm in awe of your background I wish I had that imagination. Not to mention the excellent paint job, his jacket is amazing. Great stuff!

  3. Very nice work! I love how the topcoat turned out and the cigar looks ace - that's one of those little details that really makes the model go from good to great.

    Cracking stuff, man!

  4. As the others have said, that is a really nice paint job! He goes so well with your army too.

  5. @ Blitzspear - cheers mate, appreciate you dropping by!

    @ ieuan - Silly man, it's not that hard. Just plagiarise from multiple sources and then mix them up to make a backstory, only with your own guys' names. :) Bet you can do it better than my mediocre efforts.

    @ Mord 7th - Muchas gracias senor! Felt that it'd balance out well with his red uniform and bronze-ish metalics. Glad you liked it.

  6. @ Col. Ackland - darn, just as I was replying to the other comments, you drop in your own! :) Thanks lots, I can't wait to get the vox caster done and take some group pics of the whole command group together!

  7. Really good stuff - very brave to do the ash line but it paid off. Looking forward to that group photo!

  8. Superb stuff mate, the background is what tops it for me. Enjoyed reading it and it adds an extra layer to a cool model and paint job.

  9. @ Col. Scipio - Thanks mate, looking at the fig yesterday I felt it might not be bright enough? O well.

    @ Levitas - I get bored all too easy so I need to put life into my work. The silly backgrounds offer a little personality to flesh out the peices where my painting skill fail me. :)

    @ Fulgrim - Appreciate you dropping by mate. Don't be a stranger!

  10. Awesome! The lighting on the first shot is really good and makes the fig pop. Nice color scheme too, the lighter coat makes the red jump out more.