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16 October 2012

Reading You Loud and Clear, Over.

“Ludo is a former Tech Ganger from one Hive World or another that singed on to join the 108th Expeditionary Fleet Corps. His knowledge of most things technology-based has helped him show that he is worth far more than a regular Guardsman. Commander Tholme, commanding officer of the 1st Platoon, 1st Battalion took note during a recent exercise against Kroot mercenaries as Ludo’s swift repair and well timed usage of his Vox Unit to bring in a timely airstrike and recommended that the trooper be awarded “Chosen Man” rank and stand as the Trader Prince’s personal Vox’man. From lowly Ganger to Company Command Squad, Ludo has risen far higher in station than he would ever have dreamt. Little does the youth realise, that he is the Trader’s 4th Vox’man this year…”

So here's another ancient Confrontation fig that I bought as a child. This is his second paint job, far better than his goopy first. Started his skin as a light grey and used some red inks and lightened with flesh-tones to hopefully make him look like he's lead a life of one who had never seen an actual "sun" much less get tanned by a sun's rays.

Trying to show his family tatt....

Finishing Ludo marks my Company Command Squad as completed! Am well happy with the results - yes, maybe could have put in a little more work here and there, but they are far better looking than I was expecting. I think I caught the right feel with these lot to effect a Rogue Trader's mixed-bag retinue.

Click for bigger pic

The Trader and his advisors.

This time with his freaks.

Chosen Men protect their Lord.

Trader Brothers, tho they show no love for each other.

And as mentioned some posts back, I went and purchased four armoured cars from to convert some and have as my Chimeras for my armoured Infantry Platoon.

Original guns removed and I'll be shaving off all but on of those sculpted cables on the front to put my own stowage.

 Just a quick mock-up of a basic set up for how these will turn out. Many super huge thanks to Col. Scipio for his kind gift of some Multi-Lasers (and Autocannons - these for my Squat Trikes, Sentinals counts-as.) which with some plasticard will end up looking great I think. The heavy flamers on the hull will also get some green stuffing to end up looking like some WW2 canvas style coaxial effect mounting thingie. Lastly, you don't need to tell me, those wheels have GOT to go. (sister) I have already found some replacement beefy wheels from Secret Weapon Miniatures and will order maybe next month.

Think I'll lose the flag. heh.


  1. That squad is looking boss, man!

  2. Blimey! They look incredible together, and the tattoo looks brilliant. A smashing job all round - and love the chimeras as well!

  3. The skin tones are great Dai, as is the tattoo, and the metallics are ace. Love the group photo as well! You should have taken a photo of your goopy efforts from the past, would have been an amusing comparison! ;P

  4. Fantastic work and very characterful, love the armoured cars too, might get some of those for Infinity scenery down the line...

  5. Can folks still buy those armored cars? Excellent stuff!

  6. @ Tony - Glad you like mate and thankyou.

    @ Col. Scipio - Cheers muchly Col.

    @ Drumbeat - You are right, pre-stripped would have made them look even better than they actually are. :)

    @ Headologist - Thankyou sir. Do it, so far they've been rather easy to work with, a far softer plastic than GW kits, tho saying that, also lacking the detail of GW kits too.

    @ -Mark - O yes. Damned affordable too.

  7. link is dead- you got another source? I can't find them, and I'd love some of these.

  8. @ -Mark: Here you go mate. Link is fixed. :)