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20 January 2015

Where were your evolved sensibilities then? (Part 3 - No Hope WIP)

I previewed this sculpt a while back and based and primed it white, then stuck it on a shelf as I was too scared to tackle so much detail on such a large sculpt! 

Well, last night I said an inward "Bugger it" and started slapping on some colours to this bad boy. It's a sculpt jam-packed with detail and amazingly well done detail at that. The sculptor researched many many horrible poxes and buboes and so forth when he was developing this model, including how dead and rotted flesh sloughs from the bone were a bloated corpse to shamble about in unlife. The horns are my least favourite part of the model as I think they look like strange "Donnie Darko" rabbit ears. I kept them on though to be true to the original sculpt.

Base colours slapped onto the main body. Start with green, but the finished effect should end up a pale green-grey. 

First round of washes. The lighting is harsh so in this photo, all the detail and depth to the colours in the creases and open sores and tears in the flesh are not showing up, 

I also finished up the Piat and Light mortar teams so now I'm fully painted for Saturday's tournament. Looking forward to seeing if I can actually place for once. :)

And lastly, this is Meathook my cat, here to brighten up your day and cast a pox on your enemies with her baleful gaze.


  1. Lighting is definitely a miniature painters best friend and worst enemy. I think the washes have given him a dark and rotting flesh type tone. Nice progress!

    1. Thanks Greg. I do intend to lighten up his skin considerably in areas to account for the blotchy look of real dead folk's skin. But that's one for the future - no rush on this lardy.

  2. Ooh 'eck. He's a gruesome looking beggar! Where's this sculpt from again?

    1. It really is a disgusting piece. All the horrible details are delightfully sculpted. Hopefully I can do the piece justice with my paints.

      (It's one of around one hundred made by a talented Danish artist called Jon Meechilson and originally showcased at forums.)

  3. That Nurgle piece is really quite spectacular, and I love the difference that the washes made!

    As for Meathook: please tell me that's her real name: my wife and I are her newest fans!

    1. Thanks mate.

      Yes, that is her name. Never wanted a cat and told my wife that were I to allow her to get one, that I will get to name it. (Spitefully) Ended up that the cat we got for my wife, went and chose me as her "person" instead. She is a princess and quite possibly the grumpiest being I have ever met.